Apply BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband Online at

BSNL aims to launch the complete services in online, and now introduced new web portal to apply BSNL Bharat Fiber broadband service for your required location at anywhere in India offered at minimal price range for anything unlimited.

Unlimited Internet speed with FUP is one factor in all BSNL plans which plays a crucial role, but now it almost widens after the launch of Bharat Fiber broadband new plans upto 100 Mbps speed.

So just place a registration request on the web, and the concerned executive of BSNL will approach your premises for the provision of postpaid combo broadband with unlimited internet and calling under BSNL FTTH network, so just check the below and apply as a new applicant.

How to Apply BSNL Bharat Fiber Connection in Online

Just apply Bharat Optical Fiber online in 1 minute.

Get your doorstep registration service for BSNL Bharat Fiber broadband for your home or business location and submit the necessary documents for provision of FTTH

  1. Login to BSNL Selfcare new web portal link to apply for Bharat Fiber

    Click on
    Apply BSNL Bharat Fiber Connection Online

  2. Enter Personal details

    Fill your First and Last Name, 10 digit mobile number, Valid Email ID, STD Code and Mobile number.

  3. Enter Address details

    Select State, District
    Enter House number, PIN code and Remarks (If any)

  4. Enter Captcha

    Submit the new Captcha code if time delayed

  5. Submit

    Note down the Registration Request displayed on the screen after Submit, to know the status at any time.

After placing request, Concerned BSNL authorities will approach your premises shortly for registration of BSNL new Bharat Fiber service.

Any charges to be collected in advance for new online application?

No, there is no charges to apply for Bharat Fiber in online or Service at your doorstep.

How much it will take to approach us after placing an online request for Bharat Fiber service?

In minimum of 24 hours, BSNL representative will contact on your mobile number about your confirmation on registration, and then send the concerned executive to your premises for further procedure.

How to pay Bharat Fiber deposits for this online application?

Concerned authorised person approach you for registration and to collect the deposit amount, just ask him to provide a receipt for the same.

Bharat Fiber online application is available through any mobile App?

No, at present only selfcare web portal only allowed, but mobile users can access the same link through any browser available in Smartphones.

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82 thoughts on “Apply BSNL Bharat Fiber Broadband Online at”

  1. I applied for new connection online for about 4 to 5 times but there is no response from there end. Being a widest network, yet BSNL failed to provide us services.

  2. When I contacted nearby BSNL exchange they told that they need some agents in our area to give FTTH connection. But no one is there as agent in our area. What can I do to get BSNL FTTH connection?

  3. Applied for New connection. there is no response, customer service number doesnt work, it goes through IVR then call drops. No response regarding online submission of new connection from a company offering internet, the Irony.

  4. I applied online for bsnl ftth on 20.05.21. Nobody bothered to respond. I got the number of local person who is doing the installation and requested him as there was an sms doing the round to contact this number for new connection. Last three days he says that he would come and install on the same day but not yet turned up.

  5. Tried to apply it 3 times but no one contacted me, If you are not looking at online requests then why this portal was designed and published?

    • Same here, i am trying to get fiber connection since last 7 months, filled online application 10 times. But no one is there to contact. This is only the reason – Why BSNL in collapsing

  6. Applied for FTTH before a month but no response from BSNL, yet, 90 % of the citizen are ready to go for BSNL connection but no response from BSNL Wake up BSNL, Ref: No: EB20210200011821_795230

    • Hi all,
      my BSNL fiber provider is asking me to pay 5000rs as installation charges and the plan cost as per my choice, as per the BSNL website it shows only 500 installation charges.

  7. Friends, It is sad that in so much fast paced world we all are experiencing such silly issues which can be done at fingertips, I also applied for BSNL Fiber Connection in Dec-19 but still no response or any communication from the BSNL team, Their customer care is one of worst place to complain, they say, you call on the same number again and your nearby representative would pick up the call. Wait for the organization to be privatized soon… The only way to get the good service from the PSU organizations.

  8. I have registered for BB FTTH connection on 04 Jan 2021 and received a SMS that they have appointed a filed officer for further action. Till now no response from any BSNL authorities.

    I humbly request respected Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to take over BSNL and terminate all employees and privitise the company as soon as possible.

    • It won’t reach Modi. He is not reading this kind of activity, what the BJP minister is doing? All are same situation all over India

  9. Hi I am Prajwal, I am from Karnataka Uttara Kannada district, here the private franchisee holder asked me 14000 for the fiber connection. so I applied online on 21 Dec 2020 and to this date, no calls from BSNL, Please anybody tell me that whom to contact for getting the connection?

