Block BSNL SIM card in 2 Authentic Ways at Customer Care or CSC

Does a customer can block BSNL SIM card in online, what are intentions behind to deactivate, how to block BSNL mobile from other network number and also how to activate deactivated SIM card in online or offline

Most of the GSM mobile users purchasing a minimum of Rs.5000 to 25000 worth of mobile phones from the market. Every day thousands of cell phones stolen. In that Apple’s iPhone and major Android phones are the prime targets for thieves. In the contemporary situations, once a mobile phone snatched means, there is no opportunity to find them. Because some of the thieves fired the existing SIM card immediately to do not find initially.

If it is an expensive phone, the robbers were even changing the IMEI number also. On altering the Mobile IMEI number, there is 100% no chance to find the phone. The only action is Block BSNL SIM card at that time immediately.

The second probability to deactivate BSNL SIM is, many of the customers are maintaining a minimum of two and above cards in their pockets. In some situations, they forgot the GSM card where they kept. So, the consumer can deactivate the same to avoid misuse by others if it finds by anyone.

In some cases the customers can think like this, My SIM card got blocked, How do I unlock it, at this stage, he/she must check it whether it blocked or not, by re inserting the SIM card.

Procedure to Block BSNL SIM Card

A GSM customer can deactivate the BSNL SIM card temporarily in two situations, i.e. SIM Lost and Stolen. In this two stages, the customer can easily deactivate temporarily in below mentioned methods to prevent illegal usage by others.

  1. Dial BSNL Mobile Customer Care number and intimate the details to Block BSNL SIM card, and the representative will ask for the following details
  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Address details

If you confirm the same, then the executive of BSNL customer care will process the issue to concerned switch for immediate blocking of the SIM and circulate a request number to you.

2. Approach nearest authorized customer service center and submit valid Proof of Identity /Proof of Address [Aadhar card] for fast deactivation of existing SIM card, and the team of BSNL immediately will place a request in their database to deactivate BSNL SIM card.

Check the below blocked solutions which will clear many queries about how to block BSNL SIM card through various modes. If you have any recommendations and anything stronger than this info on this blocking. Please share us, Your feedback is precious to all the GSM mobile customers. For more info, please visit

  1. Will a customer of BSNL Maharashtra block the SIM from Karnataka?

    At present, It is not possible, The only home circle can Block BSNL SIM card of that circle and also when a customer of Maharashtra dials to customer care from Karnataka, he/she reaches to Karnataka customer care only, so it is not possible.

  2. Whether the SIM card disconnected permanently or temporarily for certain days?

    After complaining to deactivate BSNL SIM card, it will block temporarily up to the activation of new replacement card with the same number or up to the expiry of that mobile number.

  3. Whether the BSNL SIM Unblock will do automatically or not?

    At present, if a customer gets the replacement SIM, BSNL SIM card will unlock automatically, and if a consumer finds the existing SIM, then he may call to customer care or nearest CSC for unbarring the blocked status.

  4. Can we preserve the BSNL SIM block number?

    On complaining to customer care or at CSC, they will give a docket number, and it is not mandatory to preserve or has to submit for next replacement SIM, It lacks only to know the complaint status.

  5. Can the owner of SIM card only block the SIM?

    The owner or the authorized person who knows all the details can block the SIM card through BSNL customer care.

  6. Are there any charges to deactivate BSNL SIM card?

    There are no charges for deactivation of BSNL SIM card, and then the customer has to pay only SIM replacement charges when activated.

  7. Will the prepaid and postpaid customers are both can block their SIMs?

    Yes, any prepaid or postpaid customer can deactivate BSNL SIM card.

  8. Can we get incoming calls upon BSNL SIM card blocking?

    It means, the total inbound and outgoing calls entirely locked for that mobile number.

  9. How to block SIM card online

    At present, there is no access to deactivate prepaid SIM online, even the postpaid service customer also can lock through customer care or by CSC executives, and it is also only by complaining, In future, the operator will introduce a new portal to block lost BSNL card online.

  10. When I get the duplicate SIM after blocking?

    Before blocking or from the next minute of blocking the BSNL SIM card, you can approach nearest CSC for receiving replacement SIM in place of lost SIM.

