BSNL Jammu Kashmir Broadband Plans on Fibre and DSL Network

The high speed optic fibre internet & DSL broadband plans tariff of BSNL attracting the new customers / communities across Jammu & Kashmir valley with high speed BSNL broadband services which provides on latest infrastructure to each home and business end point.

So the netizens of Jammu & Kashmir telecom circle can stay clear about the below list and choose the best broadband plan for your BSNL subscription to get connected the digital world with super fast internet.

Nomenclature DL/UL Speed Monthly Rent in Rs 6 Months Rent 12 Months Rent
Fibre EntryUpto 20 Mbps till 1000GB329
Fibre Basic (Only for New Customers for 6 months from date of activation) 30 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 449 0 5388
100GB CULUpto 50Mpbs till 100GB499
FIBRE BASIC PLUS 60 Mbps till 3300 GB then 2 Mbps 599 0 7188
SUPER STAR PREMIUM 1 100 Mbps till 1000 GB then 5 Mbps 7490 8569
SUPER STAR 1Upto 100Mbps till 1000GB779
FIBRE VALUE 100 Mbps till 3300 GB after 2 Mbps 7990 9588
FIBRE VALUE PLUSUpto 100Mbps till 1500GB849
SUPER STAR PREMIUM PLUS150Mbps till 2000 GB after 10 Mbps 999 0 0
FIBRE PREMIUM  200 Mbps till 3300 GB after 2 Mbps 999 0 11988
FIBRE PREMIUM PLUS 200 Mbps till 3300 GB after 15 Mbps 1277 7024 13409
FIBRE ULTRA 300 Mbps till 4000 GB beyond 4 Mbps 1499 0 17988
FIBRE SILVER PLUS Upto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499
FIBRE RUBYUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499
100GB CUL (DSL) 10Mbps till 100GB, above 2Mbps
2990 0
200GB CUL (Copper) 10Mbps till 200GB,upto 2Mbps
399 2195 4190
10Mbps till 500GB, then 2Mbps
555 3053 5828
Super Star 1 (Copper) 10Mbps till 779GB, after 2Mbps779 0 8569
Super Star 2(DSL) 10Mbps till 1100GB then 5Mbps 949 0 0
1600GB CUL (Copper)10Mbps till 1600Gb, then 5Mbps 1299 0 13640

So, be an early bird to apply fiber optic broadband internet in online or at concerned nearest BSNL Office or customer service center (CSC) in Jammu and Kashmir circle with latest plans of BSNL.

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38 thoughts on “BSNL Jammu Kashmir Broadband Plans on Fibre and DSL Network”

  1. Dear sir,
    The internet service has stopped since today 19-04-2022 morning. When bharat fibre is giving good internet service at Kupwara and Baramulla town, it is unfortunate that we have been deprived of same. May kindly initiate necessary steps for restoration of service at Jalalabad sopore after taking the issue with your local BSNL service provider M/S IQra telecommunications. I hope you will ensure a quality service from BSNL in future. Thanking you.

    Kind Regards

  2. From the time we have installed bsnl broadband services i can hardly recall a day when it is worth the money. In pulwama i think it is dead most of the time and when we ping to the authority they are again ready with a new excuse, and now don’t even respond to calls also. I think airtel is much better or best than this.

  3. Brodband browsing speed etc in trehgam kupwara is not upto expectations of public public suffering badly in the pendimic days also students and working class doing jobs suffer .also the staff of kupwara sdo office not clearing the faults of this kind neither band width is increasedonly to benefit private parties of fibre thanks

  4. Please for God’s sake change the plans as i hav chosen the plan 599 but every month i have and have to pay 730 because of this GST burden and i told the vendor to make it 499 but He told me that it is Not available for me as its only available for new users / connections. I am really fed up of this overburden expenditure and neither i get that much speed its atmost 2mbps Please look at my request, Dangiwacha Dandoosa Watergam Rafiabad Baramulla

  5. They are too rude, The employees are not accountable at all, I live in Magam Town, Have been trying to get bsnl fibre since 3 months now but response makes me feel as if they are my boss and i am their servant.

  6. i live 2 kms away from jammu srinagar national highway near nagrota jammu, None of the telecom services are active at this place..No internet is available. i visited the bsnl office about the wireless broadband, they showed no interest, talked to the vendor about the fibre and he was like i am sorry i cant do it, Can anyone for God’s sake tell me how are we supposed to end this misery..

  7. Want fiber availablity in my area at Aripanthan Beerwah Budgam, Kindly implement it ASAP

    Here we people’s have need of it.

  8. I want to install bharat sir fibre at my home town shadipora trigam kashmir’pl take necessary steps at your end please.

  9. They don’t bother about the customers and their pain. Its too much hectic to get a connection even with process or out of process. Moreover customers are being charged with 6K-8K that also without any bill or anything. Moreover all plans and its speed are just for showing purpose, there is no consistency in connection and daily basis it stopped working on its own and after 1-2 hours again start working. I hope for JIO, Airtel in the state, BSNL can’t provide services until it becomes private organization. People don’t want to work at all. Multiple escalations but no progress.

