Hire BSNL Auditorium/ Conference Hall for Functions in Hyderabad


Book BSNL Air Conditioned Auditorium or Conference Hall in RTTC Hyderabad for Hire and celebrate your various functions in pleasant atmosphere available with best and complete facilities at lowest rental charges for hiring.

If anyone in Hyderabad requires Conference Halls, or AC Banquet Halls to conduct various activities may have to spend above 50 thousand towards rental payment, but BSNL offers the best for letting out BSNL RTTC Hyderabad Auditorium and Conference Hall at lowest rental charges.

BSNL RTTC Hyderabad already allows all these to film shootings for Temporary allotment, but now allowed general public and Government organisations to hire Air Conditioned Auditorium and Conference Hall in RTTC on payment basis, Let’s have a look at various options and facilities and infra hiring charges

RTTC Conference Hall Facilities

  • Air Conditioned Hall equipped with LCD Projector, and well operated Audio system for all speakers having Dias View with best seating arrangement.
  • The maximum capacity of the BSNL RTTC Hyderabad conference hall is 90 members.

RTTC Auditorium Facilities

  • Complete Air Conditioned (AC) Auditorium (Hall) decorated with Oil paintings which is equipped with 216 seating capacity with ramp type flooring.
  • All the seats are Godrej make Cushion seats with full Lighting and sufficient sound system, by having Wash and Green rooms adjacent to the Auditorium

Infra Hiring Charges Tariff Sheet

Type of VenueHall CapacityPrice in RsAllowed DurationOther Details
Auditorium2162500012 HrsFor all Events to Non Govt organizations / persons
-do-216150006 HrsFor all Events to Non-Govt organizations / persons
-do-2161700012 HrsFor Govt Organization
Small Room / Classroom (i.e less than 1000 square feet)40 (non AC)50008 HrsFor trainings / Events to Non Govt Organization/persons
-do-40 (AC)70008 HrsFor trainings / Events to Non Govt Organization / persons
-do-40 (non AC)40008 HrsFor Govt Organization
-do-40 (AC)60008 Hrs ”
Big Room / Classroom (i.e more than 1000sft)80 (non AC)100008 HrsFor trainings / Events to Non Govt Organization / persons
-do-80(AC)120008 HrsFor trainings / Events to Non Govt Organization / persons
-do-80 (non AC)80008 HrsFor Govt Organization
-do-80 ( AC)100008 Hrs ”
Conference Hall651500012 HrsFor trainings / Events to Non Govt Organization / persons
Conference Hall651000012 HrsFor Govt Organization
Open Area for Displays, marketing etc500 sqft20008 HrsFor all Organizations / persons

Terms & Conditions for Hiring of BSNL RTTC Auditorium / Hall

  • All the above mentioned charges are exclusive of GST and the total will be charged with 18% extra with GST charges.
  • Any individual other than Government organisation has to pay full fees in advance by one day before hire.
  • BSNL RTTC Hyderabad Auditorium / Conference hall on hire may be used for rehearsals / extended hours of the event it will be charged at 2500 + GST per every additional Hour, and for classrooms extra hours usage will be calculated on prorata basis.
  • Whenever the Govt/ Corporate customer requires both Venue & Boarding facilities when hire BSNL auditorium or conference hall, RTTC Hyderabad may provide the boarding facility from approved Mess contractor as per the required menu and agreed rates, where the SDE(Sub Divisional Engineer) Hostel & Mess will finalize the rates.
  • If the Engine Alternator is exclusively used for the customer event on his request during Non working hours/days, the charge of Rs. 500 + GST per each half an hour has to be paid, and the engine run will be calculated in number of half an hour units, where the part of Half an hour will be treated as half an hour.
  • Extra charges will be collected, if the customer install /use any extra lighting/ appliances other than the BSNL installations
  • The refundable deposit equal to 20% of total hire charges, in the form of DD/ Cheque/ Cash has to be paid by the Private Individuals / Organization and will be returned after the adjustment towards damages / dues / Cleaning charges if any.
  • The customer has to handover the hire premises / venue of BSNL Hyderabad Auditorium or conference hall in clean and neat condition failing which the charges will be collected based on number of people required to clean the debris, and that amount will be adjusted from the customers refundable deposit which was already paid

Whom will approach to hire BSNL RTTC Hyderabad Auditorium / Conference Hall

Approach Divisional Engineer (Administration), Regional Training Center, Gachibowli, Hyderabad in advance to letting out of RTTC premises (Auditorium / Conference hall) for hire to celebrate various functions at lowest payment for rent, and for more details visit the website of RTTC Hyderabad.

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