Make Conference Call on Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts by Google is a well known service all around the world for faster and reliable communication for a meet, If you have a gmail account then you can easily avail the features of this service and right away create a conference call either with your team or with someone in your team on Google

Make Conference Call on Mobile using Different Methods

We have seen conference call and online meetings have become a trend and part of our daily lives in these modern times, and another part of the modern world is the use of mobiles which has become a heavy part of everyday life and in this article we are going to help you understand how

How to Make Zoom Conference Call to Connect a Group

Presenting the step by step guide about how to make Zoom conference call after signup to connect the group of members into a live onboard for discussion by using browser or mobile application… With the COVID-19 in place and all the offices being run from home, the work from home has become the new trend

Anydesk for Mac – Setup 2020 Free Version for MacOS Remote Desktop

Install Anydesk remote desktop on your Apple MAC to enjoy seamless screen share connectivity on your system to connect your home or office PC from anywhere for specific operations, Just check the process about how to setup… In these modern times where the Work from Home has become the trend for all the companies all

Create Sticky Notes for Mac & Use Sticky Notes Efficiently

Presenting about what is sticky notes for mac, and how to put sticky notes on desktop for mac and how to save sticky notes at each required session… What is Sticky Notes Sticky Notes are saved in your Mac Device with a name referred as Stickies Database and this can be found in path /Library/

How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Mac Completely

Learn about how to uninstall Microsoft office on your MAC device completely even by removing the files in the library folder along with from as well, Do check each step and complete the uninstallation process… Installing Microsoft Applications like Words, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, and others can be done very easily, and being a Mac