708 Short Codes for Various Emergency Service Dialing

PAN India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited has updated all the Emergency Numbers Short code on all India basis for each emergency service of each department noted against in the table which was updated as on 31st March 2020 as a total count of 684, search the helpline numbers for your required emergency service instantly and contact the department.

Emergency Short Code Numbers in India as on 31.12.2020

Sl. NoShort CodePurpose
1100Emergency (Police)
4103Woman &child helpline
5104Health information
6105Police department
7108Ambulance services
8108Emergency & Disaster Management Services.
9112Police Emergency
10112Single Emergency No, for mobile handset
11114Call Transfer Activation
12115Call Transfer Deactivate
13116Wake up Call Activate
14117Wake up Deactivate
15118Call Waiting Activate
16119Call Waiting Deactivate
17120Hot Line Activate
18121Hot Line Deactivate
19122Reserved for Electronic Exchange function
20123Dynamic STD Password Registration
21123Dynamic STD Password Registration
24131Rly General Enqy Except Cal, S.E.Rly, Mumbai, Western Rly
25132Rly General Enqy for Cal, S.E.Rly, Mumbai, Western Rly
26133Allotment in 4 digit code
28135Raiway Manual Reservation
30138Premier Enquiry Serviced and value added services
31138All India Help line for passengers
32139Central Integrated Rly System
33142Airport enquiry
34142Electricity Outage
35143Airport enquiry interntional
36149IVRS(Public transport utility)
37149Trunk Booking, Demand and Telegram/Phonogram Services by Access Providers
38150Trunk and Telegram/Phonogram Services by Access Providers
40161Governance missed call alert
41161PAN India-M-Governmance, KTK
42162Robot test
43162Line Test Robot
44163Operator assisted test desk
45163Dept of Elec. & IT For
46165Call pickup
47166Depatment of electronics &information
48166m-governance service
49166Addition of IVRS Outbound Call Service- m-governance service, MeitY
50167Fault announcement service
51168Vertical particulars
52169Fault repair service
53171Acess to Data services
54172Acess to Data services
55172Access code of ISP`s
56174Time in english
57175Time in english
58176Fault repair service
59177Hindi vishesh seva
60177Hindi Vishes Seva
61178PCO fault Booking, BSNL
62179Centalize booking of PCO faults
63179PCO fault Booking, BSNL
64181Chief Minister help line
65181GNCT-Delhi as Chief Minister Help-line
66182Indian Railway security helpline
67182Indian Rly Security Helpline
69192Ministry of Railway as Indian Railway security helpline
70195Allotment in 4 digit code
71197Director enquiry
72197Directory Enquiry
73198Local complaint
74198Local complaints
75199Local complaint
761031Delhi & NCR helpline service
771031Helpline for Resdressal of public Grievances to Govt of Puducherry
781033NHAI for Road incident Management Service
791036Scheduled caste/
801039Anti Extortion Cell to State Govt, of UP
811050Pune Heart Brigade
821051AIDs Related Services
831052Blood Bank
841053Eye Bank
851054Poison conrol service centre
861054Poison Control Service
871055Organ Retrieval
881056Emergency medical services at District level
891056Emergency Medical Service, Tamilnadu
901057Ambulance service
911059Emergency service of hospitals
921060AIIMs, Delhi
931061PGI, Chandigarh
941062Poison Control Centre, Manipal Hospital, BG
951063Public grievance cell of DOT
961063Public Grievance cell of DoT
971064Anti corruption helpline to all state Govt./UTs
981064Anti corruption helpline to all state Govt./UTs
991065University of Delhi
1001065University of Delhi
1011066M/S Apolllo Hospital
1021066Apollo Hospital Ambulance Service
1031068Medanta the Medicity Gurgaon
1041068Medanta Medicity Gurgaon
1051070Telecom services and missing persons information
1061070State Relief Commissioner for Natural Calamities
1071070Standard Disaster Helpline to all States/UTs
1081071Air accident information
1091071Air Accident
1101072Train accident information
1111072Railway Accident
1121073Road accident
1131073Road Accident
1141074Pollution (Vehicle)
1151075Integrated of desease surveillan project
1161075IDSP BALL
1171075Integrated Disease Survelleilance System
1181075Emergency Helpline for COVID-19 at Ministry of Family and Health Welfare(MoHFW)
1191076Government of Kerala as chief Minister
1201076Chief Minster Helpline Govt.of Kerala, Govt. of NCT, Delhi
1211077Control room of District collector
1221077Diaster mangement services
1231077Control Room of District Collector
1241078Central; CDMA control room
1251078Central NDMA control room
1261078Measure for Earthquqke Help
1271079Diaster mangement services
1281079Disaster management services to all state Govt.
