Why BSNL Employees are going to 3day Strike from 18.02.2019


Which trade union employees are participating in BSNL three strike from 18.02.2019, What are the causes for strike in Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Why the governments are solving the problems only after the employees goes on strike, Is it really going to be Sick PSU and why BSNL is loss making PSU, Why all employees of all unions are formed as BSNL AUAB and conducting indefinite strike? We here presenting some of the reasons collected from various sources.

Now BSNL Employees Fights for

  1. New allotment of 4G spectrum as per the proposal submitted by BSNL Management.
  2. Settlement of the left out issues of the 2nd PRC (01.01.2007).
  3. Immediate Implementation of Central government order in the payment of pension contribution by BSNL.
  4. 3rd Pay revision to all 1,60,000+ BSNL employees from 01.01.2017 which was already implemented for Central Government employees and other PSU’s in India.
    1. Approval for BSNLs Land Management Policy without any delay.
    2. Expeditiously complete the mutation and the process of transferring of all assets to BSNL.
    1. Ensure financial viability of BSNL, as per the decision taken by the Group of Ministers at the time of formation of BSNL.
    2. Issue letter of comfort for BSNLs proposals for taking bank loans.
    3. Expeditiously fill up all vacant post of BSNL Board of Directors.
  5. Scrap BSNLs outsourcing for the operation and maintenance of its mobile towers.

Opening the BSNL revenue Pandora BOX to some extent, Why every time when it comes to BSNL, people are thinking BSNL is a loss making firm, and the BSNL employees are opting indefinite strike for every three years, Technically speaking, according to the trend of telecom sector development no telecom company should incur loss and this is why many of the leading service providers are registering profits day by day before the entry of Reliance Jio, At that time also, BSNL balance sheet incurred losses, should you know why?

What happens to BSNL to do the same, Is there anything genetic defect in BSNL to be a loss making firm. From user side it is a big “NO”, Being BSNL a state owned company there are many aspects that might be responsible for this stature of Brand, BSNL was the icon of Indian Telecom industry, Yes it is true, As a PSU BSNL is having commitment to serve the society beyond its revenues, If it is going beyond where will be the profits come from.

Suppose if you consider of providing a landline to a remote village, what is the amount BSNL is getting and what is the amount BSNL is paying as a capital cost, Entire a setup has to be made like, a call routing switch, laying of inter connectivity between the central switch and the local switch in the nearby the phone connection.

From the village/taluk mini exchange (switch) to the household, it has to lay a cable with pillars, After doing this much extent what BSNL is getting in return, Good question na. It is getting around Rs 90 per month payment, For this Rs 90 connection, BSNL has to invest above a lakh rupees for provision of each connection to customer premises, but the customer pays only Rs.90 per month.

It has to establish the setup and has to maintain it accordingly, because it is the Government decision, But as we all know there will be minimal connections in remote villages, But private operators didn’t provide the same at rural, they will concentrate only on Metros and Cities/Towns.

Why BSNL is doing these things making itself a loss making Firm?

This is also a big question, Just think you have taken a loan of Rs 1 lakh and had invested it in somewhere, Monthly you are getting Rs 100, Your monthly expenditure will be of Rs 200 and have to pay the interest of Rs.1000, means you cannot pay even the interest also, This is why the debt are going day by day for BSNL, Investing at non-profit areas making BSNL a loss making firm, Rural compensation is not receiving by the Government.

Government decisions like merging of sick companies with BSNL, further makes BSNL in to loss making company and make itself sick, Government should speed up its decision making time, So that whatever BSNL wants to update or increase its infrastructure will be in line with the market technologies.

If this decisions delayed, time between planning and execution is more making BSNL to lose its customer base for providing latest technology at later point of time, Which give private players an edge, Decision making of BSNL top management should be in time to minimise the delay between planning and execution time which will really yield revenues.

Ok, With all these points in hand, how BSNL is moving ahead, as BSNL employees with all trade unions have declared that they are going to be on on strike from 00:00 hours of 18.02.2019 to 20.02.2019 trying to solve these issues and assurances of the telecom minister Shri Manoj Sinha Ji who is having a big plan for BSNL and also to the common man.

Why all BSNL unions formed as AUAB?

AUAB is All Unions and Associations of BSNL employees formed as joint forum to fight against the decisions of management and government which in result Indefinite strike too.

To fight for a right cause, after the formation of AUAB, the joint forum conducts BSNL employees rallies and agitational programmes and now for indefinite strike after the meeting held at Union office, New Delhi demanding for implementing of the various assurances of Hon’ble MOC.

The leaders of trade unions Sri Chandeshwar Singh, Chairman, AUAB, presided over the meeting and P. Abhimanyu, Convenor, welcomed every one and presented the agenda items to fight against various issues with the following leaders and members of AUAB.

BSNLEU : P. Abhimanyu, GS and Swapan Chakraborty, Dy.GS.
NFTE : Chandeswar Singh,GS
SNEA : G.L. Jogi, Chairman, A.A. Khan, President and Com.K.Sebastin, GS.
AIBSNLEA : Sivakumar, President and Prahlad Rai, GS.
AIGETOA : Pathak, AGS.
BSNL MS : Suresh Kumar, GS.
BSNL ATM : Revti Prasad, AGS.
TEPU : Abdus Samad, AGS.
BSNL OA : Kabeer Das, GS and H.P. Singh, Dy.GS.

What for BSNL employees asking ?

According to the clause of Affordability laid down by the 2nd PRC in 2007, the employees of Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited were not entitled for wage revision, However, Department of Telecom has settled the 2nd Pay revision to employees on it’s own, from 01.01.2007, with 30% fitment. It is also without taking any approval of the Cabinet and with out any Indefinite strike of telecom employees in MTNL or BSNL.

Now all Union and Association of BSNL employees (AUAB) resolved to demand that in the same analogy, the 3rd Pay Revision of BSNL employees should also be settled by the DoT itself, and without referring for the approval of the Cabinet, This is a decision to take in view of the fact that the notification for Parliament elections may come anytime in February or March, 2019, and there is no sufficient time in getting the approval of Union Cabinet for the settlement of 3rd Pay Revision to BSNL employees.

BSNL AUAB Call to employees

The Non Executives and Officer employees of BSNL to go on strike from 18.02.2019, to settle the 3rd Pay Revision, pension revision w.e.f. 01.01.2017, and all the employees have to boycott the works of all the government projects, viz., NOFN, NFS and LWE.  BSNL AUAB also give an appeal to other BSNL unions and associations, which are not part of the AUAB, to join the employees indefinite strike, that is to start from 18.02.2019.

Employees own BSNL is not loss making and also they want to pull resources from central to manage the crisis and look forward, As a common man we all support BSNL to be fore font in past, present and future, BSNL should not be only in History books, Hope all is going to be well with this employees strike in BSNL, So, its the time for all the Readers to share their opinions via comments.

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