BSNL Wired Line Broadband Services Trouble Shooting Guide


Do find the trouble shooting guide instructions for BSNL wired line broadband services with some frequent occurred errors and suggested action to resolve the problem by customer himself…

India’s most reliable wired line Broadband service provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has issued the most reliable broadband services to the customers of Postpaid and Prepaid services with limited and unlimited plans with supply of reliable modems at low cost.

Customer who opts for postpaid broadband plans can check their data usage in daily basis upto date from the selfcare usage portal to avoid unauthorized usage and while connecting the broadband services, customers are getting some technical problems/observations which are not aware by them, in order to resolve some of the major connecting errors here is the suggested actions/remedies as mentioned below.

Kindly switch-off your modem when not browsing even if you are in unlimited plan, and If the modem has been purchased from BSNL, never change the power adapter of the modem with local one, Do check indication or error with remedial suggested action to solve the problem.

Trouble Shooting Guide for BSNL Broadband Connection

Si.NoIndications / ErrorsSuggested Action / Remedy
1DSL (ADSL) Link light is not glow-ing or it is blinking and goes offCheck for any loose connection in splitter and modem.
Ensure that ADSL/Modem port of Splitter connected to DSL port of the modem
2Getting error 691 (in Bridge mode)Check your user-id and password
3Getting error 678 or 769 (in Bridge mode)Check whether your Ethernet/USB/Wifi port is in Disabled state. If so, enable it. Problem not solved ?.
Carry-out remedy of Si.No: 10, Still problem ? and even if not cleared, please call BSNL helpline
4DSL is steady but no browsing (in PPPoE mode)Go to modem webpage & check the WAN status of your Modem for possible “Authentication failure”
5DSL is steady & no Authentication failure but still no browsingCheck whether your modem is having your user-id. If it is showing something like “multiplay”, change it with your user-id, put password, save and reboot the modem and try. Check whether Ethernet/USB/Wifi port of your machine is in Disabled state. If so, enable it.
6DSL is steady, no authentication failure, modem is having your user-id, but still no browsingGo to command prompt (Start Run type cmd Press Enter) Give the command ping and press Enter.
If getting 4 successful replies, then problem is in your browser.
Re-install it or re-install O/s. If getting “Could not find host”, there is DNS issue with your machine/modem, call 1504.
7Modem & PC connected via USB  but USB light is not glowingCheck the USB cable for loose connection. Reinstall Modem’s USB driver. if still persists problem? call BSNL helpline
8Modem & PC connected via Ethernet but Ethernet/LAN light not glowingCheck the Ethernet cable for loose connection.
Check whether Local Area Connection icon is available under Network Connections in Control Panel., and If not available, reinstall driver of the Ethernet card.
9Unable to browse in Laptop via wire-lessCheck whether “Wireless is turned ON” in your laptop. You may have to press Func & F2 or F5 (having wireless symbol) keys or Wireless button or Blue tooth button of your Laptop to Turn ON/OFF the “wifi”,
Check whether your Wireless adapter is in enabled state.
Remove Ethernet cable & ping to check whether modem is communicating with your Laptop thro wireless
10Unable to open the modem web-page IP address, subnet mask, gateway as detailed in Si.No: 6. try again with Reboot.
BSNL Wired Broadband Trouble Shooting Guide List

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