Get BSNL Broadband Deposit Refund, If disconnected Internet & continues Landline

Do you want to get back the refund of broadband deposit paid by you to BSNL, just follow the process and get your internet security deposit back even if your landline is in working condition?

Up to the mid of 2018, the ISP has collected landline and broadband security deposits separately from their customers at Rs 500 for landline and one month plan rental charges for BSNL broadband subscription, but now in 2019, the pattern of collecting the BSNL Security deposit is changed and collecting only deposit.

As we all know, Landline is mandatory for broadband service, and there are no charges for landline if availing broadband internet, and due to any reason, if the customer withdrawn the broadband facility, but continuing the landline facility, he/she is having two types of deposits against their telephone number (If old customer before 2018).

To provide the best service to customers, BSNL allows to withdraw the security deposit paid by them for broadband if they discontinue the internet service and continuing the landline, but the refund will be issued in the form of coming telephone bill adjustment.

Process to get refund of broadband security deposit

Refund required customers may approach to concerned BSNL commercial officer and submit your written request for refund of broadband security deposit in the next coming telephone bills, then the authority can raise a deposit adjustment request to concerned Accounts Officer in their CDR module.

After keen verification of services and outstanding dues, the Accounts Officer of BSNL may approve the request for adjustment of broadband deposit in present/future bills.

  1. In how many bills, the broadband deposit may adjusted?

    As per the outstanding amount of the telephone, the security deposit may adjust in the bills
    Ex: If having 675 as Security deposit, but having an outstanding only 500, then the deposit may adjust in two bills.

  2. Is there any prescribed application form for security deposit refund?

    No, just submit a written request to commercial officer.

  3. At the time of adjustment, the total security deposit may adjust or only broadband fees?

    If the customer is continuing the landline service and disconnected only broadband service, then the landline deposit may continue as earlier.

  4. When the security deposit to be paid, If disconnected landline/ broadband services ?

    If withdrawn the total telecom services, BSNL security deposit refund will be processed initiated immediately after completing the closure of landline / broadband service work orders, and to be paid to the bank account of the customer through NEFT with in short time.

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38 thoughts on “Get BSNL Broadband Deposit Refund, If disconnected Internet & continues Landline”

  1. I submitted disconnection requests for bsnl landline & broadband on 9th. October 2020. It was disconnected but my security deposit is not refunded till date. I gave all details of my bank a/c. but no action is taken.
    – R.N.Gupta
    House no. 315, Sector-17-E, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. 201012.

  2. sir,I was using BSNL phone and internet no 080-26656403.Due to improper maintenance by BSNL i was surrendered phone on 24-09-2020…Even after one and half YEAR i am not received my amount. I have given my bank A/C details asSB 1031xx4821 state Bank of India 26th main 4th T block Jayanagara Bangalore 560041, I requesting you send amount as early as possible . yours faithfully

  3. I had surrendered BSNL Broadband connection on 24th October 2017, but till date the security deposit amount has not been received.

  4. Not recd security deposit amount. Dt of disconnect 22june 2021. Telephone No 05947- 274970. Please action and refund amount soon.

  5. I have surrendered landline 08026786530 in March 2021and submitted all documents but refund of deposit still not done. No one pucks up landlines in the office no provided.

  6. I had Surrendered my land line ☎ 080 26698265 in 2019 till date I don’t received my deposit amount to my sb a/c through NEFT. What procedure to get the same.

  7. Sir it’s an year back I surrendered my ll and net 04344 222028 .it was told I will get within 60days.but no reply on enquiry Any possibility to get interest for waiting period.How to get the right personnel to get a reply.As a sr citizen of age 68yrs on hoping fr a response…?!

  8. I have surrendred my Broad Band in May 2020 and Land line in Feb 2021 ( 080 26725471). I have furnished my bank account NEFT details, but till date refund not credited. Amount lying in closed billing account without any action.

  9. I surrender following landline from21August2019 but till date I have not received deposit
    Reply 2254465 Myself Upendrakumar Suganchand Lalwani 6/7 Royal Residency Gudduraja Ngr Jalgaon
    M.S pin 425001
    Contact No +917499599356

  10. my number was 08026730407, surrendered it long back but refund has not yet been processed. Can you please do it?

