BSNL Discount Scheme for Defaulters on Outstanding Bill Payment


Here is the discount scheme for defaulter of BSNL bill payment, find the discount admissible of your outstanding bill if available to settle the dues, and also find the way to get the discount even the case is filed in Court as per legal law.

Being defaulter is the name which we normally doesn’t want to be, but somehow some subscribers might be left as defaulters due to not mobilizing the funds. To provide a big relief for all defaulters of mobile, landline and broadband service, BSNL has started offering huge discounts by considering their years being defaulters with discounted bill Payment against.

This BSNL discount scheme for defaulters will provide maximum benefit to escape from the actual bill charges laid for the actual usage, this means BSNL Default Customer is going to pay less amount than his actual Bill Amount and also removing their name from ‘BSNL Bill Defaulters List’.

BSNL Discount Scheme
BSNL Discount Scheme

BSNL Discount Structure on outstanding bill of defaulter

Age of Outstanding Dues as on 31.03.2020Discount Admissible
Up to 1 (One) Year Old duesNil
> 1 Year to 2 Years Old10%
> 2 Year to 3 Years Old25%
> 3 Year to 5 Years Old30%
> 5 Years50%

The above will be provided if the customer approaches directly.

BSNL teams may also call these customers and explain the scope of discount they are getting, and this is really a good move from BSNL, and PSU may take the BSNL bill defaulters issue in a serious way and will certainly may not allow its subscribers to be long pending defaulters, if payment not realised, BSNL will move legally immediately against the defaulters.

Incentive Scheme to Channel / Cluster Partners

Age of Outstanding Dues as on 31.03.2020Incentive to PartnerDiscount to Customer
Up to 1 (One) Year Old duesNilNil
> 1 Year to 2 Years Old10%Nil
> 2 Year to 3 Years Old25%Nil
> 3 Year to 5 Years Old30%Nil
> 5 Years30%20%

Due to the requirement of huge Cash inflow, which is vital for the smooth operation of the company, ISP offers this special discount for defaulters actual usage too, so the default customers of BSNL bill payment, it’s time to just catch the opportunity which is available up to 31st March 2021.

Which customers are applicable to avail BSNL defaulter discount scheme?

The outstanding bill discount scheme shall be applicable to ex-subscribers (defaulters) of BSNL under Basic (including PCOs & VPTs)/WLL services and CMTS (Postpaid mobile) for the phones disconnected up to 31st March 2020.

If BSNL alreads file a case in court against a defaulter, whether he/she is eligible to avail the scheme?

In case the defaulters against whom court cases are pending come forward to avail the scheme, the same can be allowed as an out of court settlement, but such court cases shall be withdrawn only after the outstanding dues are fully settled under BSNL default discount scheme.

Whether the discount is allowed for all or those who restored the service?

BSNL Defaulter Discount on outstanding bill will be applicable only to defaulters of private phones, irrespective of whether they are desirous of restoration of their phones or not.

Is there any installment procedure for payment of dues in defaulter scheme?

The outstanding dues may be allowed to be paid up to three equal monthly instalments for the cases having outstanding below Rs.15000 (fifteen thousand), and not more than five equal monthly instalments for the cases having outstanding above Rs.15000 (fifteen thousand).

When the discount is allowed (Single Payment/Installment)?

In instalment cases, the amount of discount applicable should be adjusted in the last instalment, but for single payment it is adjusted directly.

If required reconnection? whether we have to pay the charges for disconnection period?

If requested by customer, the disconnected phone can be restored without charging fixed monthly charges for the intervening period.

BSNL allows reconnection along with installment?

All such customers whose phones are restored under BSNL defaulter discount scheme after allowing payment of outstanding bill dues in instalments shall have to pay their fresh regular bills timely, besides the monthly instalments.

Can we get the same number on reconnection?

The indicator of the disconnected phone for which the dues are being cleared, cannot be guaranteed, where efforts should however, be made to provide the same indicator wherever possible.

Whether we have the deposits again for reconnection?

Fresh deposits at applicable rates will have to be taken from the customer desirous of restoring their phones in case the deposits have already been adjusted.

During Installments, we have all facilities in landline or not?

In case the outstanding bill payment is received in instalments, the BSNL connection should be restored without STD/ISD facility, and after realization of all the discount instalments in cash or cheque, the facility will be provided.