BSNLMRS New Guidelines for Covid 19 Pandemic


In order to facilitate quick and smooth treatment to BSNL employees during Covid-19 pandemic, the following guidelines under BSNLMRS issued

Visit of Designated Officer as per BSNLMRS New Guidelines

There is a provision that in all cases involving hospitalization of two or more than two days, a designated officer of BSNL shall visit the hospital and give a prescribed certificate (Guidelines issued vide Order No. BSNL/Admn.l/15-2/05(Pt.) dated 8th August 2005).

Considering the infectious nature of this disease and to protect our employees from exposure to this virus while visiting the hospital, the requirement of visit of designated officer of BSNL to the hospital and giving the prescribed certificate is dispensed with for all the diseases.

However, a random check made, if felt necessary. Further, all other instructions including attachment of a certificate by the concerned doctor identifying the patient in the copy of BSNLMRS Card as conveyed by this office letter dated 15.10.2004 and authorization for Indoor treatment shall be strictly followed.

Treatment in Non-Empanelled Hospitals

In normal circumstances, indoor treatment may taken only from BSNL empanelled hospitals. As per the existing provisions in BSNLMRs policy. In emergency cases, the reimbursement allowed for treatment in non-recognized hospitals with the approval of CGM for field office employees and concerned Director of BSNL Board for C.O. employees.

The amount restricted to the CGHS rates applicable at Delhi”. However, in view of the present crisis in availability of treatment of Covid-19 in empanelled hospitals, the requirement of taking indoor treatment of Covid patients only from BSNL empanelled hospitals dispensed with. However, the amount restricted to the CGHS rates as decided for Covid-19.

Reimbursement of Tele-consultation

During this pandemic tele-consultation preferred mode of consultation from a doctor. Hence, Tele-consultation by a registered medical practitioner from India, supported by duly signed/computer generated prescription on doctor’s letter head and accompanied by valid printed (system generated) or signed receipt shall be valid.

BSNL MRS New Guidelines for Charges of RTPCR/ Rapid antigen test

Charges may reimbursed against the production of valid receipt but without the need of medical prescription. However the rates restricted to the prescribed rates by the concerned State Govt. In case no rate prescribed by the State Govt, the rates prescribed by the Govt of NCT shall be applicable. These charges shall be reimbursable as part of the annual ceiling for out-door limit under BSNLMRS

The above orders will be applicable w.e.f. 01.01.2022 and remain in effect for 3 months i.e. up to 31.03.2022 or till further orders, whichever is earlier. All other provisions of BSNLMRS strictly followed.

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