ACT Bengaluru Broadband Plans from 40 to 1000 Mbps

ACT Bengaluru fibernet broadband plans in Bengaluru brings the fastest way to experience the internet with great speed with their new fibre optic service, so get the seamless connection from ACT Fibernet broadband in Bangalore that brings you a perfect space for multiple devices through LAN and WiFi.

The new technology in Bengaluru is designed to bring the best broadband internet speed with super-fast connectivity, and these new ACT fibernet broadband plans of Bengaluru do give a constant speed and do not include any FUP plan that decreases the speed, and the fast internet upload and download speeds do make your connectivity with no buffering along with giving no wait downloads.

ISP has introduced different types of fibernet broadband plans in 10 variants to cater for Bengaluru netizen services, so Let’s check and choose the best unlimited plan.

Bengaluru ACT Fibernet Broadband Plans ( February 2023 )

Plan NameInternet SpeedMonthly Data (DL + UL) FUPPost FUP SpeedMonthly Rent in Rs
ACT Swift75 Mbps750 GB512 Kbps710
ACT Basic40 Mbps500 GB512 Kbps549
ACT Rapid Plus100 Mbps1000 GB512 Kbps985
ACT Blaze 150 Mbps1500 GB1 Mbps1,085
ACT Storm 300 MbpsUnlimited1 Mbps1,185
ACT Lightning 400 MbpsUnlimited1 Mbps1,425
ACT Incredible 500 MbpsUnlimited2 Mbps1,999
ACT Essential300 Mbps3500 GB2 Mbps2,999
ACT Advance300 Mbps4000 GB2 Mbps3,999
ACT Progress300 Mbps4500 GB2 Mbps4,999
ACT GIGA Promo1000 MbpsUnlimited5 Mbps2,999
ACT GIGA1000 MbpsUnlimited5,999
For Office Users
ACT Enterprise UltrafastPlus500Mbps2.8 TB3 Mbps7000/Month
ACT Enterprise Exceptional Plus1Gbps3.6 TB4Mbps9000/Month
ACT Enterprise Phenomenal Plus1Gbps5 TB5Mbps12000/Month
ACT Enterprise Giga Plus1Gbps10 TB5Mbps15000/Month

All the above plans were available only through fiber optic network technology only, so netizen may get ultra-speed internet services at customer end.

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