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What is IP, How can i change the default IP address to another for my router, what are the default router for this IP address What to do if IP address does not connect router, Find the difference between Global IP and Gateway IP address, Can i login the router without browser to configuration of the network…

The Internet Protocol version gateway which we are discussing today is IP which is private host IP address for different router configuration of local networks and also which is another massive and popular default gateway which is used by various popular router and modem brands across the world.

You might already know that the router brands have allotted a separate default gateway for each and every model of their router through which the users can access their admin panel and configurations can be made directly as well. One thing you must know that a getaway can also be used for different brands and at the same time a single brand can use different gateways as well. Default IP Address Default IP Address

In this aspect, we know that the Netgear router is one of the largest brands out there with long list of routers under their belt and that is the reason why they need different IP gateways. It is because, all the router models cannot server or use the same gateway, where Netgear brands can use IP gateways such as, and the Gateway which we are discussing right now as well.

The reason an Internet Protocol gateway is used is to make sure that the Internet connection the user is using is via a stable router model. But the main aspect and the reason is to ensure that the users have privacy and protection which they need from several threats.

How to Access IP Address – Login to IP

Let me guide you through the basic steps to access the Internet Protocol through the web once the hardware connection from your router are configured properly.

Default IP Address

  1. Step 1: First, we would be opening any browser from the computer or laptop and then visit the IP address which is
  2. Step 2: In order to do so, open the browser go to the address bar and enter the IP directly then click enter to continue

Default Login Details

Once done, we will now have to find out the default username and the password for the router which will be used in the next step below.

  1. Step 3: We can now see that the browser will have a login popup where, username and password details are to be entered.
  2. Step 4: As we already have the required details, enter them into the asked boxes and then simply click on the log in button which will redirect you by automatically loading the particular router admin panel!

Sometimes when you try to access and follow the instructions as above, the router might find some errors such as “Err_Connection_Time_Out” and others, but do not worry because we have discussed how to solve and troubleshoot them below.

Default Routers for IP Address

We will add the default routers that can access the IP Gateway in the below list and address them with respective guides for easy login process. The below is the list of routers that uses this IP in order to access the Admin Panel for the router.

  1. ARRIS
  2. Arris
  3. Askey
  4. Cisco
  5. Forbes
  6. Huawei
  7. Lenovo
  8. Motorola
  9. Net Gear
  10. Netronix
  11. Planet
  12. RCA
  13. Scientific
  14. Seed Studio
  15. SmartRG
  16. SMC
  17. Technicolor
  18. TP-LINK
  19. Ubee
  20. Unbranded
  21. USRobotics
  22. Zoom
  23. ZyXEL

You will find details such as Default username, password and the method of configuration for each of the router brand mentioned. Important thing to consider is that all the brands that have been mentioned above have different model under them and each have different default username and password as well.

For every Brand we will be showing you method on how to access the configuration page from the Gateway IP address and make it to the final settings as well.

Router Cannot Connect to IP Address

Sometimes you might not be able to access the default IP gateway which is which can be caused due to no Internet connection, improper hardware connection or loose cable connection, no power supply to router or gateway is not available. In all such cases you need to make proper attention is given to troubleshoot them easily.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you cannot connect to the default IP gateway through the static IP address and it depends on the subnet mask. Error Connection Time out is one of the common IP errors you will find while connecting a router for the first time or after resetting a router then connecting it again. In such case you can solve the error code “Err_Connection_Time_Out” by troubleshooting the Internet connection, Proxy, Firewall or hardware connection as well.

Difference Between Global IP Address vs Gateway IP Address?

I have heard many users asking the question that they do not understand the difference between the Global IP address and what is Gateway IP address. Many people will easily confuse and consider that the both the IP addresses are the same but they are quite different to be precise.

  1. Global IP Address : The Global IP address is something which is the IP allotted to you via the Internet service provider for the broadband Internet connection that you are using.
    • If you go to Google.com and search for anything, then at the bottom of the search result you can check your current IP address can be shown.
    • Or else go to Google.com and then search for “What is my IP” and then it will come up with an IP address which may be “” that is the IP you use to access the World wide web but not the Admin Panel of the router.
  2. Gateway IP Address : The current Gateway IP address which we are discussing is about the IP Address that is used to access the Admin Panel of your router.
    • Every router brand will allot a particular gateway IP for users to access their admin panel for the brand. But they make sure that default username and password are required to be entered in order to log into the admin panel
    • Through the Admin Panel you can make settings and configurations such as enable wireless connection, Wi-Fi and password settings or more.

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