1291080Mrityujay ambulance service
1301088Delhi High Court
1311090Call Alert for Crime Branch
1321091Women Helpline to all State Govt./UTS
1331093Coastal Security Helpline
1341094Public Grievance Cell at CTD & WB
1351095Traffic Control Helpline to State Govt. of Chhatisgarh
1361095Registering 3G service- BSNL , KOTD
1371095Traffic Control Helpline, Chhatsgarh
1381096Women Helpline, AASP.Assam, MH, AP
1391097HIV/AIDS Helpline, Kerala.All Circles
1401098Children in difficult Situation, CPP
1411099Central Accident & Trauma service to all State/UTs
1421099Director of Health Services,Chattisgarh,
1431100faster redessal of grievances tamilnadu
1441100Chief Minister relif control room, kerala
1451100Chief Minister Helpline for COVID-19, Madhya Pradesh
1461100Chief Minister Helpline for COVID-19, Gujarat
1471130MTNL customer helpline
1481130MTNL as Customer Care Centre Helpline
1491149U.P.Police Mahila Samman Prakoshtha
1501220Call Forwarding Busy Registration
1511221Call Forwarding Busy Cancellation
1521222Call forwarding No rely Registration
1531223Call forwarding No rely Cancellation
1541224Call forwarding un conditional Registration
1551225Call forwarding un conditional Cancellation
1561281Mahila Samman Prakoshtha , Lucknow(Not issued)Pending
1571292BSNL Saas Conferencing services, Chennai
1581296Life Save Emergency Medical Services, Alappuzba, Kerala
1591310Rly General Enqy Except Cal, S.E.Rly, Mumbai, Western Rly
1601311Emergency Helpline For Suburban Commuters of Western RlysMH, Mumbai
1611312Emergency Helpline For Suburban Commuters of Western RlysMH, Mumbai
1621320Railway General enquiry
1631321Railway General enquiry
1641322w.rly security helpline
1651322NorthEastern Rly Security Helpline
1661323IRCTC Railway e-catering service to all state govt/UT.
1671330Rly Enquiry
1681330Rly.Global Enquiry
1691331Arrival inf of trains
1701331Arrival inf. Of trains
1731334Recorded announcement
1741335Arrival inf. Of trains
1781339Celcabs&Voyages Travel
1791363Ministry of Toresim
1801364Tourist Information Service Helpline
1811364-do-for State govt.
1821364Shri Amarnath Yatra
1831364Dial a Cab Service
1841366Premium enquiry services and value added services for the Indian Rlys.
1851400Reservation Enq.
1861401Reservation Eng
1871401Flight Arrival Enq.
1881402Flight Departure Enq.
1891403Domestic Automatic Flight Enq
1901404International Automatic Flight Enq.
1911405AIR INDIA Flight Services
1921407Indian Airlines
1931407Air India Services
1941410Departure Enq.
1951411International Reservation Enq.
1961412Domestic Reservation Enq.
1971413Confirmation/Cancellation Enq.
1981414Travel Agent for Air India.
1991415Private Airlines Services
2001444Private Airlines Services
2011500Call centre (cfa)
2021500Call centre for MTNL/BSNL
2031501Landline enquiry service BSNL
2041501Automatic billing enquiry
2051502WIMAX servicxe
2061502WimaxServicesCall Centre
2071503O&M PSTN
2081503WS , O & M PSTN Sw.
