BSNL Karnataka STV Plans & New Combo Rate Cutters

Find the new STV mix packs or BSNL Karnataka circle applicable to prepaid GSM mobile customers to get connected with unlimited for 4G voice, data and SMS services, Check the price of STV and tariff of each rate cutters to avail the prominent GSM mobile services applicable for Karnataka state…

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, is prominently spread across the state of Karnataka which has a large user base of telecom service users, one of the reasons why BSNL has been on top of telecom services is due to the update in weekly offers and cash backs it has started providing to the available users.

In pursuit of making the customers more engaged and with the upcoming 5G technology which is going to be released soon, and the oprator has started providing BSNL new prepaid 4G offers in Karnataka for weekly, monthly, quarterly and even the one year recharge plan.

Karnataka 4G Data STVs

Free Data Validity SMS Activation
Code TO 123
16 2GB data 1 Day STV DATA16
31 150MB 3 Days STV DATA31
752GB + 100 Minutes50 Days
943GB + 100 Minutes75 Days
972GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day18 Days
98 Unlimited Internet with high speed 2GB /day, then 40Kbps + EROS NOW Entertainment Service 22 Days STV DATA98
15140GB + Zing28 DaysSTV DATA151
198 2GB Data + Free Caller Tunes 50 Days STV DATA198
241 High Speed 2.7GB Data30 Days STV DATA241
251 Unlimited 70GB Data + Zing 28 Days
398Unlimited Data without any speed restriction + Unlimited Voice Calls30 Days
447 Unlimited Voice local/STD/Roaming calls any net incl. MTNL Network in Mumbai and Delhi + 100 GB Data at high speed (Post which unlimited @ 80 Kbps) + 100SMS/day60 Days
1515Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 4Okbps after 2GB/day 365 Days

4G Voice STVs

STV PricesFree Voice Calls Validity SMS Action Code To 123
18U/L free voice calls + video Calls + 1GB/Day2 Days
21 Rs 20Paisa/min ( On- Net & off Calls) 30 Days STV VOICE12
2525 Free talk time4 Days
29Unlimited Calls + 1GB + 300 SMS5 Days
58 Free 5600 Seconds ( Local/Std) 8 Days STV VOICE58
87Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS/Day14 Days
88 Any Network Free Voice Calls ( 0.8 P/Sec) 90 Days STV VOICE88
99Unlimited Voice Calls22 Days
118250 Min/Day +0.5GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day26 Days
135 1440 Minutes ( Local & Std Voice Calls) 24 Days STV VOICE135
139 This STV is applicable for Inactive2 customers only. Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming calls incl. Mumbai and Delhi + 2GB/day + 100 SMS/day.28 Days
147Unlimited Local/STD Calls + 10 GB Data30 Days
159 Local/Std any Net ( 22500 Seconds) Calls 24 Days STV VOICE159
184Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
185Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
186Unlimited Voice Calls + 1GB/Day + 100SMS28 Days
187Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day28 Days
2091 paisa/ 2 Secs 90 Days
247Unlimited Voice Calls + 100 SMS/Day + 50GB30 days
298Unlimited Voice Calls + 100 SMS/Day56 Days
319Unlimited free voice calls75 Days
347Unlimited Voice Calls + 2GB/Day + 100SMS56 Days
3953000 Minutes Onnet voice + free 1800 Minutes offnet voice + 2GB/Day71 Days
429Unlimited Voice calls + Unlimited Data 1GB/Day + EROS now Entertainment Services81 Days
499Unlimited Voice Calls + 100 SMS/Day + Unlimited Data/Day + EROS now Entertainment Services90 Days
599Unlimited Voice calls + 5GB/Day + 100 SMS/Day + Zing84 Days


STV Prices Local / National Free SMS Validity SMS Activation Code To 123
34Free Local/National Any Network 385 SMS 30 Days STV SMS34
54 1000 on net Free & Local / National Other Network 30 Days STV SMS54

BSNL Karnataka Combo STV Packs or Mix Pack

Mix Pack (Combo Plan) Prices Feature Valitidy SMS Activation Code to 123
18 Free unlimited calls + Unlimited Video Calls + 1GB/day 2 Days STV VOICE18
29 Free Unlimited Voice Calls In Home LSA & National Roaming including MTNL
( Delhi & Mumbai) + 1GB Data + 300 SMS
5 Days
49 Free 100 min any net. After free minutes voice calls @45paisa/min + Free 2GB + 100 SMS 24 Days STV 49
75 2GB free data to be consumed within 50 days + 100 minutes free 50 Days
94 3GB free data to be consumed within 75 days + 100 minutes free75 Days
99 U/L Free Voice Calls in Home LSA (Excluding Mumbai & Delhi) + Free Caller Tune 22 Days
118 Local/Std/roaming Unlimited Calls + 0.5 GB/day+ 100 SMS/day + Free Caller Tune 26 Days STV COMBO118
147 Unlimited calls to any network + 10GB data + BSNL TUNES 30 Days
187 Unlimited Free Voice Calls (Local/Std)+ 2GB/day+ 100 SMS/day + Unlimited Song Change Option 28 Days
201 Unlimited call + 1GB/day +100SMS + Cricket PRBT along with Cricket SMS Alerts 28 Days
247 Free unlimited voice calls + 50 GB + 100 SMS 30 Days
298 U/L voice calls Local/std Roaming Voice Calls + 1GB/day + 100 SMS + EROS NOW Entertainment Service 56 Days
319 Local/Std any network unlimited calls in Home LSA and National Roaming Voice Calls (Excluding Delhi & Mumbai) 75 Days STV VOICE319
395 Free Local/Std 3000 Minutes (On-net Voice Calls) + 1800 Minutes Off-net Calls, after Free Minutes Charge & 20P/min + 2GB/day 71 Days STV COMBO395
429 Free unlimited Voice Calls (Local/Std) + 1GB data +100SMS/day + Cricket Alerts 81 Days
499 Unlimited voice calls Free National Roaming Voice calls in Home LSA +2GB/day + 100 SMS + Cricket PRBT along with Cricket SMS Alerts 90 Days
599 U/L Voice (Home/National Roaming ) + 5GB/day + 100 SMS + zing 84 Days

ISD Pack

STV Prices Country Name Charges Validity SMS Activation Code To 123
19 Nepal Voice Call Rs 8.50/Min 30 Days STV ISD19
22 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait Voice Call Rs 6.49/Min + SMS Rs 3/SMS 30 Days STV ISD22
27 Bangaldesh, Malyasia, Hongkong, Thailand Voice Call Rs 2.99/Min + SMS Rs 3/SMS 30 Days STV ISD27
43 Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A. Voice Call 1.49/min + SMS Rs 3/SMS 30 Days STV ISD43

The major reasons BSNL Karnataka STV users love its service is because the talk time is much more related to the amount paid and you get what you pay with BSNL online recharge or offline, So, there are no hidden charges in price here which makes users happy to buy any of the new plans that BSNL have suggested in Prepaid.

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  2. Bank is for all Indians poor rich young old, Please create combo plan for senior citizens only with proof of Sr.citizen, It should be 1) three months validity of freebies 2)150-200 MB per day data 3) Value of plan 250-300 rupees, This plan should be with proof only, If it is not possible for general public, then it should certainly be brought for all retired BSNL employees.


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