Check the Actuals of BSNL Profit and Loss, Don’t Spread the Negative

Recently you and me heard about many news on BSNL Profit and Loss which misleads public on PSU’s past and future, So, here we present the actual analysis of Bandhan Preet Singh, a Proud BSNL employee which clearing the air of confusion about BSNL Profits and Loss through facts.

Here if we observe the figures, the loss starts in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited for 9 years which is continued from 2009 and 2010, where in which the PRC played a small role as enhanced wages have to be provided to all staff as per Pay Revision by Management / Government and Huge Expenditure on various counts like

  • 3G Spectrum 2011
  • BWA Spectrum 2010
  • Broadband Expansion
  • FTTH initiative 2010
  • CDR 2010
  • 100’s of other Projects/Obligations

So, the present actual loss for the company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is 12888 crores only (negative news spread in media as 90,000), which is lowest in the Indian telecom industry against 4,26,000 (Four Lakhs Twenty Six Thousand) crores debit by other telecom operators like

  • Airtel : 1,06,000 crores
  • Voda Idea : 1,20,000 Crores
  • Jio : 2,00,000 Crores

If you check the actual figures, Despite, little loss, the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is going good and capable enough due to reserves, So, don’t believe any NEGATIVE NEWS spread in Media, Check the above and spread the ACTUALS only.

BSNL Profits

Financial YearProfit in Crores
01.10.2000 to 31.03.2001747
2001 – 20026312
2002 – 20031444
2003 – 20045976
2004- 200510183
2005 – 20068939
2006 – 20077805
2007 – 20083009
2008 – 2009575
Total Profits44990 Crores


Financial Year Loss in Crores
2009 – 2010-1823
2010 – 2011-6384
2011 – 2012-8851
2012 – 2013-7884
2013 – 2014-7085
2014 – 2015-8234
2015 – 2016-4859
2016 – 2017-4786
2017 – 2018-7992
Total Loss-57878

Long Pending Dues yet to come to BSNL with kind attention of DOT and Finance Ministry to pay Refund

  • Excess Pension Contributions : Rs 2500 Crores
  • Reserve Fund Rs. 30000 crores usurped under different
  • Repayment of National loan Rs. 14000 Crores
  • Payment of Rs 2500 Crores against work done of Government Projects.
  • Payment of DOT and Term Cell employees of Rs. 500 Crores
  • Income Tax excess collected Rs.5000 Crores

The total dues yet to come to BSNL Rs. 54500 crores, so, where is loss for BSNL, must check by everyone.

It is once again remind you that, in next 3 years, more than 50,000 employees are going to be retired from the services, and employee wages load will be low for ever, If the Government allots 4G Spectrum, then the revenues will bounce back surely with the revenues from mobile which is going to high, and fastest growing FTTH live services is one of the additional revenue for the coming future.

Drawbacks for incurring Loss

  • Present Government not allotted 4G Spectrum to BSNL till date (18.03.2019) which already allots to private operators some years ago.
  • Earlier Government not allowed to do expansion.

Positives for BSNL

  • BSNL is the only operator which not only works in Disaster, and also takes part in Disaster Relief and Rescue (already proved in Uttarakhand, Odisha, Sikkim, Jammu Kashmir Disasters).
  • The only mobile operator connects the nation during Amarnath Yatra.
  • The only operator provides the services even in Remote villages.
  • Never Shutdown any services like other operators, even loss occurs.
  • Providing cheapest tariff for mobile and broadband users with various pocket friendly plans.

Recently in a survey conducted by YouGov between 2nd and 8th August 2018 among 1193 respondents in India covering 152 brands across 11 categories including Consumer Goods, Food, Auto, Telecom and Financial Services. Where in the survey particularly in Telecom Sector BSNL stays ahead of Jio with 41% perceiving it to be the most patriotic brand.

So, it’s the time for all BSNL Employees to feel motivated and energize yourself and inspire others with your excellent performance by offering the best telecom service, and BSNL means Behtar Seva Ki Nai Lagan !! So, be work hard Online or offline, and you will overcome all obstacles together.

ISP is the asset of every citizen of India, It is your company, without BSNL, you have to pay for even incoming calls, So, anyone, please spread the ACTUALS only (BSNL Profit, Loss or anything) and don’t spread the NEGATIVE NEWS to create a panic situation.

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17 thoughts on “Check the Actuals of BSNL Profit and Loss, Don’t Spread the Negative”

  1. Dear

    Present Government not allotted 4G Spectrum to BSNL till date (18.03.2019) which already allots to private operators some years ago. – Its a JOKE

    You define BSNL as a company like Jio, Airtel etc.. each company paid money to get the 4g Spectrum. Either you should have bid on that with your money and should have got it.. Jio and Reliance paid for the 4g spectrum and you want for free, why we should give for free. Telecom industry is one of the best industry which could have earned a lot of money and provided welfare to all Indian in different field (education), instead 10 year continuous loss, True Tax Payers of this country is bailing you out every Year.

    Your service is really bad, you feel like you guys are all kingsmen and you decide whom to give connection and when..
    Your administration is pathetic – the way you are not able to collection pending dues

    Basically, you are drinking the blood of tax payers.

    • This is the level of ignorant about the procedures imposed by the Government in alloting spectrum . BSNL is not allowed to participate in the spectrum bidding. It is told by DOT to pay certain money to get spectrum on PAN India basis. The private operators have the liberty of choosing desired circle of operation but BSNL had to operate on PAN India. The previous 2G & 3G spectrum for which BSNL has paid more than the private operators. Level playing is missing in the Telecom sector. Lastly BSNL is managing it’s show on its own right from the day of its incorporation including salary and statutory payments to Government. Where is the question of tax money being sucked. ?

  2. Then why the concerned officials/management are not arranging a press conference or other means to inform the public the exact picture?

  3. Excellent work done for bringing real facts about BSNL, Congratulations, Must be give wide publicity in media.

  4. I think now only real facts are brought to the notice of all, All employee should read it and spread it, Can all media gives this information to everybody, Requested all media also to bring this only positive news only.
    Vijay from MH.

  5. I want to ask BSNL about few points.

    1. Why FTTH is not given to all customers and it is kept limited for new areas only?
    I think you have to give FTTH connections to each newly built society /apartments with some initial good offer, Also, FTTH should be given to old patriotic customer who may go to other companies for faster broadband (I have seen my 4/6 close friends who did this just because of poor broadband speed and higher price)

    2. Your mobile phone network was widely available few years back compare to other operators, But now others are giving services where BSNL is still not available (My experience in sikkim with BSNL was not good last year, Airtel was there but not BSNL in lachung village)

    3. 3G price of BSNL is higher than 4G of jio, Bsnl is giving more data per validity is low, Moreover, higher data is useless as network and speed is worst.

  6. good analysis is done about the profit and loss of the BSNL, while several negative news is spreading in the media about BSNL, Such analysis will clear the picture about wrong propaganda created about BSNL by a section of media.

  7. Read the good write up above, I may add one more, BSNL’s 3G signals need to be vastly improved to give a real competition to its rivals and in most areas 3G signal strength is much to be desired, Forget 4G nationwide coverage in the near future.

  8. Thanks, sir, you have done very good job in bringing the facts of BSNL to all the public as well as BSNL Employees, who perhaps had no knowledge the facts. We being retired officers of BSNL Employees proud of the facts that you have mentioned, carry on

    DK Joshi
    AIBSNLREA Kolhapur

  9. We couldn’t understand that why the salary of BSNl was stopped, And after media interfere it was released in one day while management told crunch of funds we wanted to know the conspiracy of management and unions.


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