BSNL AP & Telangana Rate Cutters (STVs) for Voice, ISD, Data, SMS

BSNL rate cutter or STV are exclusively designed to cater for AP and Telangana prepaid customers for reducing the calling (include ISD), SMS and Data tariff of subscribed prepaid recharge plans, and we noted all the BSNL AP Telangana rate cutters with Local, STD calls clearly for the sake of customers in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states, Have a look at all of them and subscribe for the best.

Two state mobile customers of BSNL can use multiple prepaid special tariff vouchers of each category at a time to reduce the tariff related to Voice, SMS, ISD, and 3G / 4G mobile data from the list of STVs available in BSNL AP Telangana rate cutter (STV) plans.

BSNL Unlimited Combo STVs for Voice & Data

STV Amount (Rs) Freebies/Plan Validity (Days) Date SMS PRBT Additional Feature
STV 18 2 Days 1 GB/Day 100/Day
STV 29 5 Days 1 GB  300 SMS
STV 49 24 Days 2 GB 100SMS Voice Call @45P/Min (after 100 minites voice calls)&100SMS
STV 99 22 Days PRBT Only voice calls
STV 118 26 Days 0.5 GB/DAY 100/Day PRBT
STV 139 28 Days 2GB/Day 100/Day This STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only
STV 147 30 Days 10 GB PRBT
STV 187 28 Days  2 GB/DAY 100/Day PRBT
STV 201* 28 Days 1 GB/Day 100/Day cricket Alerts
STV 247 30 Days 50 GB 100/Day PRBT FREE EROS NOW Entertainment Services
STV 297 54 Days 1GB/DAY 100/Day FREE EROS NOW Entertainment Services
STV 319 75 Days 6 GB
STV 398 30 Days UNLIMITED 100/Day
STV 40160 Days Free 800 Min Local or STD Calls to any Network
STV 429 81 Days 1 GB/DAY 100/Day FREE EROS NOW Entertainment Services
STV 447 60 Days 100 GB 100/Day
STV 499* 90 Days 2 GB/DAY 100/Day PRBT Zing App
STV 599* 84 Days 5 GB/DAY 100/Day Zing App

Data Special Tariff Vouchers

STV AMOUNT in Rs Validity(Days) DATA Additional Feature
16 1 Day 2 GB
56 10 Days  10 GB Zing App
98 22 Days 2 GB/DAY FREE EROS NOW Entertainment Services
151 28 Days 40 GB Zing App
198 54 Days Unlimited data speed reduced after 2GB/day PRBT
241 30 Days 2.7 GB
251 28 Days 70 GB Zing App
447 60 Days 100 GB Data at high speed (Post which unlimited @ 80 Kbps) + U/L voice + 100SMS/day BSNL Tunes and EROS now entertainment services
1498 365 Days Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 4Okbps after 2GB/day


STV Prices Country Name Charges Validity SMS Activation Code To 123
ISD 19Nepal Voice Call Rs 8.50/Min 30 DaysSTV ISD19
ISD 22 Bahrain Voice Call Rs 6.49/Min + SMS Rs 3/SMS30 Days STV ISD22
ISD 27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hongkong, Thailand Voice Call Rs 2.99/Min + SMS Rs 3/SMS 30 Days STV ISD27
ISD 41Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A. Voice Call 1.49/min + SMS Rs 3/SMS30 DaysSTV ISD43


STV Prices Free SMS Validity
STV 31 500 SMS (Local & National) 25 Days
STV 52 1000 SMS (Local & National) 30 Days

How to Activate BSNL AP Telangana STV

A prepaid customer of the two states is having many options to activate any of the above prepaid STV packs in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states or from southern region, Just select any pack of AP / Telangana which your require and activate them through CTOPUP (Easy Recharge) available at BSNL retailer or by sending corresponding SMS code to 123 or by dialing USSD code *124#.

  • Ex:- SMS code is STV VOICE4 (VOICE and Amount will replace by ISD/ DATA/ SMS/ ROAM categories)

Also, the another option is BSNL Online Recharge Portal or by using My BSNL App or any wallet services like Amazon, Google Pay, Phone Pe etc.., where all the online facilities provide with flexible payment options like Internet banking, Credit card, and debit card.

All the BSNL AP Telangana Rate Cutters (STV) including unlimited in the list mentioned above are allowed in Roaming areas of BSNL across India, so check the above tariff and subscribe for the best rate cutters if required.

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