  11. My bsnl landline no is 2661437 Jalandhar cantt branch .my bsnl landline and broadband internet connection has not been paid on date 28/2/2021 but my money has been cut yesterday my transaction amount is total 496 I want my refund back please give my money back to my account

  12. 20/02/2021
    I requested my BSNL A/c No. 9022573656 – Broadband Services with Landline Tel. No. 0431-2543976 be stopped and disconnection instructions were issued to Customer Service Centre at
    BSNL Main Office, Tiruchirappalli on 21/09/2020, as since 15th September 2020 there was no
    service availed by me as gthe telephone wire got cut off owing to heavy winds and rain. None of the technical personnel turned up even after repeated requests to restore the LL and internet services. I have paid all my dues promptly since the beginning, that since 15/07/2009. I had paid a sum of Rs. 7,179/= at BSNL Office, Lalgudi on 16/07/2009 and the original receipt is still with me. Whereas I wrote a detailed letter to Chief Accounts Officer (TR) – O/o GM TD, BSNL, Trichy Main Office attaching copy of relevant documents for the refund of initial deposit amount, till today, I have not received any reply. Nor did the BSNL Office chose to refund amount to my
    ICICI Account as requested by me in my letter to them. I do not know how to proceed after this.
    Any suggestion?

  13. I have disconnected and surrendered my land line phone and internet on 16/07/2019 to BSNL Nanganallur, But till date my deposit amount has not been settled.

    1. I am an ex-serviceman from Indian Army and was a subscriber of BSNL (LL BBG Rural Combo-UL-650) with telephonenumber 044-2748 2628 (Account No 9037978797) from BSNL Exchange, Anupuram Township, Chengalpattu District.
    2. Consequent to my transfer,  I surrendered the service of LL with BB from 01 July 2020 to BSNL Exchange, Anupuram Township.  I had paid all the bills since installation till surrender of the service without fail and nothing outstanding.  My security deposit has not yet been refunded and no response / reply is received from the exchange for the last six months.  Calls are not attended to and no responsible person to reply is available in the exchange.
    3. I therefore request your good office to kindly look into the matter and arrange to refund my security deposit without any delay.  My bankers are PNB, Adyar, Chennai – 600020, IFSC Code PUNB0033800, saving bank account No 0806000403051292.
     Thanking you.

    With regards,
    Jai Hind!!
    Sincerely yours
    S Kumar
    Ex-Serviceman, Indian Army
    Mob No 94450 66804

  15. BSNL Team,
    I have surrendered my landline connection 044-22281805 on 16/07/2020 with necessary documents at BSNL exchange/customer care center at Chrompet-44 and further sent all required details and documents on 25/07/2020 to Accounts officer, BSNL, Chennai-32. I have not yet received my deposit amount, please expedite, Thank you, Suresh.

  16. I have surrendered my telephone with the broadband facility and ISD facility three months back, All the outstanding bill paid successfully, But to date, I have not to receive a security deposit, Total security deposit was Rs 2000/- as it was ISD facility. My phone no was 0381-232-8020. Kindly arrange for a refund of the security deposit.

  17. I surrendered my Land line with Broadband in chennai KK Nagar division on 18.12.2019
    My order createdon 18/12/2019 15.31.22
    Service ID.Phone No.044-23717033 CHN/PGO/2020/5368 10822
    Billing account No. 9032739718
    BSNL Order No. 122208 383909
    Order ID. 1-A7ASQP1
    Past one year no communication from BSNL. I approached the BSNL Kodambakkam office in the Accounts Department. two times. Nothing response. Last three days back i approached then they request a blank cheque crossed. I said i already handed-over and however again i gave it.
    I am aged 74 and my wife is 70 years old. No other persons with us. I cannot go each time to BSNL office because from my house to office 6 KM. No public service connected. I engage an Auto for which for on ward Rs. 150 and return for Rs. 170. Moreover I was affected by CORONA and admitted in for 32 days and discharged. This is my position.
    Keeping the public money for a year without any service is too bad.
    I request the same may be refunded very early.