  10. I have booked one month back with all details but no response from anyone.

    This company should be sold to private with the same employees, then only they will come to know how to work in a tele service for the salary what they get.

  11. I have registered online twice, requesting the authorities to change my residential wifi connection from copper to optic fiber and the ref no.’s are 124015207742 & 123966019532,but so far no action is being taken.

  12. i applied for my connection before two weeks and yet no response from BSNL this behavior will lead this company to complete extinction, once Jio fiber and Airtel fiber get access to all over india then goodbye BSNL.
    For those who don’t know, BSNL is offering unlimited data in only those areas where Jio fiber or Airtel fiber providing services, and in other areas they applied limits on monthly usage.

    Like in 499/- plan(GST excluded) they are offering unlimited data usage (3300GB cap) but in areas where none fiber is available they are limiting this plan to 300 GB only. BSNL is a govt service and they proved it.
    if anyone is having problem about my comment or want to correct me that i am wrong then they can mail me:- vinshulsharma786

  13. Applied for Bharat Fibre (FTTH) on 07.11.2020 and its Pre-Lead/Ref No is 15737315652 under Bongaigaon Circle, Assam but no response as on date, This is the service of PSU, alllassh!

  14. I have applied for fibre connection, the vendor have arrived our home hand then they told to give money to them for buying the optical fibre, They said me to give them 12k rupees for the connection and thereafter they said that they will not provide any kind of service if there is any problem in the fibre cable.

  15. Dear sir,
    I have applied for BSNL FTTH connection for my residence (41-A, RSEB Officers colony, D-Block, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur). Pre lead / reference number 9000491144, Subsequently, I have been contacted on phone and a person has visited up to my house’s location, Thereafter, nothing has been heard. Kindly expedite. Kindly also note that my land line telephone no. 2351892 is to be retained on optical fibre connection.
    Shanti Prasad
    Mob. 9414053126
    PS: earlier e-mail revised to give pre lead / refrence no.

  16. I had apply for the BSNL Fibernet connection on 25th Sept 2020. The`Pre-Lead /Reference no. at 9000494396. I got the message at 6.39 PM that BSNL Sales Team will get back to me soon. However, almost one month has passed but nobody has contacted so far. I need the connection urgently. It is said that on one side BSNL wants that their customer should stick with them but on the other side we don’t get a response. Pl. let me know the status or otherwise I apply to other Net Agency.
    Ashok Mehta
    Mobile no. 9314868885


  18. Sir I have a Land phone connection with Broadband Rs 629 plane but it is not constant. Frequent interruption is there may be due to the problem with underground cable or ADSL, therefore I wanted to take a Bharat Fiber connection, How can change from this connection to that, please advice me.

  19. I Applied on 25th August 2020 for FTTH at Bhopal M.P., To date, there is no response from BSNL, In the mean time, I got 3 calls and 4 visits from JIO FTTH persons, and then they insist us not to migrate from BSNL.

  20. I am Aftab Alam Address P-19, Narkel Danga Main Road. Kolkata – 700011, and i would like to apply for Bharat Hone Fibre, I am trying to find how to apply and i am not able to find the right platform online.

  21. We recently applied Bharat Fiber BB but no reply received and no call, Date of Application : 09-08-2020 06:29:41 PM Receipt no : RECEIPT_LD12221305, Connection applied : Bharat Fiber BB CAF serial no : LD12221305

  22. I live in Anna Nagar west Chennai .and I already have a landline connection, I wanted to apply for Fibrenet thro online services. To my surprise I do not see CHENNAI district under the pull down menu and I had to quit the application process. Please look into or suggest ways.

  23. My Place is Vadamadurai Dindigul Tamilnadu. I requested Bharath fibber internet, the Lineman came to me and asked about 6000(cable)* Deposit& Modem and Plan charge .overall $9000, at last, I come to know BSNL, not for poor people. vendor code is STNMDU_VMASAS.


  24. I have booked my Bharat Fiber on 28 Aug 2020 with following details.
    Lead Number: 9000424293.

    I got the call from Pune Sales team within 24 hours, and they confirmed the order giving me with following request id.

    Request id: 2000378017

    They said our local Sales team will call in next 24 hours, and do the installation and further process of setup.

    It has been 5 days and yet I have not recieved any update or call from any team of BSNL fibre. I have no clue whether BSNL is actually working on it or not.

    Moreover there is no contact number provided to enable customer to enquire for their order. At least such things are not expected from state owned government entity.

