BSNL UP East STV Recharge Plan & New 4G Tariff

Mahadamaka STV recharge plan offers introduced in BSNL UP East circle in the phase of rebranding with new 4G tariffs for prepaid mobile users, All the new 4G STV recharge plans comes with a whole gamut of special VAS, under the umbrella of BSNL new prepaid plans, Many of the features offered are unique and there is no requirement of recharge for monthly or quarterly under GSM mobile services.

In view to offer best service to BSNL prepaid customers of UttarPradesh East circle, where the competent authority of BSNL has launched various new specific STV recharge plans in online in the market from lower denomination to higher denomination with new tariff, So have a look at the latest BSNL STV prepaid plan of UP East for best subscription tariff with new combo benefits as under

BSNL UP East STV Plans

STV Price Freebies Validity
18 Unlimited Voice & Video Calls + 1GB High Speed Data then 80Kbps 2 Days
24 On-Net & Off-Network Voice Calls @20Paisa/Min 30 Days
29 Free Voice Calls ( U/L) + 300 SMS + 1GB data 5 Days
49 100 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL)(Call charges after free minutes @45ps/Min) + 2GB DATA + 100 SMS 24 Days
8830 paisa/Min30 Days
99 Unlimited Calls (local/std) + Unlimited Song Change Option 22 Days
118 Unlimited Calls including Home LSA + 0.5GB/day + 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tunes 26 Days
135 1440 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL)24 Days
139 This STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. Mumbai and Delhi + Unlimited data with speed restricted to 80kbps after 2GB/day) + 100 SMS/day28 Days
147 Unlimited Voice Calls + 10 GB DATA for 30 days + PRBT 30 Days
159 22500 Seconds Local/Std 24 Days
184Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS/Day28 Days
185Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS/Day28 Days
186Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS/Day28 Days
187 Unlimited Free Voice Calls + 2GB data/day + 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tunes 28 Days
247 Local/Std Voice Calls (U/L) + 50 GB data + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
298 Unlimited Voice Calls (National Roaming) + 1GB/day + Eros NOW Entertainment Services 56 Days
319 Free Calls (Local/Std) except Mumbai & Delhi) 99 SMS (LOCAL/NATIONAL) + 10GB DATA 75 Days
347Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS/Day56 Days
397Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/day + 100 SMS/day for 60 Days300 Days
429 Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB data/day + 100SMS/day + Eros Now Entertainment Services 81 Days
499 Unlimited Voice calls (local/STD)(On-net/Off-net) in Home LSA and National roaming (including Delhi and Mumbai) + 2 GB Data/day + 100 SMS/day 90 Days
599 Any Network Voice Calls +5GB High Speed Data + 100SMS/day + Zing 84 Days

BSNL 4G Data STV in UP East

STV Price Free Data Validity
19 2GB data 1 Day
56 10GB + Zing 10 Days
752 GB50 Days
943 GB75 Days
97Unlimited 2GB/Day18 Days
98 2GB High Speed Data, then 40Kbps + EROS NOW Entertainment Services 22 Days
151 40GB Free Data + Zing 28 Days
198Unlimited Data (speed restricted to 40 Kbps after 2GB/day)50 Days
251 High Speed 70GB data 28 Days
398 Unlimited Data without any speed restriction + Unlimited voice calls in Home LSA and National roaming incl. MTNL network in Delhi/Mumbai + 100 SMS/day 30 Days
447 Unlimited Voice Calls + 100GB data (speed restricted to 80 Kbps after 100GB) + 100 SMS/day for 30 days+ PRBT + EROS 60 Days
1515Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40/kbps after 2GB/day 30 Days

SMS STV Rate Cutters

STV Vouchers Free SMS Validity
52 860SMS (Local & National) 30 Days

UP East ISD Special Tariff Vouchers

STV Prices Country Name Charges Validity
16 Bhutan Voice Calls @Rs 10Ps/Min 18 Days
65 Canada China Singapore and USA , Bangladesh Malaysia and Hong Kong Voice calls to Canada China Singapore and USA @ Rs 1.49/min. Bangladesh Malaysia and Hong Kong@ Rs 2.49/min. Bahrain @Rs.6.49/min. Nepal @Rs.9.50/min30 Days