  11. What is the best BSNL SIM blocked solution?

    If you find your SIM lost/stolen, approach BSNL CSC directly to get the replacement of SIM card, So you can obtain immediate access to your mobile number instead of blocking.

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36 thoughts on “Block BSNL SIM card in 2 Authentic Ways at Customer Care or CSC”

  1. I lost my BSNL SIM card issued from Kerala Circle. I personally approached the their customer care center at Perumbavoor, Kerala on 26/04/2022. Their response: Lodge a police complaint. Apply for new replacement SIM with police report, Aadhar original and copy and a photograph. They have displayed a notice to this effect.

    BSNL service is not available in Mumbai suburbs, Navi Mumbai and Thane.

  2. Sir mera mobile Kahi pr gir gya he sir please mere mobile k sim Card ko bnd kardijiye mere sim ka number h 9409678918 please sir sim ko bnd karye sir mera nema Thakor Vinod Kumar Ramesh bhai he or meri date of birth(01/06/2001)he or mera address he, S/O: Thakrda Ramesh bhai, 00, bharum puri polish steson, Ambaji, kumbhariya, ambaji, banshkanta, Gujarat, 385110

  3. Hello sir,
    Good morning 🌄
    My name Sandeep Kumar Verma
    Sar Mera BSNL ka sim card kho Gaya hai uska number hai (9427xx29) sar Maine complaint bhi kiya tha 04/01/2022 ko sar is sim card ko turant hi band kar do please
    (Block the SIM immediately please sar ji )
    Mere hi name pe sim card hai sar Sandeep Kumar Verma ke naam se aap ko aur kuch puchna hai to aap puch sakte ho sar Surat me sim liya tha sar

  4. Hello BSNL.
    सर मेरा भतीजा का फोन दिल्ली सोम बाजार में चोरी हो गया जिसमे एक बीएसएनएल का sim Card लगा था जिसका नं 9430270049 है मैं उसे फिलहाल बंद करवाना चाहता हूं but आपसे कोई संपर्क नहीं हों पा रही है । So please हो सके तो आप कृपया इस नं को deactivate करा दे आपकी बहुत मेहरबानी होगी ।धन्यवाद ,,,, रजनीश कुमार,

    • Mera sim card nsnl ka tha jo gum ho chuka hai jiska number 9418645003 he yh sim mere name se tha lavan sharma kripya is sim ko band Kiya jae yah sim Chandigarh markit me gum hua tha lavan sharma.

  5. Sir /Madam
    I lost my mobile approx 2 years back , I found that someone still using this mobile Number 9473182186 and sim card.

  6. Requeest for block mobile number
    I lost my BSNL prepaid Mobile bearing No.9455933697 in the market. As such, it is requested to deactivate the SIM immediately and no one can use the sim and make calls from my number and no can misuse it also. So please my BSNL Sim Card as soon as possible and I have reminded so many times and no action has been taken also and services are going on and someone is using the sim and making calls from it also. So, Sir now I’m requesting u once again to block my sim card its very urgent also without any hesitation please block it and no one from now on wards can make the calls and misuse it also. So I’m requesting u to block my sim card. I will be really thankful to u also.


    Jitendra Shrivastava

    • My mothers phone with the bsnl sim got lost in the evening today (09 nov 2021) and i am trying to block it but the customer care number is unresponsive, Registered name is arvind kumar singh, If any criminal activity is done by that number, the owner of this number is not responsible

  7. Sir I have lost my mobile, My phone number with BSNL ( 9455933697). Block this number immediately and as soon as possible also so that no one can make calls from it and no one misuse it also. So I’m requesting u to block my number and I will be really thankful to u also ok.

