BSNL STV Uttarakhand Tariff for Limited & Unlimited Calls or 4G Data


Exclusive STV recharge offers now available in BSNL Uttarakhand telecom circle to surf and free calling as unlimited on your mobile, Choose the best combo offers under GSM mobile services to avail the 4G services with more patchy coverage, Just check each STV price for your requirement…

BSNL in Uttarakhand has been on releasing 4G data services in across all the cities of the states via both the prepaid and postpaid plans, and 2020 is going to be massive for current users at BSNL who reside in Uttarakhand telecom circle, because they can have the most exciting and exclusive prepaid plans at best price along with new special Tariff Voucher recharge offers, Have a look at all of them for October 2023.

BSNL STV Uttarakhand

STV Prices Freebies Validity
18 Free Calls + Free Video Calls + 1GB/day 2 Days
48on-net and off-net voice calls @20paisa/min + 10 Rs usage value30 Days
87Unlimited Voice Calls (Home LSA & National Roaming) + 1GB/day data14 Days
8810 paisa/min30 Days
99 Unlimited Voice Calls (Home LSA & National Roaming) + Free BSNL Caller Tunes 18 Days
118Unlimited Voice Calls + Unlimited Data + PRBT20 Days
139 This STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. Mumbai and Delhi + Unlimited data with speed restricted to 40kbps after 1.5GB/day) + 100 SMS/day 28 Days
147 Unlimited Onnet Voice Calls + 10 GB DATA 30 Days
184Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
185Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
186Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
187 Free Calls + 1.5GB/day High Speed Data + 100 SMS/day +Free PRBT 28 Days
247 Free Unlimited Local/Std Calls + 50GB data + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
269Free Unlimited Local/Std Calls + 2GB/Day data + 100 SMS/day + Free BSNL tunes + Zing + Lokdhun 28 Days
298 Unlimited Voice Calls (National Roaming incl.Mumbai & Delhi) + 1GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tunes 52 Days
299Unlimited Voice Calls (National Roaming incl.Mumbai & Delhi) + 3GB/day + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
319 Free Calls any net in Home LSA & National Roaming (Except Mumbai & Delhi) 65 Days
347Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS/Day54 Days
397Unlimited Voice Calls + Unlimited data 2GB/day + Freebies 30 Days180 Days
399Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB data/day + 100SMS/day + Free BSNL tunes + Lokdhun70 Days
439Unlimited voice calls in any net + 300 SMS90 Days
485Unlimited Voice Calls + 1.5GB data/day + 100SMS/day 82 Days
499Unlimited Voice Calls + Unlimited Data 2GB/day75 Days
599 Any Network Local/Std Calls Including MTNL network + High Speed 3GB Data + 100SMS/day 84 Days
769Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB data/day + 100SMS/day + Free BSNL tunes + Lokdhun + Zing + Hardy and Arena Mobile Gaming Service84 Days

BSNL 4G Data STV in Uttarakhand

STV Prices Free Data Validity
972GB/Day15 Days
98 2GB/day High Speed Data then 40Kbps + 100SMS/day + Lokdhun Content 22 Days
151 Free 40GB Data 28 Days
198 2GB/day + Free Caller Tunes 40 Days
251 70GB/day High Speed Data then 80Kbps 28 Days
398Unlimited Voice 120GB + Unlimited Data + 100 SMS/Day 30 Days
1515Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40/kbps after 2GB/day 365 Days

BSNL ISD Special Tariff Vouchers

STV Prices Country Name Charges Validity
65 Canada China Singapore and USA , Bangladesh Malaysia and Hong Kong Voice calls to Canada China Singapore and USA @ Rs 1.49/min. Bangladesh Malaysia and Hong Kong@ Rs 2.49/min. Bahrain @Rs.6.49/min. Nepal @Rs.9.50/min 30 Days

BSNL SMS Vouchers

STV Prices Free SMS Validity
33 385 SMS (Local & National) 30 Days
52 860 SMS (Any Network) 30 Days

BSNL Uttarakhand users can recharge prepaid SIM card in online with any of the above STV plans as per the requirement for voice and data services or can approach any retailer to recharge in offline mode with CTOP UP mobile.

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