DENMARK International Roaming Tariff of BSNL


BSNL International Roaming for Denmark in the network of M/s H13G is available now. Find details tariff mentioned for each country…

International Roaming charges are bursting range at any time. The facility is most important for International travelers and the persons of Business at Work under prepaid and postpaid services.

To avoid heavy burning cost, BSNL introduced Denmark International roaming in association with M/s H13G network by reduced charges. Let’s check the different tariff for outgoing and incoming call charges from Denmark and to Rest of the world.

BSNL Denmark International Roaming

Particulars IR Tariff in Rs.
Outgoing Call (within DENMARK)Rs. 54.54 per Minute
Outgoing Call to IndiaRs. 38.18 per Minute
Incoming callRs. 2.52 per Minute
Outgoing SMSRs. 2.18 per SMS
Incoming SMS0
DataRs. 0.63 per MB
Outgoing Call to Country (Country Code)Tariff in Rs./ Minute
Sat-Inmarsat A Maritime(AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean-East(8715)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A Maritime(AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean(8741)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A Maritime(AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean -West(8748)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A Maritime(IOR)- Indian Ocean(8731)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A MaritimeDATA (IOR) – Indian Ocean(8738)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A MaritimeDATA (POR) – Pacific Ocean(8728)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A MaritimePOR)- Pacific Ocean(8721)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat A MaritimeSNA)- Single No. Access(8705)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat Aero (AOR-E)-Atlantic Ocean -East(8711)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat Aero (AOR-W)-Atlantic Ocean – West(8745)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat Aero (IOR)- Indian Ocean(8735)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat Aero (POR)- Pacific Ocean(8725)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat Aero (SNA)-Single No. Access(8701)545.35
Sat-Inmarsat B HSD (AOR-E)-Atlantic Ocean – East(87139)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B HSD (AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean – West(87439)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B HSD (IOR)- Indian Ocean(87339)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B HSD (POR)-Pacific Ocean(87239)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B HSD (SNA)-single No. Access(87039)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B Land (AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean – East(87130)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat B Land (AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean – West(87430)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat B Land (IOR)-Indian Ocean(87330)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat B Land (POR)-Pacific Ocean(87230)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat B Land (SNA)-Single No. Access(87030)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat B Maritime (SNA)- Single No. Access(87038)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B Maritime(AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean-East(87138)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B Maritime(AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean -West(87438)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B Maritime(IOR)- Indian Ocean(87338)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat B Maritime(POR)- Pacific Ocean(87238)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M HSD (AOR-W) – Atlantic Ocean – West(87468)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M HSD (IOR) -Indian Ocean(87368)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M HSD (SNA) -Single No. Access(87068)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M Land (AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean – East(87160)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat M Land (AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean – West(87460)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat M Land (IOR)-Indian Ocean(87360)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat M Land (POR)-Pacific Ocean(87260)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat M Land (SNA)-Single No. Access(87060)654.42
Sat-Inmarsat M Maritime(AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean -East(87169)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M Maritime(AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean -West(87469)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M Maritime(IOR)- Indian Ocean(87369)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M Maritime(POR)- Pacific Ocean(87269)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat M Maritime(SNA)- Single No. Access(87069)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat Mini M (AOR-E)- Atlantic Ocean – East(87176)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat Mini M (AOR-W)- Atlantic Ocean – West(87476)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat Mini M (IOR)-Indian Ocean(87376)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat Mini M (POR)-Pacific Ocean(87276)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat Mini M (SNA)-Single No. Access(87076)436.28
Sat-Inmarsat SNAC BGAN(87077)654.42
Sat-Iridium Satellite (8816)(8816)436.28
Sat-Iridium Satellite (8817)(8817)436.28
Sat-Telespazio (EMSAT)(88213)436.28
Rest of the World59.99

For any clarifications, queries and complaints, please visit Prepaid or Postpaid BSNL Mobile subscribers must replace the existing SIM with DUAL IMSI IR SIM before leaving India with IR roaming pack to continue the services during International Roaming in Denmark

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