2091504Brand Band ( BSNL) ServiceER
2101504BroadBand, BSNL
2111505Black berry
2121505Blackberry Services
2131506ILD complaint
2141506ILD, Complaints,Chennai
2151506Call centre of chief Min.Gj
2161507IPTV Franchises
2171507IPTV Franchises
2191512Prevention of crime in Railway
2201512Prevention of Crime in Rlys
2211514National Career Service
2221515Women Helpline to all State Govt./UTS
2231515Women Helpline
2241516Delhi legal service authority
2251517Child Helpline to all State Govt/UTs
2261520Chief Minister BaNKING AND INSURANCE HELPLINE to U.P Govt
2271520Chief Minister Banking & Insurance Helpline-UP
2281533New Delhi Municipal Corporoation
2291533NDMC Citizen Facilitation services to NDMC
2301533NDNC citizen facilitation service
2311550Phone on demand
2321551Kisan call centre
2331551Kisan Call Centre
2341554Maritime SAR emergency services to the Indian Coast Guard
2351554Level to Sulab plan
2361554MSRC of Indian Coast Guard
2371555IP SRP
2381555Trunk Booking
2391556IP SRP
2401557IP SRP
2411580BSNL trunk booking service
2421580Trunk booking –Lrvel to Sulabh Plan (incoming call)(Karanataka Circle)
2431580Trunk Assistance
2441581BSNL Trunk assistance
2451581STD Complaint
2461582NDQ Enquiry
2471583NDQ enquiry
2501584(Regional Language)
2511585BSNL Phonogram regional language
2521585Trunk Booking (International)
2531586BSNL trunk booking service
2541586Trunk Assistance (International)
2551587BSNL Trunk enquiry (international)
2561587Trunk Delay Information
2581588Virtual Card callingprepaid
2591800Free Phone service
2601801Free phone services
2611802Virtual card calling (VCC)
2621803Tele-voting (no charge)_
2631804Account card calling
2641805FLPP Direct Access
2651806FLPP Remote Access
2661881Hon’ble Supreme Court of India helpline to streamline court functioning through video conferencing module
2671888Delhi highcourt helpline
2691903Sashastra Seema Bal(SSB)
2701904Indian Army Helpline
2711905Grievance & Redressal to State Govt of Punjab
2721906Petroleum Industry Emergency Helpline to Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. to all state
2731907Agricultural Marketing Department, Andhra Pradesh
2741908For Drug Menance to ALL states
2751909Do not disturb
2761912Complaint on electricity * CGM Panjab Telecom circle. Elecricity call centre at Bhubaneswar, Tamilmadu
2771916Drinking Water Supply helpline
2781917Mahanagar Gas ltd
2791919Eye bank to all state
2801920 Prayagraj Mela Pradhikarn for Kumbh mela
2811921My Govt for enhanced citizen
2821921Electricity Grievances tp Discoms
2831922Maan Ki Baat –For Hon`ble Prime Minister to National Information Centre
2841924Handling Public Grievances to all State/Uts Deptt of post
2851926Forest Department helpline
2861929Covid-19 call centre at Smart City Operation Centre , Bubhaneshwar(Odiisha)
2871930Provision and operationalization of emergency telephones/help lines at MHA.
2881932Indian Air force Helpline
2891938Diaster Management & Relief from cyclone
2911944Provision and operationalization of emergency telephones/help lines at MHA.
2921947UIDAI(Unique Identification Authority of India)
2931948Cyclone Nilofar in Gujarat
2941948Missing person information
2951948For Flood in Chennai
2961948Missing person information in TN including Chennai & Pondicherry
2971950Election Commission, Igujarat Other states
2981951Change No. announcement (Hindi)
2991952Change No. announcement (English)
3001953Change No. announcement (Regional lang)
3011954Change No. announcement (In case of shift)
3021955IVRS system on call Drop (SMS based service)
3031960IVRS Based DQ
3041961Aaykar Sampark Kendra Income TAX.
