BSNL Joins CtrlS for Best Cloud Computing Services

What is Cloud Computing as on date? What to do with BSNL? What make sense of CtrlS collaboration with BSNL?. Had you ever noticed that when the results of any university had announced, or if you want to apply IIT JEE exam, the last day of applying for the exam, server by default will be slow and even some times it may crash.

With this degraded performance, Upgrading the server for the requirement of few hours in an year is utterly meaning less. These is an solution for this where for huge payloads timely you can increase or even decrease the server, optimum utilization of resources. This can be done using Cloud Technologies.

The major apprehension is all about the data security of the organization over the network/internet. Here the major surge can be absorbed only by the Govt. organizations like BSNL, which can ensure the data security over the network. That is the reason why BSNL can play big in today’s cloud technology world. BSNL is having a large scope in this cloud technology interconnection and also with partnership with one of the India’s best cloud service provider CtrlS, which is a Hyderabad based company.

If you think of the above case, is that the web site is not properly sized. In general any server sizing will be done as an average of peak load hours over a period of time. Not for one or two hours peak requirement. But this is a genuine requirement. How to handle this. If the server is onto cloud, just a request to the service provider to increase the resources for a day or two which can be paid accordingly. This gives flexibility and better utilization of the assets and also can have a better ROA (Return on assets).

Cloud services are as on date the on top carts of the latest technology. There are many benefits of Cloud, Cloud services like Infra Structure As Service (IAAS), Software As A Service (SAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS) and finally (Everything As A Service). You can have entire bare server as a service from cloud services, or upto OS level as a service or even only a software as a service, where you can use as per your SLD /SLA(Service Level Definition/Agreement).

In SLD you can mention what is the uptime you are expecting, types of backups, With n how much time you can restore your system after a crash (RTO). There are many points which will make sense for going to cloud, that is the reason many organizations are going to have their DR on to Cloud, As a start most of the companies are going for private cloud or even hybrid cloud.

CtrlS is a Indian Company which is hosting Data Centres for many MNC’s across the globe. CtrlS is promising company with a huge Data Centre are located in Hyderabad, Mumbai and also going to have location at New Delhi also. CtrlS is also hosting some of the services for financial institutions. You can even have a lock and key in their data centre. Its really a better infrastructure provider in this space.

Collaboration of BSNL with CtrlS is very strategic option for many government companies where the security over the network is again handled by our own PSU BSNL. They are going to offer services like Co-Location services, Hi Security (ISO 27001 & SAS 70 Certified Data centres)with both physical and with bio-metric access.

Services hosted at this centre will have live remote hands support with advanced management and monitoring tools. This way BSNL is heading in right way for betterment of India and also opting a good partners for the Future Technologies to serve the best to all kind of categories in India.