Dial 155223 or Send SMS for BSNL VAS Deactivation Instantly

What is BSNL VAS? How to activate and when we have to do BSNL VAS deactivation on a prepaid or postpaid mobile, what are the charges for using the service and the deactivation codes available on SMS / USSD and the number to stop for any type of value added services.

Value Added Services (VAS) is a term indicates various services beyond the basics offered by a provider (TSP / Third Party) to mobile users to enjoy their services which include Voice, SMS, voting, lotteries, recorded messages, Ring back tunes, scores, wallpaper service and more at defined subscription rates.

Deactivation of VAS is now made very easy at customer care or at the prescribed toll free number, With single SMS or IVRS call, you can deactivate any of your Value Added Services activated on your mobile. This IVRS and SMS modes are the BSNL new customer care support software available for deactivation and activation of VAS services.

India’s Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) intimates to all Telecom Operators, to use DOT prescribed number 155223 for unsubscribing of Voice as well as for SMS based Value Added Services(VAS) with user friendly in a transparent manner via single Toll Free Number for SMS & Voice Calls.

It has been also decided to follow common procedure across all Telecom Operators (BSNL or any operator) for unsubscription of Value Added Services(VAS), and TRAI desires the implementation for SMS based arrangement by 1st February 2013 and for IVR based deactivation procedure from 28th February 2013.

With this new service “155223”, VAS activated mobile users can lodge their complaints on new number within 24 hours of activation, to deactivate the service and refund of deducted amount, If the user lodges a complaint after 24 hours of activation, customer will not be eligible for refund, and the process of VAS deactivation also includes caller tunes deactivation on activated mobile number. Let’s find the detailed process of deactivation of BSNL VAS.

Value Added Services Deactivation Procedure through SMS

Customer will send an SMS with key word STOP to toll free short code 155223 for deactivation of VAS available to him/ her, Even if the customer sends blank SMS to such short code, it is presumed to be a request for deactivation of BSNL VAS.

On receipt of SMS from the customer, the server will pick up sequence number and name of the VAS available to the customer to send a response asking to press number of the Value Added Services (VAS), which he/ she wants to deactivate through a reply SMS.

  • Example:- The message may be like “Please type 1 for Tunes, type 2 for Jokes, type 3 for TV or type 0 for all by sending SMS to 155223 for deactivation”.

On receipt of option SMS from the customer, the particular Valued Added Services will be deactivated with in a short time.

BSNL VAS Deactivation Procedure through IVRS

VAS activated Mobile User can just dial toll free number 155223, and select the language (in each State, the IVRS is available with an option of minimum 2 languages – English and the other) from the options announced.

On dialing 155223, VAS activated user will be offered an IVRS recorded announcement about the list of Value Added Services activated on your mobile number.

  • Example: Welcome to BSNL, you have activated the following VAS in your mobile, to Stop Caller Tunes Press 1, to Stop Jokes press 2 etc…(in case Caller Tune and Jokes are active).

In case of wrong key pressed or no key pressed for 10 seconds, user will be informed about the key pressed is wrong and the list of activated VAS will be repeated once again and the BSNL mobile user has to select the said key for BSNL VAS deactivation.

Then the user will receive an SMS informing that the request to deactivate the VAS has been received, and it will be deactivated within hours, and if VAS activated customer will not able to press correct key again, call will be transferred to a customer care agent for a discussion on BSNL VAS deactivation, and with this any above two modes, the existing STV subscriptions were not deactivated at any time on sending request.

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12 thoughts on “Dial 155223 or Send SMS for BSNL VAS Deactivation Instantly”

  1. Please deactivate all VAS, Friends club service & DND to bsnl mobile number 8277502881 as many times sent SMS to 1909 and 522333. BSNL Playing funny, if it is not deactivated within 24 hrs. I know where I need to lodge complaint and deactivate then and there.

  2. Please remove all the Value Added Pack Allinone5p from mobile number 9461640429 immediately, I have not subscribed for this service but still getting deducted 5 Rs. daily from my pack, I have send several Messages to 155223 but next day money get deducted from my pack.

  3. BSNL just doing open loot with their customers, auto active caller tune, and dedication without any information.
    useless, BJP government take part fund from private service providers and Every month validity recharge compulsory.. just open loot

  4. BSNL charging Rs10 for silver screen gupshup 55050 which has not been subscribed by me. So please I request you to stop this service at the earliest and return me the whole amount your company had deducted from my account by this time. My number in roaming I send SMS but not going & call also.

  5. Please remove all the Value Added Pack Allinone5p from mobile number 9454819125 immediately, I have not subscribed for this service but still getting deducted 5 Rs. daily from my pack, I have send several Messages to 155223 but next day money get deducted from my pack.

    • Just approach BSNL Customer Service Center of your circle/state to remove the Value Added Service if not possible with 155223.

  6. I will try lot of time to 155223 the response is technical problem, & i sned sms also to stop astro body
    although deduct my recharge curency as soon as possible stop the astro body my number is 9483083876

  7. The value added service of “pyar ka overdose ” is I don’t like. The 155223 number can’t calls or not sent sms of “stop ” I want the deactivation of this plan and must refund all amount suddenly


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