3051962Animal in distress and Animal mobile Ambulance Helpline to all States Govt. /Uts
3061963Grey Market Complaints
3071964Central Vigilance Commission All, I,
3081965Vigilance helpline to all state Govt./UTs
3091965Election Commission All
3101967Grievance Registration & Redressal HR ,GJ,AP
3111968Legal Helpline
3121969Swatch Bharat
3131992welfare of differently abled
31410581Prohibition Helpline for state govt
31510581State Govt. of Tamil Nadu AS Prohibition Helpline
31610582women and child tracking helpline
31710582Mother & Child Trafficking Helpline
31810588Mulitinngual mother and child tracking
31910588Allocation of short code 10588
32010588Mother and child tracking helpdesk
32110589Mother& child tracking helpline
32210589Mother & Child Tracking Helpdesk
32310720Train accident inf- metro railways
32410721Railway Diaster
32510722Train accident
32610723Train accident inf- -SE railways
32710724Train accident inf- E railways, Howrah station
32810725Train accident inf-E railways, Sealdah
32910740Central Pollution Control Bd,
33010740Central Pollution Control Bd,
33110741Pollution control Board of Telangana
33210741Pollution control Bds of all state Govt/UTs
33310771Disater Control Room of Dir, Relif, WB
33410772Disater Control Room of DM, 24 pgs (N), Barasat
33510773Disater Control Room of DM, 24 pgs (S), Barasat
33610774Disater Control Room of DM Howrah
33710775Disater Control Room of DM Hooghly, Chinsurah
33810780Helpline general election
33910780Helpline general election
34010920Bhabna Samity, Lucknow
34110921women helpline TTDC,Krishna dist AP
34210921Association for Social Health in India.
34310922Jayaprakash instt of social charge calcutta
34410922Jayprakash Instt. Of Social Change. Calcutta
34510923Saujatya. Calcutta
34610924Village Welfare Society Calcutta
34710925Gana Unnyan Parisad Calcutta
34812890Sabarimala, Pilgrims - Kerala State on temporary basis
34913650M/s Hertz.Pvt.Ltd. (working in Assam) Jharkhand
35013651(All India Basis) Operational in Chennai)
35113652Sevak Taxi Service( Operational in Banglore) but under DNP
35213658Arrow Amenities (Blue Taxi) KOTD
35314401As Urja Mitra Helpline
35414401NMDFC Helpline
35514402For NMDFC National Miniority Development Development
35614402Tata Trust elderly people
35714403National consumer helpline Jigyasa Helpline to Bihar
35914404As Ministery of consumer affairs
36014404Excise Dept
36214405Excise Deptt ChandigarhState
36314405Electronic services delivery of IT Deptt
36414406IT Department Govt of Telangana
36514407Criminal Investigation department west bengal police
36614408Ministry of women &child Development
36714409GST Network for GST return
36814410COVID-19 Tele-medicine helpline call centre to Government of AP, KTK & OR
36914410Teleconsulting & Tele-medicine National Health Mission, Govt. of Meghalya.
37014411CRPF helpline for the state of Jammu & kashmir
37114411School Education Help line
37214414Niti Aayog
37314417School & Mass Education Department, Odisha
37414418Military Hospital Jaipur.
37514420 Helpline for septic tanks and sewers to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Government of India for all States /UTs.
