BSNL Yavatmal Broadband Mobile Plans and 12 Customer Care Contacts

BSNL is well known for having one of the best customer service all across the market and their service spots in district areas like Yavatmal are one of the credible resources that ascertain customers the value that they have opted along with BSNL over the time.

If you are looking to get more glimpses of their products, services and get your issues resolved then you can easily get your appointment booked at the BSNL Yavatmal customer service center.

They are well known for being proficient at helping the BSNL customers with queries that even the customers are uncertain about and issues regarding online bill payment, online recharge, getting new service installed is taken care of vividly through their customer support who always ensure that you are responded timely with possible solutions and answers to your query.

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaYavatmal District
Service Tehsil AreasArni, Umarkhed, Kalamb, Pandharkawada Kelapur, Ghatanji, Zari Jamani, Darwha, Digras, Ner, Pusad, Babhulgaon, Mahagaon, Maregaon, Yavatmal, Ralegaon, Wani
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline, DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, WINGS
CSC Name BSNL CSC Contact Address Contact Number
Yavatmal BSNL CSC, Telegraph Building Near HPO Yavatmal District, Yavatmal 07232 – 245277
Wani BSNL Customer Service Center, Tele Exchange Building Wani Tah Wani 07239 – 225099
Pusad C.S.C, Tele Exchange Building Pusad District Yavatmal 0723 – 246150
Darwha BSNL CSC, Telephone Exchange Building, Darwha District Yavatmal 07238 – 254000
Digras BSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange Building, Digras 07234 – 222050
Umarkhed C.S.C, Telephone Exchange Building, Umarkhed Tah, District Yavatmal 07231 – 237000
Pandharkawada BSNL CSC, Tele Exchange Building, Pandharkawda 07235 – 227699
Maregaon Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange Building, Tah Maregaon 07237 – 237298
Ghatanji BSNL CSC, Telephone Exchange Bldg, Ghatanji 07230 – 277197
Kalamb BSNL Customer Service Centre, Tele Exchange, Kalamb 07201 – 226198
Ralegaon BSNL CSC, Tele Exchange Building Ralegaon, District- Yavatmal 0720 – 225100
Babhulgaon BSNL Customer Service Center, Tele Exchange Building, Babhulgaon 07203 – 270100

DSL / FTTH Broadband

GSM Mobile Services

Moreover in order to incline your home or your facility with any telephone, telecommunication service from BSNL you can always reach out to the BSNL Yavatmal customer service center branch who will be thorough to get your request aligned in no time with latest broadband and mobile plans available at cheapest budget never available.