    I would appreciate if some one from the BSNL fiber team can at least revert and look into the matter to get my order fulfilled


  25. Iam Major T.Ekambaram Reddy,macha bolarum,darma reddy nagar colony,road no 4, Secunderabad,pincode:500010.I had filled an application for bsnl fiber connection in the form on 25/6/2020 bsnl office tirumalgiri,but officer checked in online my location then he regretted my application because in my area no connection is yet arranged.bsnl FTTH connection near to my residence is about exactly 500 meters distance away only.please I requested to the bsnl officer’s I want landline connection with net please arrange as soon as possible
    With regards
    Mrs reddy
    Major Ekambaram Reddy

  26. As per the details mentioned here customer need not to pay anything for the connection in advance or any installation charges but the person who called me for the connection is demanding 500 rs for the installation in cash. When i asked him that there are no installation charges he refused to apply my connection and said in local language “hum aapka connection lgate hi nhi”. The seniors must look into the matter and should stop such type of activities from their employees.

    • Yes, same thing happened with me. When I applied for a BSNL FTTH connection via their portal, a person named Prasanna came to our house, He started demanding Rs.600/- and said that he won’t issue a receipt for it, When I asked him the reason, he said that BSNL has outsourced FTTH to third parties, so receipts can’t be issued.

  27. Applied for Bharat Fiber on 3rd Aug, 20. Received Pre-Lead/Reference No. 9000418077 along with intimation that the BSNL team will get back to me, Till the date, nobody has contacted me.

  28. I applied for the connection three days back, but did not get any confirmation, Any help would be appreciated. Reference # 123338923862


  29. I applied for a Bharat Fibre connection and received a reference no:123306209572, I like to know the present status of my application.

  30. How do we know the status of the online request? I have applied and received Pre-Lead/Reference number but no one called me so How do I check the status of my Reference number?

  31. Applied the Bharat Fibernet, Twice, but they didn’t give connection till now, I’am in Odisha Ganjam city, I don’t not received any call form BSNL.

  32. Very poor services of BSNL, I applied for fiber connection since last 2 but not proper reply by BSNL, I contacted to concern Vendor, firstly who was not answering then after trying many times to avoid services he replied that your area is not feasible for fiber connection, Whereas other fiber users are near me, Therefore, privatisation of BSNL is needed.

  33. Very poor service, I too applied for the Bharat fibre connection from more than 2 months no reply from the officials, we pay regular taxes and this is the feedback by Govt company.

  34. Madam/ Sir,
    I applied for a connection 4 days back, Before that one BSNL personal deputed by the SDO Sambalpur as per our telephonic conversation, visited my premises identified himself as the service provider engaged by BSNL and demanded me Rs 4000/- for ONT and Rs 779 as security. I pressed him for a connection on the rental basis to which he denied. Reported back to the SDO Sambalpur and the later remained silent, Till date, none else have turned up. Indirectly the BSNL officers here, are pressing the consumer to pay Rs 4779/- for an FTTH connection. Will the higher Officers pay hid to this exploitation.


  35. I have placed order for bharat fiber 3day ago, But did not receive any call from BSNL side my phone num is 9534312623

    • अभी बहुत सारे area/City में bsnl के अलावे fibre net में कोई विकल्प नही है। इसी वजह से BSNL इस तरह का attitude दिखा रहा है।
      यहां मुज़फ़्फ़रपुर में भी यही हाल है।

  36. I have applied online through self care portal for BSNL FTTH only @ Mysore Raghavendra nagar Mysuru.I got a message that sales team will contact, How long should I wait, I didn’t get reference no, whom to contact.

    • BSNL अपने इसी behave के कारण अर्श से फ़र्श पे आया है। बहुत सारे area/City में BSNL के अलावे Fibre Net में कोई विकल्प नही है। इसी वजह से BSNL इस तरह का attitude दिखा रहा है। यहां मुज़फ़्फ़रपुर में भी यही हाल है।

  37. Dear Sir
    I have applied two times but did not receive any call from BSNL till date, There is an urgent requirement of this connection. My mobile hotspot is not working properly in Ballia, Kindly call me as soon as possible.

    Ashok Nagar
    Satni Sarai, Ballia

  38. Dear Sir,

    Request for BSNL FTT at , Karnataka, Neelasandra, Bazaar Street, 5th cross, Bangalore 560047

    We need the BSNL bharath Fiber connection at 5th cross, bazaar street, neelasandra, banaglore 560047.

    Please do the needful.