  18. Hi , I did a wrong recharge by mistake, Can you please reverse it to me, Tried the below SMS but it didn’t work for me REV 6366026393 365 5932002536, even if you can convert it to talktime it is fine.

  19. I also fed up of frequent faults in both landline & broadband services, Just paid yearly charges for unlimited services. From week both services are dead, No feedback from service center, Just called the 1500 & registered complaint. 020-27110199.

  20. It is breach of contractual obligation of BSNL for NOT refunding the Security Deposit as well as the bill paid during the faulty phone period, I have deposited the LL and submitted all refund and bank details, NO action from the already sunken BSNL, What action can sue against BSNL for NOT refunding the security deposit collected,

  21. I have surrendered Landline Phone with Broadband facility installed at Yamunanagar (01732224446) and the same was disconnected as per confirmation received from BSNL authorities w.e.f. 03/09/2020 and have applied for refund of security deposit on 10/09/2020, but till today nothing has been heard from the authorities. Kindly do the needful at the earliest for refund of the security deposit amount as early as possible.

  22. I have surrendered my BSNL connection (phone no 0265-2250956) in FEB 2020, I haven’t received my security deposite money 500Rs till date.

  23. I have surrendered phone with wi fi facility no 01302231702 One year back. Till date security is not received. Please credit the same in account no 1049000200094818, in my name at pnb Raipur Sonipat with ifsc code punb0467800. Thanking you

  24. My LL no.8645246549 and A/c no.9021762399.
    Initially I have paid deposits for LL and ISD. Later I had BB connection and deposits as well as modem charges along with installation charges are paid. When BB discontinued I have not claimed modem and installation charges.
    After nearly 4 years, I have approached bsnl for BB connection by online registration due to covid19. BSNL organisation have given BB connection on 7th August 20 after a lapse of 4 months. BSNL has given connection by furnishing I’d only. No modem and installation is claimed since the deposits paid previously.
    Now the bill raised shows one time deposit of 250 is claimed. Is it justifiable. Please clarify.

  25. I have surrendered my BSNL connection (phone no 0261-2351048) in Decemberl 2018, I haven’t received my security money till date. I would like to know refund date for the same.

    • Follow the procedure, after submitting disconnection form 1week later go to your exchange with torn part of disconnection application, ask BSNL staff for a work order to deposit the receiver, roset box(white colour), modem, adapter, lan cable, splitter box etc. After all, are submitted by you they giving you a clearance BT-92 form.
      Again after 3 months,
      1.application for the refund to account officer with your exchange name
      2. Surrender tear slip with BT-92 form
      3. Cancelled check
      4. Deposited receipt is given by BSNL to you on 1st time.
      That’s all.
      N.B. each n every time you must ask BSNL staff for what to do.

  26. BSNL has appointed agents for connection and services, but they do not provide any service and their behavior is very bad, I have broadband connection 2981357. Speed is very slow and also not getting parallel connection despite repeated requests.

  27. My Tel. No.044-24453240.I had surrendered the broadband connection on 18th Oct received on 13/12/2019.Also submitted Bank details in person. Till date no response from BSNL Chennai 600020, Paid Security deposit of Rs.3000.

  28. I have asked for refund of deposit but officer denied it saying it’s not under his control but Mumbai office manages and control deposit amount, It’s been one year now Kopargaon, District Ahmednagar. Amount around 3500₹

  29. I need to get my refund, Am surrendering both my BSNL landline and BSNL Broadband, Both have been not functioning for over 10 days, I have given multiple complaints and mails. Not one of them answered. I have moved to another telecom service provider, Please do not harass me with delays.
    My landline no. is 080-25376418

  30. We surrender following landline from Apr 2019 but till date we have not received deposit please reply
    02025462475 02025451210. 02025452020 02025457909 02025420514

  31. I have surrendered my BSNL connection (phone no 02550-275695) in April 2019, I haven’t received my security money till date.


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