BSNL 3G is Better than others 4G, Must know the hidden facts

Why 4G network of many private operators in India not providing the data browsing speed to their customers even like 3G Net of BSNL GSM services, finding the reasons for customer sake, must know…

Let us see the reports of Andhra Pradesh telecom circle with some figures, In AP there are above 5 crore mobile customers across all networks and PSU is having 11% share i.e. 55 Lack BSNL mobile numbers. In that share, only 4 lack subscribers using mobile data with net packs subscription or by main balance under BSNL prepaid or postpaid mobile services.

Market Share

As per the various reports, let us see the customers of other private network operators.

The market share of JIO in AP State is 28% ie 1.4 crore Reliance Jio customers, where data subscribers are about 1 crore people. Coming to Airtel’s market share, it is 35% by having 1.6 crore customers and about 1 crore people as data consumers.

As per the live mobile connections report when compared to other private networks, the market share of AP BSNL telecom circle is 1:25.  Note (1).

Mobile Operator BTS Sites

Let’s check the count of Mobile BTS (Base Termination Stations) in Andhra Pradesh and the bandwidth available to data subscribers.

BSNL have 4350 stations, Airtel is having 5500+ sites, JIO have 7500+ locations and if assume each network site connects with two BTS, then the Cell sites have a ratio of 2: 3 when compared to BSNL and other private operators. Note (2)

BSNL 3G better than other’s 4G

Details of GSM bandwidth

Let’s check the details of bandwidth in detail provided with each cell site of all operators.

Cell bandwith means, the total speed band that can be used together with all mobile data customers who are serving in a cell site location. The speed of various networks is as follows

  • If a network connects with 3G, the maximum speed connects with 63Mbps bandwidth.
  • While a BTS connects with 4G means, the maximum bandwidth is 500Mbps.

As per the above data the maximum speed from one cell tower is 1: 8 ratio between 3G and 4G. The average mobile net speed item of a data user, depends on the number of cell towers on a single location and bandwidth assigned to each tower range.

Above Note 2 and 3 says that, In AP circle, BSNL and other 4G private operators allotted a bandwidth of 1:12 ratio to the data users net usage, but at the same time, if we check the Note(1), we can observe that, the number of users of BSNL and private 4G operators data in our AP circle is 1:25.

Why private operator’s 4G speed is slower than BSNL 3G?

When we observe the above bold figures, we can clearly observe that, EACH and EVERY BSNL data customer is getting 1Mbps speed, but when comes it to other private operator’s 4G network, TWENTY FIVE subscribers together getting 12Mbps 4G download speed, means that one user gets only 0.45Mbps speed in 4G network which is lower than the available BSNL 3G network speed.

Now, you may know clearly why private operator’s 4G SIM is not getting the 4G speed and is lower than BSNL 3G Mobile Data even your mobile displays 4G network.

Other important news

Because of the frequency of the 4G tower is high, mobile network coverage is very low, and where there is no mobile signal, the places called as black spots. These Black spots are very high in the case of private 4G operators. When considering the fact, compared to BSNL, other 4G private operators are also covered by consumer coverage issues in a large extent more than BSNL and the Government’s owned company is also having additional BSNL 4G WiFi hotspots to overcome the speeds in uncovered GSM areas.

Example for 4G slow speed

The bandwidth of other 4G private operators is much larger than a national highway, but that national highway covered with heavy vehicles, Cranes, JCB’s, lorries and bigger buses. In such circumstances, there is no way to go to another bicycle and those heavy vehicles stopped traffic jam, then where the bicycle moves.

But when comes to Government’s owned telecom operator, the network coverage of present BSNL 3G data SIM card is higher than 4G coverage of private operators, and the bandwidth is slightly smaller than a state highway, no vehicle can be jammed. The reason is that BSNL has the best bandwidth availability.

That is why, since the difficulty of those 4G private operators has grown significantly, the average data speed BSNL consumer receives higher than the average speed available with other private 4G consumer.

