Configure BSNL Huawei FTTH ONT at IP Address


Huawei FTTH ONT device configuration at for BSNL FTTH is a simple one and the modem or ONT allows to access ultra speed internet and voice facilities for Fiber to Home service with new process elaborated, so check the connected status of VOIP and Internet in Huawei FTTH ONT configuration…

Follow the step by step configuration process of BSNL Huawei Fiber Optical Network Termination device by using IP address to activate high speed internet and VOIP based voice telephone service through FTTH ONT.

BSNL Huawei FTTH ONT Configuration

  1. Open your browser and browse the url using IP address
  2. Login to ONT using default username (telecomadmin) and password as admintelecom
  3. Check the Status (Vendor ID, ONT Serial no, Hardware Software version etc..) on the panel using Device Info.
  4. Click Basic > LAN
  5. Select all the LAN1/2/3/4 ports to enable all the LAN ports and Click Apply
  6. Click Basic > WAN > (For Internet)
    • Select 2_INTERNET in WAN connection to configure FTTH Internet
    • Type VLAN ID as 10
    • Select 802.1p as 0
    • Select IPGetMode as PPPoE
    • Enter allotted FTTH username and password
    • Click Apply
  7. Click Basic > WAN > (For Voice)
    • Select 1_VOIP_R connection to configure BSNL FTTH Voice
    • Enter VLAN ID as 11
    • Select 802.1p as 6
    • Select IPGetMode as Static
    • Enter the allotted values by BSNL to your number in IP Address / Subnet Mask / Primary DNS Server / Secondary DNS Server / Default Gateway
    • Click Apply
  8. Click > Basic > VOIP
  9. Enter your allotted telephone number by ignoring 0 and adding 91 at starting in the given fields( SIP ID, Auth User Name, Password, Public UserName)
  10. Provide SIP Server (Primary / Secondary)
    • Submit the allotted server address in
      • Registered Server Address
      • SIP Service Domain
  11. Click Save
  12. Check the VOIP registered status at Status > VOIP
  13. View both facilities are connected or not at Status > Device

The above is the actual process for configuration of BSNL FTTH VOIP and Internet in Huawei ONT, and if you don’t require to enable telephone facility, just ignore to configure voice facility in Huawei ONT and continue Internet facility with high speed broadband as per your BSNL plan.

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