BSNL Andaman and Nicobar Prepaid Mobile Plans

Latest Unlimited tariff of BSNL Andaman Nicobar Mobile Plans are updated here with combo benefits, check each pack validity and FUP limit restricted on talk time per day before subscription to BSNL prepaid mobile services…

The main aim of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, BSNL has been to make the Talk time as low as possible in Andaman Nicobar, and in order to excel with the same aim, they have been launching set of different offers for both the prepaid and the postpaid services which have been received well over time by users.

When we talk about BSNL Andaman Nicobar mobile plans, they have started releasing new prepaid plan offers every week which have price difference that is reasonable to any citizen, and at the same time, they have been implementing offers with Extra talk time and on the main offers for 3 months and up to 1 year recharge tariff, with unlimited talk time with 4G Data services.

BSNL Andaman Nicobar Recharge Plan Details

Recharge Plan FRC in Rs Freebies Usage Available Validity
Plan 97 (for new customer)97 Unlimited calls to any network + 2.0GB/Day +100SMS/Day + Lokdhun content 18 Days
Premium Per sec/Per Min 106/107 3GB dats to be consumed within 100days + 100 Mins voice calls + Free BSNL TUNES for 60 days (Extension of Plan is through plan voucher) 84 Days
Plan 153 153 Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS/Day + Free Tunes With Song Change Option 28 Days
PV 186186Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day +100SMS/Day28 Days
PV 197 197 Truly unlimited calls + Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 80 kbps after 2GB/day + 100SMS/day All freebies valid for first 18 days only 150 Days
Plan Voucher 199 199 Unlimited calls (Roaming Voice Calls on Mumbai & Delhi ) + 2GB/day + 100SMS/day 30 Days
PV 201 201PV for GP-II and beyond GP-II customers only. Free voice 300 min.6GB data.99 SMS. All other terms and conditions as per plan 107.Freebies will be applicable for whole validity period60 Days
Plan 249 249 Unlimited calls to any network + 2GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day 45 Days
Plan Voucher 397 397 Free Voice unlimited Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS/Day + Lokdhun Content (60 Days) + Unlimited Tunes (Freebies 60 Days only) 200 Days
Plan 666666 Unlimited calls (Roaming Calls) + 2GB data/day + 100SMS/Day 120 Days
SPL_ANNUAL_PV_797797Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS/day 395 Days
Plan 699 699 Unlimited Free Calls + 0.5GB data/day ( 180 days) + 100SMS/day PRBT for 60 Days 160 Days
Plan Voucher 997 997 Free Voice Calls + 3GB High Speed Data + 100 SMS/day + Lokhun Content + Personalized Ring Tone (2 Months) 180 Days
Plan 999 999 Unlimited calls in Home LSA and National Roaming + Unlimited Caller Tunes for Two Months 240 Days
PV_1199 (For Inactive GPII Customers)1199 This Plan is applicable for Inactive2 and Deactive customers only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. customers Mumbai and Delhi + 24GB + 100 SMS/day365 Days
FRC 1499 1499 Truly Unlimited Voice Calls + 24 GB data + 100SMS/day 365 Days
Plan 1999 1999 Unlimited Voice Calls (Including National Roaming) + 2 GB data/day + 100 SMS/ day + Eros Now Content Services for two Months + Free Caller Tunes 365 Days
Plan 2399 2399 Free unlimited voice Calls + 3GB data/ day + 100SMS/day + Unlimited Caller Tunes 425 Days
PV 29992999Unlimited Voice Calls + 3GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day455

BSNL users can avail more data every day which is now at a minimum of 1GB mobile data and free SMS packs, Extra talk time and more included to the premium with cost effective plans, So you can do BSNL recharge online for cost effective 4G services in Andaman Nicobar circle at any time to connect to the digital world.

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