Please note, this review is made by P.Raju SDE BSNL by taking the whole state as a unit. The above review is also applicable for all the states, because all the states is having the same 4G speed issues. So, if BSNL employees can do the best marketing with all latest trending BSNL data services will surely achieve up to 50% market share in the present scenario only.

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19 thoughts on “BSNL 3G is Better than others 4G, Must know the hidden facts”

  1. Most of the commentators don’t even know basics of networking. Please thinkover and know about what you speak and also what effect negative comments may create on the part of innocent readers. Also BSNL marketers and employees must try to make the public understand the whole thing in a simple manner.

    • Sir first do BSNL 4G network users more than other networks plz do BSNL 4g network is so many users comes you do 4g BSNL PUBLIC ALL SO USE SIR


  2. MK, Vagurappampatti,Dharmapuri

    I am using BSNL 3G . I am getting 6-7 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload .

    This is far better than olden days BSNL . But this speed is not enough for my WFH tasks .

    For the reason I am using Jio and Airtel where I am getting 35 Mbps to 50Mbps.

    But good news, BSNL tied with local cable TV operators and they expanding the FTTH ( fibre) plans where BSNL private ofc is not possible . I’m in steep village and they offer strong 200Mbps speed for ₹1000.

    I really appreciate BSNL services . Honestly I’m okay with BSNL 3G for the moment.. but if BSNL upgrade 4G most of them will move BSNL seriously..

    At least BSNL focus on the area on FTTH , they can survey back and back to the business

  3. In this theory, Mr P Raju SDE BSNL states that speed of 4G operator (other than BSNL) is less than 3G speed of BSNL.
    Since I do not wish to give a large lecture against his wrong theory, I would like to state only this.
    a) He says that “EACH and EVERY BSNL data customer is getting 1Mbps speed”. I have never experienced 1 Mbps speed. I am getting in single digit kbps or second digit kpbs, especially during time from 08.00 a.m. till night 12.00. If you take the average, the speed is around 100 to 200 kpbs (and that too while using the maximum, unlimited high speed plan). (Even during night time i.e between 12.00 a.m till 06.00 a.m, I have never get 1 Mbps speed; average speed is less than 500 kbps. Only from 02-03-2021, I experienced a slight more speed but still never got 1 Mbps rate) So Mr Raju is a liar.
    b) He says that “BSNL has the best bandwidth availability” and talks about 4G operators like national highway and BSNL is like a state highway. Assuming his theory is correct, why not BSNL try to go through super highway, where no one is permitted to stop anywhere. (I think BSNL is using bullock cart.)
    c) I am furnishing the data of one plan to prove that what he has stated is a lie.
    The present rate for 365 days at 2 GB per day is 1999 for BSNL, 2399 for Jio, 2498 for Airtel and 2595 for Vi.
    For 1 GB per day for 1 Mbps speed works out to (see last column)

    Operator Annual Plan Rate per day Rate per day per GB Average speed Rate per GB per day
    BSNL 1999 Rs 5.476 Rs 2.738 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 1 Mbps Rs 2.738 for 1 Mbps
    JIO 2399 Rs 6.572 Rs 3.286 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 3 mbps Rs 1.095 for 1 Mbps
    AIRTEL 2498 Rs 6.843 Rs 3.421 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 3 mbps Rs 1.141 for 1 Mbps
    VI 2595 Rs 7.109 Rs 3.554 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 3 mbps Rs 1.185 for 1 Mbps
    d) Though the above table shows the rate which should be done, (see point o) for latest speed which I could get from internet for operators other than BSNL) I feel that BSNL furnishes around or less than 0.5 mbps whereas other operators furnish minimum 1.3 mbps and likely to be around 1.5 mbps.

