BSNL 999 Postpaid Plan Unlimited with Mobile Data Roll Over


Another mobile plan with new innovation introduced by BSNL as postpaid plan 999 with 3 additional free family connections providing unlimited on all the SIM card, just check the details…

Futuristic augmentic postpaid tariffs introduced by BSNL which helps the customer to save their monthly budget from edge to edge tariff with this new postpaid mobile plan BSNL 999 which will be one service for all family members.

BSNL is charging monthly bill for one service at Rs 999, but provides 4 connections in a family with mobile data rollover facility every month by providing unlimited calls including MTNL network, Let’s check the new tariff under Mobile services.

BSNL 999 Plan Details

DetailsPostpaid Plan 999 Tariff
Freebies voiceUnlimited Voice any net in HPLMN and national roaming including Mumbai and Delhi in MTNL network
Free Data with rollover facility for main and Family connections  as  3  times  the
monthly free Data
75GB (Data rollover up to 225GB allowed)
Data charge after FreebiesRs.10.24/GB (1paisa/MB)
Free SMS100SMS/day in HPLMN and national roaming including Mumbai and Delhi in MTNL network
Family connections$3  Family  connections with Unlimited voice facility, 75GB data & 100SMS/day with each Family connection separately.

This new BSNL postpaid plan 999 is a regular plan available from 1st December 2020 in all the circles, so plan accordingly, Get 4 postpaid mobile SIM cards and pay the bill in online or offline only for one number.

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