BSNL Latur Broadband / Mobile Plans and 14 CSC Helpdesk Info

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Latur is a district of Maharashtra which does have specified BSNL connection plans for their customers with new offers under Broadband, Fiber, and Mobile services, just check the 14 CSC helpdesk details located in the district to get best service…

If you’re an existing or new customer of BSNL Latur, then you can directly visit customer service to get many things done through online and offline, and the Plans are also based on the customer choice, as based on the region and the most preferred and used plan will be allowed at a good discount rate whereas the same can be seen with different prices in other regions.

ParticularsBusiness Area Details
Business AreaLatur District
Available ServicesLandline, Virtual Landline, DSL / FTTH Broadband
3G / 4G Prepaid & Postpaid Mobile, WINGS
Covered AreasLatur, Ahmadpur, Ausa, Nilanga, Renapur, Chakur, Deoni, Shirur Anantpal, Udgir and Jalkot Tehsils of the District

BSNL Latur customers can easily manage to get their service request and other things from BSNL Latur customer service centers as mentioned below.

BSNL Latur CSC (Customer Service Center) List

CSC NameBSNL CSC Contact AddressContact Number
LaturC.S.C,Telephone Bhavan, Latur0238 – 225090
BSNL DTO, Building, Mahatma Gandhi Chowk, Latur – 4135120238 – 2244745
RenapurBSHL Customer Service Centre, Telephone Bhavan Renapur, TQ Renapur0238 – 2233200
MurudBSNL CSC, Telephone Bhavan Murud, TQ.0238 – 2233200
AusaCustomer Service Centre, Telephone Bhavan Murud Tq. Ausa.02383 – 222200
NilangaBSNL CSC, Telephone Bhavan Nilanga TQ. Nilanga02383 – 243800
Aurad ShahajaniBSNL Customer Service Centre, Telephone Bhavan Aurad Shajani TQ. Nilanga02384 – 245000
Shirur AnandpalBSNL CSC, Telephone Bhavan Aurard Shahjani TQ, Nilanga02384 – 245000
Aurad ShahajaniBSNL Customer Service Center, Telephone Bhavan Shirur TQ. Nilanga,02384 – 243800
Shirur AnandpurBSNL CSC, Tele Bhavan, Shirur, Anandpal TQ. Anandpal02384 – 250099
UdgirBSNL Customer Service Centre, Telephone Bhavan Udgir,02385 – 258500
AhahmadpurC.S.C, Telephone Bhavan Ahahmadpur TQ, Ahmadpur02381 – 252000
JalkotBSNL CSC, Tele Bhavan, Jalkot TQ02385 – 275566
DeoniBSNL Customer Service Centre, Telephone Bhavan Deoni TQ, Deoni02385 – 269200

DSL / FTTH Broadband

GSM Mobile Services

The online bill payments for your BSNL mobile, Landline, Internet and other services are quickly accepted, and the customer grievances are mostly done in their local preferred languages, such that they do best service from BSNL.

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