    Operator Annual Plan Rate per day Rate per day per GB Average speed Rate per GB per day as per 1 / 1.3 mbps Actual based on 1.5 mbps for other and 0.5 mbps for bsnl
    BSNL 1999 Rs 5.476 PER DAY Rs 2.738 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 1 Mbps (actually only 0.5 mbps) Rs 2.738 for 1 mbps Rs 5.476
    JIO 2399 Rs 6.572 PER DAY Rs 3.286 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 1.3 mbps average per day Rs 2.527 for 1.3 mbps Rs 2.191
    AIRTEL 2498 Rs 6.843 PER DAY Rs 3.421 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 1.3 mbps average per day Rs 2.632 for 1.3 mbps Rs 2.281
    VI 2595 Rs 7.109 PER DAY Rs 3.554 FOR 1 GB PER DAY 1.3 mbps average per day Rs 2.734 for 1.3 mbps Rs 2.369

    This shows that the rate for any operator (other than BSNL) is lesser than BSNL in this table also.

    When you see the actual speed (taking 1.5 mbps average speed for all operators other than BSNL and 0.5 mbps average speed for BSNL), you find that all the other operators are far and far better than BSNL. Note that only BSNL is 3g speed and all the others are under 4G speed. Hence actual BSNL speed will be always lesser than other operators.

    This prove that Mr Raju is a liar and tries to camouflage the actual picture.

    e) I would like to state one more example. In most of the state transport undertakings, you can see ordinary, express, luxury and AC buses. Just think about ordinary and express buses. The rates in express bus fare will be always greater than ordinary buses; but express buses take lesser time than ordinary buses and they will compensate the time for travel. But here you can see that the BSNL (their 3G is better than 4G) so called “express” as per Mr Raju takes more time than “ordinary” (other operators) without any compensation for the journey.

    f) Mr Raju himself states that


    In AP there are above 5 crore mobile customers across all networks and PSU is having 11% share i.e. 55 Lack BSNL mobile numbers. In that share, only 4 lack subscribers using mobile data with net packs subscription or by main balance under BSNL prepaid or postpaid mobile services.


    Only 4 lack (read it as lakh) subscribers using mobile data as against 55 lack (read it as lakh) BSNL mobile numbers. (An ADE do not even spell correctly!)

    This clearly states that no one would like to go to BSNL for BSNL mobile data. If you go to a market and see better and fresher vegetables, then will you buy from perished vegetables or from fresh vegetables?
    The actual reason for lesser subscribers is because of least speed of BSNL in all operators, wherein some customers can even surf the internet.

    g) Go through Ookla data with regard to all operators. Why BSNL name is not found; because BSNL is not at all in the race with regard to speed of mobile data.

    I hope that Mr Raju may be under WFH. For such ideas come when there is no work and try to show that he is under busy.

    His theory stating that BSNL 3g speed is better than 4G made me laugh. Shortly, Mr Raju will come up with another theory stating that BSNL 3g speed is the best for, BSNL 3g is better than 5G.

    h) Recently I understood that there is one App named BSNL 4G Plus Wi-fi and that this will give you three times more than at your present data. Whether there is some misunderstanding in reading or requirements or trying to register this app or else, I was unable to register this App and have tried 33 times. Around more than 1 MB is downloading every time when trying to register. Either states that “check your connectivity” or “BSNL app is closing” etc. When open the app for register, internet speed comes down and mobile data completely stops (from H+ to H and finally no mobile data).

    i) I think that this article is either news paid or Mr Raju wishes to get a promotion by trying to please his boss. Other than that, I could not think anything else for this stupid article.

    j) A couple of days ago, I got a message stating that the petrol price is lesser in states ruling with a particular political party when against other states. You may have read the same. One newspaper has stated that when the facts were checked, they found out that this person belonging to this particular political party has furnished wrong particulars of their ruling states as well as some other states left out in their ruling states in the article in such a manner so that this political party shows that their party ruling states petrol price is less than Rs 90 whereas ruling by other ruling party states rate is more than Rs 90.00. There is no truth in this article. Similarly Mr Raju is also has not furnished the correct picture at all and this article also does not show any truth at all.

