BSNL MP STV Plans for Unlimited Data & Calls

Now the demand raised for BSNL MP STV plans under limited and unlimited tariff category which generated massive additions for new prepaid mobile connections available with fabulous and truly unlimited 3G/ 4G Internet at cheapest price in the Madhya Pradesh market.

Every 3G/4G Unlimited STV Plan has its own significance and connects at high speed even in national roaming in India, and we provide all the exact info on latest STV plans of BSNL in MP Circle circle with validity for Calls, SMS, Data and Combo Tariff.

With this below information, the prepaid mobile customer of BSNL MP circle need not to search anywhere for latest plans and tariff, Just check the below and recharge STV plans in online or withe any source to avail the best best budget offers for the month January 2023.

BSNL MP Combo Rate Cutter

STV Price Freebies Validity
18 Free Calls + 1GB High Speed Data then 40 Kbps 2 Days
1920 paisa/Min on-net calls + 20 paisa/Min off-net calls30 Days
29 Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB data + 300 SMS 5 Days
48Voice calls in any net @20Paisa/min + 10Rs usage value30 Days
49 100 min any net. After free minutes voice call @45paisa/min in Home LSA and national roaming including Mumbai and Delhi with MTNL network + Free 2GB Data + Free 100 SMS any net 24 Days
87U/L voice calls + 1GB/Day data14 Days
99 Local/Std Unlimited Calls in Home LSA + Free Caller Tunes 22 Days
105 Unlimited voice(local/STD) any-net in Home LSA and National Roaming (except Mumbai and Delhi) + One National Discount Deal/Coupon product daily22 Days
118 Unlimited Calls (Includ Mumbai & Delhi) + 0.5 GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Free Tunes With Song Change Option 26 Days
135 1440 Minutes Free Voice Calls ( Local/Std) 24 Days
139 This STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. Mumbai and Delhi + Unlimited data with speed restricted to 80kbps after 2GB/day) + 100 SMS/day28 Days
147 Unlimited Local/STD calls to Any Network while in Home LSA and in National roaming including MTNL network roaming area of New Delhi and Mumbai + 10 GB Data + BSNL tunes 30 Days
184Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
185Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
186Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
187 Free Calls + 2GB/day High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + Unlimited Free Caller Tune for 28 Days + 100 SMS/Day 28 Days
228Unlimited Free Voice Calls + 2GB/Day data + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
239Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS + Freebies for 30 Days30 Days
247Unlimited Free Voice Calls + 50GB + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
269Unlimited Voice calls + 2GB/Day data + 100SMS/Day + BSNL tunes + Lokdhun +Zing music30 Days
299Unlimited Free Voice Calls + 3GB/Day data + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
319 Unlimited (National Roaming Voice Calls) except Delhi & Mumbai 300SMS + 10GB Data 75 Days
347Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS56 Days
395 Unlimited Data (2 GB/Day. Speed reduced to 80kbps after 2 GB/day).Free 3000 Minutes On-net Voice (Local/STD) + Free 1800 Minutes Off-net Voice (Local/STD)71 Days
399Free Unlimited Voice calls (on-net/Off-net) + 1GB data/day + Unlimited Song Option for 70 Days + 100SMS/day 70 Days
429 Free Unlimited Voice calls (on-net/Off-net) + 1GB data/day + Unlimited Song Option for 81 Days + 100SMS/day 81 Days
439Unlimited voice calls + 300 SMS90 Days
485Unlimited Voice calls (local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA and National roaming (including Delhi and Mumbai) + 1.5 GB Data/day + 100 SMS/day 82 Days
499 Unlimited Voice calls (local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA and National roaming (including Delhi and Mumbai) + 2 GB Data/day + 100 SMS/day 90 Days
599 Unlimited Voice Calls + 5GB data/day + 100SMS/day 84 Days
769Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB data/day + 100SMS/day + BSNL tunes + lokdhun + Zing music90 Days

BSNL MP 4G Data Rate Cutter

STV Price Freebies Validity
16 2GB Data 1 Day
56 10GB Data + Zing 10 Days
75100 Minutes free voice any-net + 2GB free data50 Days
94100 minutes free voice any-net in home + 3GB free Data75 Days
97Unlimited Local/STD Calls + 2GB/day18 Days
98 2GB High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + EROS NOW Entertainment Service for 22 Days 22 Days
151 Free 40GB High Speed Data 28 Days
198 Unlimited 2GB per day + Free Caller Tunes 50 Days
251 High Speed 70 GB Data 28 Days
398 Unlimited Data without any speed restriction + Unlimited voice calls in Home LSA and National roaming incl. MTNL network in Delhi/Mumbai + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
447 100 GB Data at high speed (Post which unlimited @ 80 Kbps) + U/L voice + 100SMS/day + BSNL Tunes and EROS now entertainment services 60 Days
1515Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40/kbps after 2GB/day 365 Days


STV Price Country Name Charges Validity
23 Baharain Rs6.49/Min, SMS Rs 3/SMS 30 Days
24 Nepal Rs 8.50/min30 Days
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hongkong All Voice Calls Rs2.49/Min, SMS Rs3/SMS 30 Days
41 Canada, China, Singapore, USA ISD Calls Rs1.49/Min, SMS Rs3/SMS 30 Days
65All Voice Calls @Rs1.49/Min to Canada, China, Singapore, USA + @Rs2.49/min to Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hongkong + @6.49/min to Bahrain + @9.50/min to Nepal , SMS Rs3/SMS 30 days

SMS Special Tariff Vouchers

STV Prices Free SMS any Network Validity
31 385 SMS 30 Days
52 860 SMS 30 Days