BSNL DNS Server Not Responding, What to do?

Don’t worry about BSNL DNS server not responding, now you can just resolve your Broadband / FTTH internet speed issues without any plan change? First you just clear all the loaded cookies and follow BSNL DNS configuration steps.

At present some of the broadband users are facing with BSNL DNS server not responding issue, it is due to configuration of old DNS settings on Broadband / FTTH internet connection, so please note the below and configure the new IP address to over the situation.

All India broadband customers can try the new BSNL DNS Server IP Addresses or BSNL Anycast settings as below to increase the internet speed and security and to solve the existing slow speed problems on high speed BSNL broadband / FTTH internet connection.


Zone Primary (Any Cast) DNS

In some situations, when the allotted BSNL DNS server address not responding / working or having any errors, now having well known left out option is giving Google DNS server details, just try this to a possible extent if required

Google DNS

  • Submit Preferred DNS server address as, Alternate DNS server as

How can I check my BSNL DNS server?

For a common BSNL user like us, we can find DNS Server setting at your system only which linked with your Customer Premises Equipment, so we can find this in our connected modem.

If you have doubt about DNS details related to Broadband / FTTH which may affect your internet speed, check your connection details to fix BSNL DNS server problems to get high speed internet over DSL broadband connection.