What is Pension Contribution in EPF

Pension Contribution

If you are either a retired employee or someone is working as an employee, then you might have registered yourself through your organization for the EPF scheme. In simple terms, EPF is an Employee Provident Fund launched in 1995 where 12% of employee basic salary is deducted every month as part of EPF scheme. It

BSNL Instapay Login for Franchisee eWallet Recharge

BSNL Instapay Login

PAN India telecom provides BSNL InstaPay for Franchisee vendors to recharge their wallet instantly to avoid approaching office to recharge their wallet who use for different payments like recharge and bill payments. Let’s check more details. If you have been using UPI and instant payment service, then you should know about BSNL Instapay which is

How to Use Gmail Translate on Smartphone

Gmail Translate Smartphone

Users of the Gmail app will be able to translate messages into several languages without leaving the app. Users will be able to converse more easily across languages and functionality, which is accessible for both Android and iOS smartphones. Talking to people who don’t speak your language is simpler than ever. This powerful program, which