  39. Sir, I had applied for ftth through online. and bsnl executive had contact me on June 26th and install after 7 working days.
    I want to know when will I get the connection.
    I request you to make it soon as possible.
    MYSURU – 570026

  40. I don’t know,
    From shym pandhari gadekar
    Tq chikhli dist buldana
    Pin 443201
    Mobl no 9552092587
    Mobl no 8605677045

  41. Please response otherwise if your not interested please inform to customers, We are go to other network, Don’t waste our time. Our ref no: 123003584592

    J. Suresh

  42. To
    General Manager, Calcutta Telephone, BSNL
    Dear Sir,
    It is regretted to inform you that more than 7 month had passed away my application No.29585524, Dt.30/11/2019, towards Bharat Optical Fiber is still pending for connection.
    In this connection you are requested to look down this matter personally.
    Joydip De.
    Landline No.03324417934.
    Mobile : 9830268546/7044392740

  43. People are willing to take Bharat Fiber connections, but you people are not even responding despite multiple applications, is not responding an added service BSNL is providing ?

    From Kolkata

  44. Sorry to tell you, due to your worst service people are ready to take expensive connection instead of worst.

  45. I had applied online on Self-care Portal for Bharat Fiber on 19/03/2019 (please read again – 2019 and NOT 2020) & was assigned a reference no 9000317965. There have been two or three calls from BSNL, No progress thereafter despite reminders to customer care.
    Mihir Mehra – Chanakyapuri Exchange (Sama) Vadodara

  46. I have booked Bharat Fiber two weeks back, My request number is 5000894004, BSNL representative told me that within 48 hours BSNL team will contact you to provide the connection, Its being more than two weeks, nobody from BSNL has contacted me, Highly disappointed with the services and commitment made by BSNL team.

    I hope that BSNL team will take it seriously and provide the connection ASAP.

    Thanks and Regards – Atul

    • Bsnl का रस्सी जल गया पर ऐंठन नही गया है। अभी बहुत सारे area/City में bsnl के अलावे fibre net में कोई विकल्प नही है। इसी वजह से BSNL इस तरह का attitude दिखा रहा है।
      यहां मुज़फ़्फ़रपुर में भी यही हाल है।

  47. Hi BSNL,
    Is there any way get internet connection in my village, Actually in my have lot of network provider, we are not getting signal from Jio, Airtel, Vodafone, So i am looking for internet or landline phone please let me know if anything possible to get connected to my village.

  48. We have registered for fiber connections and still no progress on the matter
    My mobile number 9496576953
    Land line number 0484 2593938

  49. We recently applied but no reply received and no call infact, Today we again applied vide Reference Number 9000376986
    Lets us see when BSNL respond!

  50. Applied for bharat fibre connection, The person visiting my residence was Narendra Singhal, Collected a cheque of 777 Ch No 115276 dt 27 05 2019, promised the installation within 10 days, still waiting for the connection, n your helpline flatly refuses to even note the complaint: reason : complaint can be only registered after the connection is given, meaning that BSNL deputes irresponsible outsourced agents, not carrying the ID, allows them to collect cheques (without issue of receipt) encashes cheques (encashed on 12 06 19) and then forgets to keep the promise to provide the connection and service, the typical Governmental monopolistic behaviors as was prevalent 20 yrs ago.
    So unfortunate and irresponsible and disgusting.

    A R Singhal

    • Please post your complaint at this url, then higher authorities will involve to solve the problem, and due to inactive connection, customer care executives are not allowed to raise a docket.

  51. The same matter, i also applied the Bharat Fibernet, Twice, but they didn’t give connection till now, I’am in chennai city, They told me that they have no fiber connection in my area, So the connection is not able.

  52. I am Babu K Suresh, SINDURY, Desiya Nagar-181, Thekkevila Kollam 691016, I had filled an application for a Bharat Fiber (FTTH) connection in the prescribed form on 9/05/2019 at BSNL Bhavan, Vellayittambalam, Kollam in person, My telephone exchange in jurisdiction is at Chinnakkada, Kollam, and on an enquiry, it is learnt that my request is registered under no 0474 2955646, but regretted to inform that no connection is yet arranged.

    In this context, it may be noted that the existing FTTH connections near to my residence is about 100+ metres away only, I hope, the Bharat Fiber conncetion to me may be arranged at the earliest as the Speed of my present ADSL BB connection is most of the time less than one MBPS.(0474 2745646.)

    A reply is awaited.
    With regards,
    Babu K Suresh

    • Hi suresh,

      If its not an LCO/cable operator whos designated to give it then complian to pgportal, That would solve it, Between if you are near chinnakada isnt asianet also avaiable?

      • Yes,
        The person from BSNL who provides connection are cheating very much. He collected 2000 + 999 and gave me bill only for 999 (BSNL Copy) and when asked he told BSNL has rent out the lines to private company. lots of cheating happening around BSNL. Later I learned that we need to pay only the monthly subscription charges


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