  8. My sim card has lost please kindly block my number as soon as possible . Before I had tried many way like calling customers care but they didn’t pick up so I’m believing in you . Pleas do it immediately
    Number: 9426904895

  9. My Dad’s Mobile is stolen this morning . Please block the sim we tried to call the customer care service is not responding . Tried to call several times. Kindly block the sim at the earliest . BSNL Mobile no. 9490889407

  10. Sir
    I have lost my PHONE WITH BSNL sim.
    Kindly block my sim immediately
    My BSNL NUMBER IS:9468036054
    Pls help its very uregnt

  11. Hello,
    I have lost the SIM card with mobile no 9478313461 which is registered under name S Pritpal Singh, Please block immediately, The Customer care number is non responsive since 1 hour.

  12. Dear sir
    I lost my phone (9336123450) last week since than i don’t have the knowledge how to block my sim card I visited nearby telephone exchange RATAN LAL NAGAR but nothing could be done when I got information to block the no. I called toll free number BUT THEY NEED LAST DIALLED NO. THIS ATTITUDE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PRIVATISATION OF GOVT DEPARTMENTS
    MY CONTACT NO. IS 6306877855

  13. My fathers phone with the bsnl sim (9426311492) got lost in the evening today(6 dec 2020) and i am trying to block it but the customer care number is unresponsive, Registered name is Paresh shah, If any criminal or fraud activity is done by that number, the owner of this number is not responsible.

  14. No. 9426311492 is lost, Any fraud or criminal activty is done then i will not be responsible, Since bsnl customer care is unresponsiveness i am trying for two hours,And there is no way to block no through online.kindly block the sim card.

  15. Hello sir,
    Mr. Bijay Kumar, I have lost my cell phone with a sim card with Mobile number: 9470615990, which is registered with on my name itself. Kindly request you to please block my sim immediately so I can buy a new one.
    Thanks and regards

  16. Hello,
    I have lost the SIM card with mobile no 9449053833 which is registered under name R Lokesh. Please block immediately.
    The Customer care number is non responsive since 1 hour.

  17. Sir,
    I have lost my SIM and my mobile no. is 9433650561. I have been calling to 1503 for the last two days. But the customer care representative is saying that due to server problem, it is not possible to block the number. Please arrange for blocking the number immediately. Otherwise, if my SIM is misused, BSNL will be responsible for the same.

  18. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I Vilas Prabhakar kini Have lost my mobile with bsnl sim with mobile number 9448061966 registered under my name we are continuously trying 1800 180 1503 your toll free from 1 hour it is continuously busy we kindly request you to block my sim immediately to avoid any misuse of my sim card by the person who has found my phone my phone is nokia 3310 and my balance is approx 1100 plus currency since it is Saturday i cant even visit csr indiranagar nor i can speak to your toll free customer care my alternate number is 7019937569 please do the needful and oblige i am your very old customer under postpaid earlier from as old as 1990
    Thanks n regards

  19. i also want to block one of my bsnl number because my mobile phone was lost so please block my number imminently please dear BSNL team the number is 9472846404 please sir block this number immediately.

  20. I have lost my phone with BSNL Sim Card mobile no, Please block the same, sim no 9530629865
    Name Mangat Singh

  21. Customer care se baat karana kaise bhi karke mere sim card PUK code number mang raha iska Koi solution please help me urgent

  22. सिम टोटल बंद कर दिजीऐ मेरे कुछ काम का नही, मै जादा युज भी नही कृरता 8623878789 ये मेरा नंबर है मेराशानाम akshay kumar chandrkat kirwale है, येमेरे नाम पेही, सर/माँडम, please block the sim.

  23. Sir I am Sanjog mallick from bhubaneswar odisha, I have lost the sim card with mobile no-9853408291 yesterday, which is register with my name (SANJOG MALLICK), Kindly block the sim immediately.

  24. I Satwinder Kumar, Sir I have lost the Sim card with mobile No 9357703948, which register with my name “SATWINDER , kindly block the SIM immediately.

  25. Hello Sir,
    I master Umesh Vitthal Sutar, Sir I have lost the Sim card with mobile No 9422777167, which register with my father name “Vitthal Bula Sutar”, kindly block the Sim immediately.

    • My mothers phone with the bsnl sim(9412401096) got lost in the evening today(30 nov 2020) and i am trying to block it but the customer care number is unresponsive, Registered name is arvind kumar singh, If any criminal activity is done by that number, the owner of this number is not responsible.


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