BSNL VRS Calculator to Check Benefits using VRS Formula


Calculate the benefits of Voluntary Retirement Scheme on BSNL VRS Calculator using new VRS Formula, and check the approximate ex gratia amount on the cards to be received for retirement of a working employee who are eligible for BSNL VRS…

As per the sources, BSNL VRS scheme may be on the basis of Gujarat pattern, and the VRS benefits (Ex Gratia amount) of BSNL / MTNL employee will be calculated on Salary, which means Basic + Industrial Dearness Allowance of the last month in service.

BSNL VRS Calculator
BSNL VRS Calculator

BSNL VRS compensation on calculator will consider the following rules

  1. Compensation will consist of salary of 35 days for every completed year of service.
  2. Salary of 25 days to be taken into consideration for the balance of service left until Superannuation / Retirement.
  3. Compensation will be subject to minimum of Rs.25000 or 250 days salary whichever is higher.
  4. Salary for VRS consists of Basic Pay + DA only
  5. Arrears of wages due to revision etc.. will not be included in computing.
  6. BSNL VRS amount shall not exceed the sum of salary of employee which would draw at prevailing level for he balance of period left before superannuation.
  7. Compensation under Voluntary Retirement Scheme will be in addition to terminal benefits.
  8. Calculated compensation should not exceed 36 months of salary, when it crossed, he lower will be taken into consideration.

BSNL VRS Calculator

Let us take an example of Mr. Ramanath Swamy working in BSNL and completed 21 years and having 10 years of service opts for Voluntary Retirement Scheme, Following is the calculation as per the Gujarat VRS model, Find your compensation in the new calculator updated with the following conditions

Particulars Calculation
Service Completed 21
Remaining Years of Service 10
Present Basic (Taken as 35000) 35000
IDA (Industrial Dearness Allowance) 53200
Salary 88200
One Day Salary 2940
Compensation on Completed Years 2160900
Compensation on Remaining Years 735000
Total Compensation 2895900
But considered a maximum of 36 months salary (35000+53200)*36  3175200
Final Compensation (in consideration with lowest) 2895900

Details of the exact VRS Formula and calculator uploaded in ERP ESS portal in transparent manner, and VRS window opened on 4th November 2019 and to be closed on 03.12.2019,

How to apply for BSNL VRS 2019 in ERP / ESS Portal – Check now

Check your VRS benefits on App – Calculate on you mobile screen

The eligible employees who are opting for Voluntary Retirement Scheme 2019 will be relieved on 31st January 2020 with all the benefits of superannuation by completing all the formalities and existing procedure.

bsnl vrs app calculation
BSNL VRS App Calculation

Latest Update on BSNL VRS

  1. 03-12-2019 : At the end of day, according to preliminary reports, out of 104471 eligible employees, 78569 (Group A-4295, Group B -9010, Group C-54994, Group D- 9936 and Industrial Workers -334) have opted for BSNL VRS 2019.
  2. 26-11-2019 : Total applied for VRS is 82580.
  3. 21-11-2019 : As on date Total successfully opted for VRS is 79111 ( Group A – 4192, B – 8924, C-55652, D-9929, IW 336) and total VRS withdrawal applications are 2195 and decide later is 728.
  4. 20-11-2019 : As per the online ERP applications, the total figure reached to 86681 under VRS scheme.
  5. 18-11-2019 : After taking in account (deducting) all the withdrawal as on date of total optees stands at 79658, and MTNL VRS figures, the total applied VRS employees are 13315 out of total 16363 eligible.
  6. 17-11-2019 : 78163 applied for BSNL VRS 2019

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