FTTH Full Form and its Advantages in Industry


What is the Full Form of FTTH

Fiber to the Home is the full form of FTTH which used in the category of Telecom and Communication industry. The concept of FTTH is worldwide which aims to deliver the communication signals over optical fiber to the home or business directly from the operator equipment.

FTTH Full Form
FTTH Full Form

FTTH brings an easier way of going online with much faster speed along with giving a good amount of capacity. The traditional copper cable backlogs of lower upload or download speed or overall removal with the FTTH optical fiber which deliberately brings higher speed through the subscription period. Fiber to the Home also referred as Fiber to the Premises FTTP in General.

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FTTH is a latest and fastest growing communication medium, which reduces the time lapse for buffering and giving a relatively non-stoppable network connection. The concept of Optical fiber introduced to ensure that FTTH service delivered to home or business and as well reduces the loss of packages, which usually seen in copper cable connection.

Using FTTH in telecom does also reduce the costs as they utilize even the last byte of data which transferred for the operator and do bring similar while downloading or even uploading any files.

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