37614421Register and Census Commissioner of India
37714422CEIR Project
37814423Kilkari Helpline to MOHFW
37914424Mobile Academy Projects, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
38014425Department of School Education, MP
38114433Human Rights Helpline
38214433 Human rights Public awareness
38314440For voice services to reserve bank of India for its public awareness helpline
38414441National informaticks
38614442Cash Mukt Bharat Abhiyan
38714444Meity Ministry of information and electronic Govt of India
38814444JSS Hospital & NIC
38914445Helpline for national portability of ration cards under ‘One Nation One Ration Card’ plan
39014545Mo Sarkar Control Centre, Odisha
39114449Helpline to Government of Andhra Pradesh to register complaints against Police
39214455JSS hospital
39314456IVRS based OTP Authentication process
39414464Shri Amarnath Shrine Board
39514488Government of India Call Centre for coordination between States for inter-State movement of perishables-vegetables, fruits, inputs like seeds, pesticides and fertilizers
39614499Corona Santvana helpline to Forest & Environment Deptt. Govt. of Gujarat
39714466Meity Ministry of information and electronic Govt of India
39814546Re- Varification Mobile Service
39914546 IVRS BASED OTP Authentication process for E-reverification of ADDAR
40014546Ministry of Health & family welfair
40114555Ministry Home Affairs & all telecom operators
40214555Ministry of Health & family welfair
40314555PM-JAY Helpline to all States/UTs
40414560Accounts wing, DOT
40514464Sh.Amarnath Shrine Board
40614566National helpline to Deptt. of Social Justice against atrocities on members of SC & ST
40714567National helpline to Deptt. of Social Justice & Empowerment for Sr. citizens.
40814567Enquiry of public road transport utility
40914588Helpline for the beneficiaries of Central Health Schemes like CGHS, CAPF and ESI schemes to National Health Authority
41014600 to14639Hon’ble High Courts of India helplines to streamline court functioning through video conferencing module.
41115013State Election commission
41215100Call centre for MTNL/BSNL
41315100Allotted for use by National legal service Authority
41415100Legal Services Helpline(Nalsa)
41515101GAIL as PAN India Gas Pipeline
41615102For all India Radio ( AIR)
41715103State Election commission
41815104BSNL NGN Helpline
41915105Postal Complaints Dept of Post
42015106Metro Heart Institute
42115107National Register of Citizen(NRC) project to state Govt of Assam
42215233Indian Oil Helpline,
42315544Mid Day Meal Services for Voice & SMS gateway services
42415545For Pohibitio in Helpline to state Goovt of Bihar in other circles
42515545Trade & Taxes Helpline Deptt. GNCT of Delhi
42615545Military control room mapped
42715545Prohibition Helpline
42917001Voice Mail Service to M/s Tata Teleservices Ltd
43017010Missed call alert
43117030M/s Cyber Bazar (India) Pvt. Ltd
43217051Answeriing machine service
43317052Answeriing machine service
43517070Raji TV Local Network
43617071AIR FM1
43717073Podhigai outstation network
43817074AIR FM2
43917075Suriyan FM
44017076Sun Tv
44117077Podhigal local network
44217078RajTV Outstation network
44317079AIR FM3
44519440Helpline for Kumbh Mela police
447105010Forties Hospitals
448105010Escort Heart Institute & Research centre
449105011M/s Cure International India Trust for Clubfoot Treatment Programe
450105201Govt.General Hospital Blood Bank, Chennai
451105700Lokmanya Medical Foundation, Pune
452105701Kailash Hospital, Noida
453105705Ambulance service, Vidya
454105705Pratisthan Institute of IT.
455105707Unity Health Complex Mangalore
456105710MIOT Hospital Ambulance Service, Chennai
457105711NM Wadia Institute of Cardiology, Pune
458105712Pune Institute of Neurology Ambulance Service
459105713Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad Ambulance
460105714Sterling Hospital, Ambulance Service, Ahmedabad
461105715B M Birla Heart Research Centre, Kolkata
462105716Rabindranath Tagore Institute of Cardiac Science
463105718Sanjay Gandhi Accident Hosp.& Research Institute
464105719Kamalnayan Bajaj Hospital
465105720Seth Nandlal Dhoot Hospital
466105721Lifeline Foundation, Vadodara
467105722Sundaram Arulrhaj Hospital
468105724Escorts Hosp.& Research Centre, Faridabad
469105725Ambulance Ser5vice of Referral Information Network System, TN
470105727Frontier Lifeline Pvt. Ltd. Chennai
471105757Sancheti Institute Trauma Centre, Pune
472105758Ambulance service, Asian Institute of Medical Sciences.