    k) My experience with BSNL is found that the data speed is being reduced wantonly by BSNL so that the customer can never get what he is entitled. You can also read stating that after the data is completely used as per plan, the speed will be reduced to 40 kbps/80 kpbs. Till date, I have never found data at 40 kbps speed. I get alone single digit kbps. So BSNL is committing a fraud by stating 40 / 80 kbps and furnish data at 0 kbps or single digit kbps. BSNL also cuts out the mobile data without any reason or informing the same; and hours have to wait to get back again mobile data, especially when using the highest price plan with unlimited speed and unlimited data.

    With effect from 11.02.2019, all STVs/PVs which offer free usage as daily limit will be offered as unlimited data plans with daily FUP limit (speed restriction to 40/80 Kbps) in all the circles, and all the above are the common plans for AP, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, UP West and for PAN India, and we will update the specific plans (other than above) of circles if available.

    l) Read this also. BSNL demanded Rs 30000 for Broadband installation when actual rate is only Rs 500. The replies from the customers are similar to MeToo hash tags.; most customers have paid Rs 5000 as against Rs 500. Mr Raju should read this. I think that Mr Raju should try to recover the excess installation rate instead of doing similar article(s); many customers will bless you. (After seeing this, I have decided to not go to BSNL broadband/Fiber at all.)

    m) I think that Mr Raju may shine in the cinema field, after reading this article. Unfortunately Mr Sukumar has patched up with Mr Mahesh Babu and likely to make next film. After that you may try. For this story (article) mentioned, I am sure that Mr Raju will really come out with colours in the cinema.

    n) My landline experience is that the telephone is dead every month, since the employee gets Rs 50 for every time he comes when complaint is done. One wind is sufficient to make my telephone dead; he must have programmed for this.

    o) See this link dated 10-02-2021—-
    Vi delivered the fastest 4G download and upload speeds in the last quarter of 2020, according to Ookla.
    See this also dated 13-01-2021 (—
    Reliance Jio’s download speed was 20.2 Mbps in December 2020 and came down from 20.8 Mbps in November 2020.
    Coming to the upload speed, Vodafone topped the chart with 6.5 Mbps speed followed by Idea with 6 Mbps upload speed.
    Airtel recorded the lowest upload and download speed in December 2020 which was 7.8 Mbps and 4.1 Mbps respectively.

    p) Criticism about BSNL. Some comments given by customers in your bsnlteleservices. Mr Raju should really read this. (Not written by me. Just copied with spelling and grammar mistakes.)

    1. Edwin
    February 5, 2021 at 22:36
    I had brought bsnl 4G sim and had activated 4g volte service, Got reply as it is activated from BSNL and still internet is very low as 2G internet services, I wanna port my number very soon if they are not rectifying my problem

    2. Gaurav sharma
    August 25, 2020 at 14:19
    Plz make my internet sitting its very slow, Always gives the speed of 10 kbps, I always regrate. Why I took this connection.

    3. Vasantkumar RR
    April 11, 2020 at 22:03
    Very bad bad network I hate this realy it’s not good for all net always dead sheet plz improve otherwise I will change to another network
    q) What a customer requires is lesser price and higher speed. He will be ready to pay more to get higher speed. He does not wish to read regarding no of network towers etc. Kindly come to the real world; do not be in the imaginary world.

    Why BSNL is ailing is because of employees like Mr Raju. I am still waiting thinking that BSNL can be done better and BSNL will round the corner for a better day.

    Mr Raju must be a conman or fraud or similar to cat (thinking that the whole world will go off when closing his eyes) or with jaundice, stating that everything around him is “rosy”.

    I am sure that after reading my comment, BSNL will try to take revenge on me by reducing the present mobile data and try to give me maximum problems; which happened earlier also for months together.


    Requested you to hand over this comment to Mr Raju, his Boss as well as the CMD of BSNL.
    Whatever is mentioned above is true.

