Jio Fiber Plans Unlimited from 30Mbps to 1Gbps with OTT Apps

Find the latest Reliance Jio fiber plans launched from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps applicable for home and commercial purposes with unlimited internet and voice calling along with free OTT apps, check the new tariff of Jio fiber…

Reliance Jio the well-known telecom industry is now bringing amazing offers with its Jio Fiber Plans which are mostly in the marginal range, where Reliance Jio comes with the word if you don’t like it, we take it back makes it comfortable to every customer about the assurance of service.

The basic band of Fiber Plan does come with a 30 Mbps speed with going to the highest of 1 Gbps speed having full-on uninterrupted browsing, and Reliance Jio Fiber plan of 999 Rs does give you the start of its real experience with having 150 Mbps speed along with giving an unlimited voice-over calls.

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As well the subscription plan with the Jio Fiber Set Up box does allow you to get a free OTT application, and it is quite great that at such a minimal price, you get unlimited data with good internet speed and added with a free subscription to multiple Applications.

Jio Fiber Plans Unlimited Tariff

PlanBandwidthRent in RsOther Features
Fiber 39930Mbps UnlimitedMonthly : 399,
Quarterly : 1197,
Semi Annual: 2394, 
Annual: 4788
Free calls 
Fiber 699100Mbps UnlimitedMonthly : 699,
Quarterly : 2097,
Semi Annual: 4194,
Annual: 8388,
Free calls 
Fiber 999150Mbps UnlimitedMonthly : 999,
Quarterly : 2997,
Semi Annual: 5994,
Annual: 11988
14 OTT Aps worth Rs.1000 + Free Voice
Fiber 1499300 Mbps UnlimitedMonthly : 1499,
Quarterly :4997, 
Semi Annual: 8994,
Annual: 17988
15 OTT Aps worth Rs.1500 + Free Voice
Fiber 2499500 Mbps UnlimitedMonthly : 2499,
Quarterly : 7497,
Semi Annual: 14994,
Annual: 29988
15 OTT Aps worth Rs.1650 + Free Voice
Fiber 39991 Gbps UnlimitedMonthly : 3999,
Quarterly : 11997,
Semi Annual: 23994,
Annual: 47988
15 OTT Aps worth Rs.1650 + Free Voice
Fiber 84991 Gbps 6600GB / monthMonthly : 8499,
Quarterly : 25497, 
Semi Annual: 50994,
Annual : 101988
15 OTT Aps worth Rs.1800 + Free Voice

The OTT Apps are paid services that do come free with the Reliance Jio Fiber Plans, and the customers are advised to check with the customer service for Reliance Jio Fiber to ensure which plans suit better for them as per their usage and convenience.

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