473105766Apollo Hospital Ambulance Service
474105777Ambulance service for Indian Metals and Ferro Alloys Ltd.Bhubaneswar
475105786Director ( Operations) SRM Institute of Medical sciences
476105900Nobel Hospital, Pune
477105901Ramchandra Hospital,Chni
478105901Institute for Hand & microsurgery,Stanley Hospital , Pune / Chennai
479105902Hosmat Hospital, Bang.
480105902Army Command Hospital,Pune
481105904Kammineni Hospital, Hyd
482105905Malar Hospital,Chni
483105906Sri Devi Hospital,Chni
484105907Sterling Hospital, Ahd
485105909Kailash Hospital, Noida
486105910Yoshada Hospital Hyd
487105911Madras Medical Mission
488105913Balaji Hospital Chennai.
489105914Aditya Hospital Hyd.
490105915Mediciti Hospitals, Hyd.
491105916GNRC Hospital
492105919Global Hospital Hyd.
493105920Image Hospital, Hyd.
494105921Image Hospital Hyd
495105922Grant Medical Foundation
496105930Sagar Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore
497105959Sarvodaya Hospital & Research Centre
498105999M/s Rigid Hospitals Chennai-10.
499116601Stray Dogs Menace
500135337APDSL Helpline
501136200Services, BG,CH,HYD
50214555Ministry of Health and family welfare NHPS
50314560Accounts wing DOT for CPMS
504155055Rural Dev .Dept.Jkd
505155055Trade &tax help line GNCT of Delhi
507155200Human rights
508155201INF service on Income tax
509155202Postal Complaints
510155203Human Rights Helpline
511155204Maritime resvue co ordination centre
512155205Ministry of petroleum
513155206Disability Helpline, Ministry of Social Justice
515155210Rly. Vigilance Mobile Helpline
516155211National Speed Post Centre Trivandrum & Kochi
517155211Trivandrum & kochi.
518155211Speed Post Centres at
519155211Tirupur and Hosur T Nadu
520155212Assam, MH
521155213Meadical Emergency Service of Kasani Health Express Ambulace/Global Healthcare Systems Pvt. Ltd. in Chhattisgarh./AP/KERALA
522155214Labour Help line to all State/UTs
524155216IGL for General Emergency Services in Delhi NCT & NCR
525155217Sickle Cell Institute Chhatisgarh Helpline
526155218Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.
527155220Public Transport Helpline
528155221Public Transport Helpline
529155222ANTI RAGING
530155222Anti Ragging Helpline
531155223Vas Helpline
532155223Vas Helpline
534155224CGHS Dispensary connectivity
535155226Indian Air force Helpline
536155227Citizen centric services Helpline
537155228Forest department as attack by wildlife, poaching & threatening situation helpline to all State Govt.
538155229Trade & Taxes Helpline Deptt. GNCT of Delhi
539155229Tobacco Quit line services to Vallabhbhai Patel Chest Institute, University of Delhi. (Re-allocation)
540155230Digital india helpline
541155230Digital India Programme to Lucknow Development Authority
542155231Women Workers to all State Govt./UTs
543155232POSTAL LIC
544155232Postal Life Insurance Directorate.All circles
545155234Anti Human Trafficking helpline to UP Human Rights Commission ,
546155235Food Security Guarantee Scheme to all State/UTs
547155236Rapid Assessment System (RAS)
548155237Panchayati raj & Drinking Water Department, Bhubaneswar.
549155237Mid Day Meal Services for Voice & SMS gateway services Rajeev Gandhi Rural Housing Corporation
550155240Welfare Commissioner, Bhopal Gas Victims
551155241Agricultureal Produce market
552155244Ministry of Health and family affair, DG of Health & Family Welfare, Quit line no. of Tobacco.