  4. Bsnl is worst and totally waste of time and money. Please dont go for it. I have wasted my two three month and they took 8 thousands, Meanwhile they have provided service till month for 10 days a month. That too random days. 

    I could not do my single task and have wasted all my money. 

    Furthermore when you will think to disconnect, they won’t do it. They will ask to come at their office. When u will go. They don’t behave well. Also their few employees will  ask you to come on 7th date of the month after making your bill to zero and you will suffer alot. 

    When you will ask for your security money, they will say you to come after three month and then send you to main branch of some metro city. Their after runnig four five time, may be they will make ur check of worth Rs. 1200. All these are just totally stupid kind of task. 

    Please don’t go for bsnl service of any kind otherwise you will repent. 

  5. I am Dhilipkumar from New Perungalathur Chennai, last 6 months I am using BSNL 4G sim I have used 3 gp /day data plan but due to slow network I couldn’t use 500 MB data per day, what is the use on 3 GB data, I couldn’t use WhatsApp also it’s very slow in my location, don’t make fool the customer,

  6. Yeah! BSNL 3G is faster than Fake 4G (Jio, airtel) in most areas. But, Please upgrade to BSNL 4G, People always consider higher values, They just getting 3G speeds in other networks in the name of 4G, They don’t know teleoperators are cheating them, there thought will be like BSNL 3G will be slower than 4G, Upgrade BSNL, provide better services, BSNL having wide coverage in India than any other teleoperators can withstand network during floods and city shutdown problems, I have experienced it, Another best provider Tata Docomo shut down because of 3G, Don’t want to lose BSNL, The problem is the lazy workflow in BSNL, Already lost half of the staffs by VRS, Forgetting paid you should work more to upgrade your network services to sustain customers and staffs.

    • What’s fake 4G is BSNL 4G . I have been using BSNL 4g for more than a year now and there hasn’t been a single day that I have gotten 100kbps consistently some 4g network they have ? what’s more funny is that is that the only time I get decent speed (=300kbps ) which I got on jio or Airtel consistently is near 12am when the data limit expires.the same data that runs at 30-50kbps jumps to 150-200kbps instantly at the same spot every day after 11.30 . They are just capping the speeds just to clear bandwidth since they don’t upgrade their equipment or increase bandwidth with increased users . Also they have a very inconsistent data limits my data limit once expired at 1.53 GB for 2gb plan this happend for 3 days and when I called customer care they said my limit has reached which clearly hasn’t ( I was tracking data usage through multiple apps ) and the day afterwards the limit went back to normal . BSNL people are a bunch of liars and cheaters .the only reason I still use the is that it doesn’t need a monthly recharge and only BSNL has range in my collage .

  7. My area no network BSNL, Please BSNL tower upgrade this location, Pin code 722144, West Bengal, Bankura, Majdiha.

    • Set to WCDMA only in the preferred network option. And sorry in my area. 4G networks provide the worst network( average 100-600KBps) comparing to BSNL 3G (average 400 – 1200KBps), Jio, and Airtel providing a 2G network in name of fastest 4G.

  8. Hi, BSNL
    I am available to use GPRS settings in my mobile,
    It shows error , unfortunately it is not possible to configuration your device,

    Pls help

    Thank you.

  9. I have to stay at KIMS for eight days, My data package is not working, Please give me uninterrupted data, my mobile no is 8121171208

  10. At Tasgaon Pin 416312 Sagli Region my Tel 02346250 is inoperative last four days due line fault. Every now and then getting faulty do have any Broad band connection wireless.

  11. At Jhargram, WB 721507 BSNL speed in horribly slow, almost nothing can be done and we don’t get decent speed even with the quite costly Broadband (Rs 500+ tax per month). All complaints failed.

    • Randi network sala mater chod india ka sabse slowest network ever exist kuch nahi h khali band hona h BICH MEIN app business call pe ho band hopayega


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