How to Change Language in Google (Browser & Assistant)

Want to change your google language to feel comfort with it. Just check simple guide about how to change language in google web followed by in google assistant… Google has different applications and services which we use on a daily basis that include web, Google assistant and Google Discover. And a lot of times you

Make Conference Call on Google Hangouts Meet

Hangouts by Google is a well known service all around the world for faster and reliable communication for a meet, If you have a gmail account then you can easily avail the features of this service and right away create a conference call either with your team or with someone in your team on Google

Gmail Signature for Mail to Add in Single / Multiple or Delete

Gmail is a user-friendly interface that brings a lot of features to the users like Gmail Signature, Google Hangouts, and more. In case, you have to send multiple emails daily then you may allow to add Gmail Signature. This saves your time and also lets the body of mails have the signature of you as