Check BSNL Modem Price for DSL or Fiber Optic Broadband Connection

Find the best deals on BSNL WiFi Modem to access high speed internet through Bharat Fiber (OFC Internet) and DSL broadband connections and the tips to secure wireless internet on WiFi enabled modems.

BSNL offered the modems at discount price to their customers of Bharat Fiber and DSL broadband with new enabled customer premises equipment by allowing to purchase it from outside market or from BSNL.

BSNL Modem is one of the best WiFi device designs for their customers. The telecom operator is offering three types of BSNL broadband modems (Basic, WiFi, and VDSL WiFi) for the sake of the client convenience.

For different technologies of connection, various types of modems may accept, BSNL Modem (DSL & Bharat Fiber WiFi CPE) designed for ADSL services and VDSL WiFi CPE for VDSL technology. All these BSNL modems are available with Ethernet, USB, and terminal adapter ports.

These modems ADSL and VDSL (Very-high-speed digital subscriber line) modems can use for all types of usages, whether it is for home or office purposes for desktop, laptop, tablet or even smartphones and much more.

You can browse the high-speed internet from these BSNL New WiFi modems, which allows high-speed BSNL broadband plans up to 24Mbps download speed. BSNL VDSL modems are used up to a distance of 1 kilometer from connected telephone exchange and will get internet access at a positively assured rate.

Updated BSNL Modem Prices

There are two types of Modems available from BSNL, One with WiFi and the other is without WiFi. We suggest opting with WiFi as you can connect your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops on WiFi. In modem without WiFi one model is available but there are two models in models with WiFi option. These models are available for purchase/ on rent by BSNL across India.

ISP offers two options for getting the ADSL and VDSL BSNL modem or Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), As a client, you have to opt the below-mentioned options along with the plan you chose under prepaid and postpaid broadband services.

  1. BSNL Modem on Outright Purchase (Purchase from BSNL)
  2. Modem (Customer Premises Equipment) on Rent.

This option of having new broadband WiFi BSNL modem at the lowest price is also applicable to all their existing customers for outright purchase as and when they required, and these CPEs supplied to new or existing broadband customers, as Basic / WiFi CPE on rental charges or for outright purchase.

These modems are under AMC benefit for five years (including one-year warranty period). The ADSL and VDSL technology supplied BSNL modems with cheapest installation charges shall be as follows.

BSNL Modem Price List

Two different options for BSNL Modem price
1. BSNL Modem (CPE) for Outright Purchase
TypeADSL Basic ModemADSL WiFi / Wireless ModemVDSL WiFi Modem
Ethernet PortsOneFourFour
Wi-FiNot ApplicableOneOne
USBOneNot Applicable
MRP ChargesRs. 1400Rs. 1250Rs. 3250
*Get Free Modem on subscribing broadband monthly rental plan >1000
*Avail 100% cash back offer on subscribing broadband monthly rental plan >700
2. BSNL Modem on Rent
(a) Security Deposit (refundable) : Rs 500
(b) Fixed Monthly Rental Charges for ADSL Modem (CPE)
Monthly RentalRs. 70 per monthRs. 110 per monthRs. 150 per month
3. Installation fees for Normal / WiFi Modem (CPE)Rs.250 charged in next coming telephone bill, if BSNL modem purchased/rental from PSU or customer owned (Now it is free with new BSNL installation free offers)

BSNL Bharat Fiber Optical Network Termination (ONT) Price

The customers can opt their choice in the application form for the requirement of BSNL modem (CPE), and these CPE’s are conventional modems at the lowest price to provide broadband services with limited or unlimited BSNL internet plans.

With strong support and availability of a sufficient number of BSNL WiFi modems at every CSC. There is one more option, ‘customer owned BSNL modem’ option under DSL broadband services for new customers across PAN India from 01.09.2015.

BSNL 50% discount for modem

The Competent Authority has decided “to offer ADSL WiFi Modem at 50% of the prevailing above sale price to the existing/new broadband customers who are interested to buy already recovered old ADSL WiFi Modem. This 50% discount offer on ADSL modem is available on PAN India basis from 10.07.2018.

Thus BSNL is leaving no stone unturned in the broadband space by launching various schemes reducing the initial fixed cost and making them part of the BSNL family.

Also Check : BSNL Wireless Modem Configuration for Secured WiFi and Malware Protection

However, when compared to other telecom operators, BSNL mainly stands for the principle of linking up India with its innovative plans with best Quality Of Service, So this WiFi /regular BSNL modem is available at affordable and at lowest prices with a simple process for configuration.

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43 thoughts on “Check BSNL Modem Price for DSL or Fiber Optic Broadband Connection”

  1. And bsnl office says there is no router or modem on rent service available at bsnl. But bsnl website mentioned it has rental services. whom to believe??

  2. Worst responding customer service. they are solely dependent on that local private vendor who is demanding Rs.5000 for installation and router, bsnl office told the same and no discount,offer nothing like official bsnl announcement..very disappointed from bsnl location: Gulbarga , karnataka

  3. I have the Cooper connection , I want to upgrade to fiber connection but when I call to the vendor is asking for 4500 just for the modem , and claiming installation , wiring charges everything is free , so I told him I’ll get the modem myself you just provide me the fibre connection but the vendor is demanding no it’s not possible , please help me what needs to be done location Hubli Karnataka

  4. I have BSNL Combo 690 plan for almost a decade in Chandigarh. Now i am facing BSNL internet problem or telephone line problem. I purchased new modem almost four months back . But telephone is still not working. Now BSNL suggesting for Fiber broadband, for which I have to buy a new modem for almost Rs. 3000 plus wiring & installation charges etc. Will anyone in BSNL resolve the problem?

