Landline Coming Back to Life with New Fiber Technology


Without Increase in Telecom Infrastructure for Cellular Density, We have to still believe in Landline Only…

Motorola after many efforts has introduced Wireless Telephony to make us to believe that we can talk cordless, this with further research and innovation we made our life’s more flexible with the usage of Mobile and Mobile based Internet Services (5G, 4G, 3G and 2G services).

It is hard to believe for any new generation kid that there exists a generation without a mobile phone, If you see the statistics of the mobile population growth, it is an exponential growth but if you see the tower infrastructure growth, it is very lean and it is evident that infrastructure can’t support the mobile consumer growth pace.

Many of us started using mobile phones fully around 2003 after the closure of incoming call rates by most dependable operator BSNL, From then till today many are unable to call even family members to wish for a Happy New Year.

Till now forced to call to their landline, As BSNL Landline is the only one communication source, where network traffic cannot be affected, and this is making us to still believe copper wire and now with latest technology BSNL Bharat Fiber in this wireless world, which still we unable to accept.

This is mainly because of the poor telecom infrastructure either it can be a spectrum allocation or it can be installation of towers for network coverage or it can be due to the clearance to install new towers, and finally as a customer iam in soup.

If you go into statistics as per cellular Operators association of India (COAI) there was around 139% increase in mobile user base, On the Other side towers installation was only at a growth rate of 41%. Furthermore as per Nokia network solutions information that only for the past one year 3G user base was increased by 50%.

Considering the growth Department of Telecommunications has to take a call immediately for spectrum auction and also TRAI should strictly follow that any company should restrict the call drop rate to, and all this will aid the increase per capita data consumption which is directly related to the increase in the Standards of Living for any Country.

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