Types of ONT Supports BSNL Fiber Net (FTTH) & Configuration


Find here the complete list of Fiber ONT or ONU compatible with BSNL Bharat Fibre service provided by BSNL TIPs (Telecom Infrastructure Providers), which are some available in online market like Amazon and Flipkart, and some other from TIPs.

Almost all the customer equipments or BSNL ONT device from each company comes with WiFi connectivity as works as a router with dual mode facility, So there is no need of additional WiFi router, and these new BSNL Bharat Fiber technology ONTs only supports voice as well as internet connectivity through GPON / EPON technology.

For customer guidance, we present the basic technology terms without any confusion, so, lets check the following information for your guidance.

ftth ont gpon epon fiber

What is OLT

An OLT stands for Optical Line Termination which is one of the key service provider elements that is used in the configuration with the BSNL high speed broadband system.

What is ONT

On the other hand you can find ONT is Optical Network Terminal like a router which is basically a small component provided at customer location that is used to configure and sync the internet connection between the OLT.

This is present outside your office or home through a jointing kit which will sync it with your main setup box at your home which can either be your modem or TV setup box or any other basing on the terminal connection and service that you are receiving from the BSNL.

Find the below list and check the link indicated if required to get configuration details of your particular ONT which support BSNL Fiber to the home services.

List of FTTH ONT / ONU Models supports BSNL FiberNet

Si.NoFiber ONU MakeModelDetails
1.BSNL HuwaeiHG850AOnly for BSNL provided connections without WiFi
2.Net Link HG323RGW
includes WiFi
3syRotechMany ModelsConfiguration Guide
4Optronix XPON ONURL821GWVwith WiFi
5Nokia SiemensH640V-G25E
11Optilink OPXONT910001W/71111 Series (Many Models)
12UstarcomMany Models
13DBCMany Models

Whether the above list of modems are authorized by BSNL for warranty support?

The FTTH connections provided by BSNL directly are allowed for warranty, whereas the service connections provided by TIPs are not having any support by the department for ONT’s, where as the guarantee or warranty may claim from the respective companies or TIPs.

Is the above list BSNL FTTH modems are only allowed?

At present the TIPs provided the GPON / EPON ONTs of various companies which are supported with the above mentioned list, and if any other are supported, we will update immediately in the list.

Is there any fixed price for the FTTH ONT’s of the above list?

At present, the price of ONU in the market may vary according to the company and the standards.

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