BSNL RED (Retired Employee Distributor) – Complete Details


Here is the complete details of BSNL RED 2022, an opportunity to retired employee of BSNL to earn income of various type of sales to customers even after their retirement, Check the eligibility, requirements and financial incentive on sale of products to the registered…

BSNL has recently launched VRS scheme 2019 for reducing aging employee, and It is understood that approximately 75000 employees have opted for the scheme, and Many of the VRS optees were working for Sales & Marketing units of the circles.

To address the shortage of direct selling agent / Sales persons and to make use of experienced BSNL VRS optees, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced RED Policy 2020 for utilization of best services of experienced people with attractive commission for each sale.

In this new introduction, the RED (Retired Employee Distributor) shall market and sell the products like BSNL new prepaid SIM, CTopUp Recharge, Bill payment and other to customers at their door steps or through organizing Mela / Camp at various locations in the district or SSA / Business area, where the RED registered by earning huge commissions / discounts as defined subsequently under the BSNL RED policy.

BSNL RED Policy & Conditions, Requirements

  1. The initial period of agreement shall be for 3 years and the selection of RED will be done by SSA Head
  2. Only retired employees of BSNL willing to serve customers/ prospects at their premises & through organizing Mela / Camp and shall be eligible to apply.
  3. Must have valid PAN Number
  4. Valid Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration Certificate Number for respective state (if applicable).
  5. Self-declaration that the applicant is not black listed by the GST authorities.
  6. Self-declaration that the applicant is retired from BSNL.
  7. Security Deposit: Refundable Security Deposit of Rs.500/- (Rupees five Hundred only).
  8. Area of Operation: RED shall be allowed to operate within SSA where he/she is registered.
  9. BSNL RED will be given free C-TOPUP SIM with applicable concessional tariff and freebies.

Targets for BSNL RED

There shall be minimum monthly sales target of 50 no. SIM/FRC and C-top-up/recharge of Rs. 5000/- Sales targets assigned to RED shall be communicated by SSA on monthly basis. Targets will be reviewed every three months; if minimum monthly sales targets are not achieved by the RED then they would not be continued further.

Termination for Inactive

If not found active for six consecutive months, the RED may be terminated after issue of notice and seeking explanation. In case of any irregularity / violation of BSNL/ GoI rules, the RED registration may be terminated without any notice.

  1. Whether the Security Deposit for BSNL Deposit hs to be paid in advance or will deduct in Commission?

    Refundable Security Deposit of Rs.500/- (Rupees five Hundred only) has to be paid in advance when allotted RED..

  2. What to do in case of BSNL RED black listed?

    In case the RED gets black-listed during the tenure of BSNL contract, then adequate indemnity clause should be inserted to ensure that no loss of credit is borne by BSNL due to a default of RED.

  3. Whether GST Certificate is Mandatory?

    If applicable, must submit along with application

  4. Whether the registered BSNL RED can do sales in another district?

    As per the BSNL Retired Employee Distributor Policy 2020, the RED can only do their sales within SSA where they can registered.

  5. Can a retired employee of one SSA can register in another SSA?

    Yes, you can apply in any SSA, but can do business only within that registered SSA.

  6. When will BSNL Retired Employee Distributor agreement extends?

    SSA Head may extend / migrate agreement on year-to-year basis for a period of two years with RED on same terms for the active RED. Decision of BSNL shall be final and binding in this regard.

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