  5. Dear Sir,
    I am converting my existing land line to BSNL Fiber optic data in plan.
    The plan Fiber basic plus 599.
    They said 599+18%gst. + 90/- Router rental.
    Can I buy router my self and avoid rental.
    Please clarify.

  6. BSNL bharat fiber is not cheap and the the 750 rupees that I pay monthly is not worth the money the speed is poor and the private contractor that BSNL has appointed thought that this was his kingdom like they do when it comes to cable connections, and a call to the higher ups in the BSNL organization saved the day for me and now the contractor pays heed to any grievance addressed but the speed has remained poor for the amount paid monthly.

  7. Do not go for BSNL service is worst Waste of money, installation charge is officially Rs. 250. But they are charging like 5K – 6K .

  8. HI all i am taking new connection for plan of 1377, As BSNL MODEM is free for plans which are more than 1000 Rs But the Vendor is asking to pay for the Modem 2500RS extra, Where to give a complaint. Kindly Help.

    • These are problems with vendors and privatizations / in earlier periods atleast we could have dealt with even a corrupt official but the vendors , who can listen? somebody needs to think on such matters especially the public representatives.

  9. Hi, The modem provided by Bharat fiber for providing fiber net connection to my house is of substandard quality, despite having squeezed Rs. 3000/- from my pocket, for the equipment. Though the speed measured on the wired line is some 40 to 45 Mbps, the same on wireless line is desperately low, a meek 15 Mbps which is as good as the figure we measure on our old BB lines. It was a deadly disappointing commitment I made, by going into BF. All put together the total investment cost worked out to around roughly Rs. 6000/- which has gone down the drain.

  10. I am having broadband connection. Now getting SMS from BSNL for upgradation from BB plan to superstar 300. am attracted by 50Mbps speed.
    1) How much amount I have to pay extra during upgradation ?
    2) Modem to be changed ?
    3) What will be monthly bill payment approximately ?

  11. Bsnl is very bad and irresponsive service, I have a very bad experience with them. They only charge bills and don’t care for the service. They are sailing in a sinking ship.

  12. installation is free and for example if you take 777 plan then you have to pay 1600rs for first month(777+18%gst+security) and after that you have to pay only according to your plan plus 18%GST that means (777+18%GST = around 920rs per month)

    • The vendor having franchise of BSNL in thivim is asking for 6000 as installation charges, this is ridiculous, why is BSNL not taking any action against such vendors, Is there a way we can connect directly with bank for broadband connection for home.

  13. Sir,
    I got a new FTTH connection for Rs. 777 with 50Mbps in Tamilnadu Circle on 27/07/2020, I was directed by the associate in the BSNL Exchange Office(P.Velur, 638182) to communicate to local Cable Vendor who will provide the connection. I did connect with him and he collected a fee of Rs. 906 for new permanent connections and Rs. 4500 for installation(Sharp Vision AS 341 WT XPON ONT).

    But when I go through the website I assume charges are collected for ONT devices. Did I been overcharged? if so, How should I raise a complaint about my case?

  14. Sir how much I have to pay for BSNL wifi broadband service at my home, can you please tell me what speed does it provide

  15. If we need to take All India Bharat Fiber broadband with Rs.777 with 50Mbps speed tariff, How much do we need to pay for modem and installation? Also do we need to pay for cabling?

    • ONT MODEM ₹2500-3000/- , WIRE WITH WIRING ₹1000-1500 AND ONE MONTH PLAN CHARGE AS ADVANCE. So, totally charged ₹4300 to 5500

  16. Lowest wifi connection for students, Total cost for installation & rent? How much time take for installation?

  17. I want to install wifi connection at 13 Shivaji Marg LUCKNOW, Which is the best &cheapest connection for a student? Please also tell me the installation cost& time.

  18. I would like a Fiber Optic Broadband Connection, please suggest what I have to do, Address: 42/III, Ganga Vihar Colony Allahabad New Cant – 211001 UP.

  19. Need broadband connection in Mysore Dattagalli extention, no response from customer care (18003451500) trying to contact

  20. Fiber B and connected today, Bsnl has installed a ups and a modem, I’ve to buy my own router? Can I use my adsl2 modem cum router (and remove bsnl modem)? Local router supplier does it have a router with voice? Poor help from bsnl

    • You use ONT Converter ₹1200 and then you can use any wifi router, Otherwise you need to buy a ONT Modem ₹2500-3000. Wire and wiring cost is additional

  21. Twice I applied for new Bharat FTTH and got confirmation call regarding connection but since then no one contacted nevertheless, I called our area JTO regarding connection and had a discussion he told me wait for a week you will get connection now around 15 days elapsed no reply, Just I want to know whether I could get connection in My address :
    Bhagwat Nagar(PRIYADARSHI Nagar)
    Patna 800026

  22. BSNL WIFI Modem cost for PLAN 5GB CUL, What is the best possibility to get modem at lowest cost, can i shift my plan to above 1000 plan and get free modem, after that can i convert it to old plan? or can i convert existing plan above 700 so that i can avail 100% cashback on wifi modem?

      • My BSNL service provider charged me 8000rs for the fiber cable and didn’t even provide an ONT, I hav3 been cheated, I subscribed to 777 plan. Look into this.


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