BSNL Joins With Japan’s SoftBank To Rollout 5G and IoT


India’s biggest telecom company BSNL is making its way forward toward the 5G services in India and working towards developing an environment which is conducive to the change in the telecom environment.

One of the development is the Internet of Things which includes the development of devices which have the capability to connect to the networking devices, thus working with the technological ecosystem. In this regard, BSNL signed and move a big, by the deal signed with the Japanese Telecom company Softbank and NTT Communications.

BSNL was in the talks with Softbank and a group of other telecom companies for the development of the OneWeb technology, which is basically a network of satellites which will help in connectivity to the under-developed areas of the world and provide internet services to the under-developed areas of the country.

The deal signed would work towards the rollout of 5G services and IoT services, the solution will be initially more focused on the smart cities. The chairman and managing director of BSNL, Anupam Shrivastava said that they are moving ahead after the successful launch of the 4G services in India. They are focusing on the support and the opportunity created by the Government through a series of deals and initiatives across the globe.

This latest deal with Japanese conglomerate is a part of their technological innovation. The Government also believes that as against the uptake of technology for 3G and 4G in India compared to advanced economies, the uptake of 5G would be far quicker and would be at par with the developed economies of the world.

BSNL has been the leader for the introduction of 5G technology and development of an ecosystem which is supportive of advanced technology and speed. Earlier BSNL has also signed deals with two other telecom majors ‘Nokia’ and ‘Cisco’ for the development of the favorable ecosystem.

BSNL is currently working on the finalization of the test and trials for the launch of the BSNL 5G services. ISP announced that they would be starting 5G field trials. They have the agreement with the government to run the field trials using 5G spectrum provided by the Government.

As per the agreement with the Japanese major, the firm will assist in providing access to their vast satellite network which is close to 900 and work towards high-speed internet around the world.

The Government has earlier done the auctioning of the 5G spectrum for about 8,644 MHZ of telecom frequencies at a base price of 4.9 lakh crore. The details about the allocation of the 5G spectrum are yet to be confirmed by the Government.

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