BSNL Tower Rent Complaint – Whom to Approach


Do check about BSNL tower rent complaint process informed to building owners from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited which is a state-owned telecom industry of India, holds major telecom service spread across the country, and there are deserted locations, where you can only find the network of BSNL due to its high availability of towers.

BSNL has always stressed up a lot to provide better service to the customer and in this view it has been increasing its tower wherever needed.

In this view of BSNL Tower installation, the owners are given an agreed rent price every month with a good amount as in advance, and in this overall process, customers are free to reach BSNL authority if they have any issue with the tower rent payment.

bsnl tower rent complaint
BSNL tower rent complaint

How to Lodge BSNL Tower Rent Complaint

The process of Tower Rent is all handled by the Finance and Marketing team of BSNL which works over the ground, thus any grievance in this regard must be sent to them, so that they will have a look at your processing.

In many cases, the amount of Tower rent form BSNL might get delayed due to holidays but it will be stopped for an agreed term of time, Locate your local BSNL office using official BSNL site or Use BSNL Customer service to locate the BSNL office

  • Visit the local office and reach to Finance department
  • Provide your ownership details along with tower number installed
  • The respective officer will fetch your details as given in their records
  • Once checked, the details and the delay in payment of tower will be given

There is no official online process to check for the BSNL tower rent, rather the owners are asked to visit the BSNL office if they have any grievance regarding the tower.

My Payment for BSNL Tower rent is delayed by Two Months?

There are cases when the NACH subscription from your bank to the BSNL does get disconnected. In this view, BSNL will not be able to send an amount to your bank as the link with the bank has been broken.

Owners must visit the BSNL office and provide them with the new NACH form to subscribe to their account details to be added in their regular payments.

Can I Remove BSNL Tower Rent, as I Don’t Receive Rent?

No, the BSNL tower is not to be touched by the owner in any form, and the tower must only be handled by the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and the owner must clear their grievance with the finance team regarding delay of payment.

The owner and BSNL do have an agreement signed, due to which the liability of the tower stands with BSNL only.

Should i report this BSNL Tower Rent issue to Local Police?

The BSNL Tower rent is a complete issue with the BSNL authorities, as they stand with multiple applications, and it might happen that the department has missed your field for amount dispatch.

Thus there is no need to reach the Police or any other authority in delay of payment, as once correct the whole amount will be sent to the owner in one go.

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