  10. What else you expect from a govt owned firm it’s not about how it’s working in Jammu, Just see MtNL in Mumbai as the city it’s not providing services properly faults are not taken care for 15+ days. On calling they say we will come when we have time, wow, and we all know why this attitude causes its govt firm no one can question them.
    So I feel when you go into their office it’s you who area big fool that you think you are going to get a service.
    Don’t opt for any govt communication services if there is an option in private

  11. Can anyone share a BSNL complaint number or email id? In Jammu and Kashmir, they are just looting peoples.
    They are charging 6000 to 7000 and then also not giving a connection to anyone, I am waiting for my connection from the last two weeks.

  12. customer care people are saying that installation charge are 3500 the why this person who is going to install broadband asking for 6-7 thousand.

  13. BSNL doesn’t provide you good service they are outsourcing there installation vendor who is installing connections talks very rudely and asking more and more money if you guys are not willing to provide good service why you guys are keeping company i am from jammu rural area and your internet plans are so costy your fiber speed sucks you are providing more and more connections irreplaceable of speed lacks, You guys don’t care about customers. The only reason bsnl is surviving is because of jammu and kashmir

  14. Sir, they are charging 5000 to 7000 for the whole setup, Are these charges justified? I phoned the customer care at 1500, they told me that that the total cost is 3500, why are they looting us, plz clarify and also provide us the details of some responsible person in Kashmir whom we can contact.

  15. The Fiber Optic system in Jammu especially the Gangyal area is totally failing. No one has attended the complaint even DGM Shri Naresh Bharti has not taken action on my complaint dated 27/7/20 at 12.43 and subsequent reminder for equating the phone No.0191 2955427. Mr. Vikas Verma I/C of the area got the charges on 4-6-20 and did not lay out the line for about three weak. He installs the B/B system but not equivate the phone not provided the No. We come to know the number from Bill issued by the BSNL. No receipt of the Security amount has been provided us as yet.

  16. You are a shameless service. You should remove bharat from your name because you disgrace it. The kind of infrastructure you have built in Jammu out of public money for your own well being and the kind of service you provide is disgusting. Please wake up and start working before you shoed out from here.

    • All the plans mentioned in the list are allowed for yearly payment (12months) and allowed for 13months subscription.

  17. BSNL fiber service – BSNL telecom services Jammu and Kashmir

    These plans are with low bandwidth, Jio, a private company is giving more benefits, So I request BSNL to give more bandwidth speed for lower-cost packages also, and this will increase customers.

    My contact number is
    7006161735, 9419382856, 01912953791

  18. BSNL fibre service is very bad not connectivity is problem and signal lost BSNL executive person, not responsibility has not yet. please service is very low poor service, BSNL fibre service is not DTH service in Jammu state, Another State has been started.
    My contact number is

    • Jammu Green belt Park Gandhi Nagar area, not the service provider is not properly, the service provider does not attend the complainant, BSNL fiber service modem company is Syrotech is not properly configured

  19. Kaam chalaw, sarkaar speed problem no landline working no adherence to complaints din mai break up bahut baar karta hai. Customer care nothing, Thaekedaars ke mobiles always band, Poor as yet.

  20. Abi kaam chalo sarkar hi hai speed not up to mark kabi kabi chalta hai kabi nahi no free landline connection no proper redressal of complaints.

    • Online process no one is following and they have contracted private vendors for connection and guess what these vendors don’t even have their offices as per my city atleast, Vendors don’t give damn about people and charges you much more than actual cost and wont give you any bill & receiver line too. So be clear about the things

      As per recent communication its as below.
      -3500 for OTN modem
      -800 for installation
      -75 metres cable free after that 10rs per meter

      So 4300 lets say no one should ask for more than 5K

  21. sir maine bhi connection lgwana h isko lgwaane ka procedure kya h sir g please mujhe btao ki kaise lagega aur kitne time me lagega i m from dist. samba sarore adda

  22. In Jammu, they didn’t make the dbm to -18 which help the speed to get better but they make it worse and make dbm to -27 or -29 dbm which also says in BSNL instructions that if the dbm getting higher they have to make low and the employee are doing mtu changing system, BSNL employees please watch YouTube for dbm to low, It’s is clear if u are opted for 50 MBPS then you will get only 4-7MBPs because they setup the figure while doing configuration.

  23. Fuddu internet 100 kb speed bhi ache se nhi deta bc 01912593909 ye num hn deakho bc ketane hi spped hn

    • 1 search
      2 login via ID and password are given by the distributor
      3 click on Wlan Security
      4 pre shared key
      5 clear the previous password and enter the new one

  24. What is the total cost including installation charges of bharat fibre in kathua with plan 749.

    • It costs us ₹ 6000/-, We have installed it in May 2020, But we are suffering a lot, Most of time it’s speed is about 2gb Or no internet.

  25. Please tell me your 899 plan only yearly one time payment either monthly payment or tell me 899 sab se neeche ki plan hai kya is ke neeche koi plan nahin hai kya.

  26. the distributors tells me cost of fibre connection is 7000 thausands, can u tell me how much i cost him for BSNL FTTH connection.


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