553155246SMS based short code
554155249Rowdyism/Extortion Meanace TO Bengaluru city police
555155248Centraized call centre
556155250Citizen centric helpline
557155250Centalize call centre to Govt of Andhra Pradesh
558155313 Mobile Plant Health Clinic to Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Karnataka
559155254Gender Park, Dep. Of Women & Chield Development, kerala
561155255Insurance Regulatory & Development authority
563155260Cyber crime prevention for woman and children, Home Affairs
565155262Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
566155266IRDA, Stoen Vehicle Recovery Information System All circles
567155271Delhi Police for Noise Pollution
568155275Energy Efficiency
569155277Food and Public distributor
570155280All india helpline of Indian Airforce
571155299Indian post payment bank
572155300Kerala Govt. Call centre - Kerla water authority
573155301Rajasthan Police call centre
574155302Bangalore Development Authority
575155303All Municipal Corporation
576155304Municipal Corporation Ahmedabad(AMC)
577155304Municipal Corporation of Rajamundry, AP
578155304Municipal civic complaints
579155304Municipal Corporation , Telangana
581155307Helpline for tourist polic authorities A&N
582155308Helpline for old age persons
583155309Transport Department Call Centre, Karnataka
584155309Sanchar Kranti Yojna Chattisgarh
585155310NRHM Govt. of Rajasthan
586155310RTI Call Centre of Bihar Govt (RTI call centre)
587155311RTI Call Centre of Bihar Govt (RTI Application)
588155312Tamilnadu, Karnataka and MP Forest Dept,
589155313WATER COMPLAINT Tamilnadu
590155314Maharashtra Forest Dept. Nagar
591155315A.P.Pollution Control Board, Hyd.
592155316Usha Kiran Yojana, MP.
593155317Akshaya Nikketan trust Karnataka
594155318Jharkhand Services Authority. JKD and Bihar
595155319Woman Helpline Swadhar Shelter Home, Assam
596155319Woman Helpline for Shanti Sarvodaya Sansthan Gonda
597155320Maharashtra Lokyukta Inst.
598155321National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme helpline in A&N
599155321National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme helpline in Sirsa Hyrayana
600155322Woodland Medical
601155323Director Social Welfare Chandigarh Admn
602155324AP micro irrigation project
603155325Registrar General, High Court, Jabalpur
604155326Aasha Helpline at Chandigarh.
605155327Helpline for the Disabled
606155328NREGS HP All Access Service Providers
607155329Mahila Uthan Sansthan, Barabanki UPE
608155330Helpline for livelihoods Creation Programme, HdKerala
609155332Minorities in WB
610155333Eastern Power Distribution Company of A.P.Ltd
611155333Central Electricity Supply Utility of Orissa
612155333Institute on Mgmt. of Agri. Extn. (IMAGE), Siripur, Bhubneshwar, Govt. of Odisha
613155334Swin Flu Helpline
614155336Water Resources Department, Maharashtra
615155336Housing & Urban Development Department, Government of Odisha
616155338Social welfair helpline
617155338APDSL Helpline
618155339APDSL Helpline
619155340Pancgyat Raj helpline
620155341Personal, Adminstrative reform Dept. receiving the PGs/Suggestion/complaints
621155343Citizen facilitation,MP
622155344Rajiv Aarogyasri Scheme
623155344Aviatora Air Rescue
624155345Citizen Relationship and Grievance Management System of Delhi Govt.
625155350Aviators AIR
626155350Call centre for central information and emergency network Manipal Health Foundation
627155352Medical helpline for Asian institute of medical services Faridabad HR
628155354Medical helpline
629155355Citizen Relationship and Grievance Management System of Delhi Govt.
630155357Community Health Insurance Scheme A.P
631155358Excise Department of Kerala
632155359Bangalore Water Sewrage Board, Karnataka
633155359Centralized Customer Care Helpline for WATCO (Water Corporation of Odisha)
634155360Kolkata Muncipal Corpn
635155361Anticorruption Bureau,AP
636155362Maharashtra Natural Gas Limited.
637155363Karnataka state human rights commission
638155364for Forest KFRI Department of Andhra Pradesh/Kerala
639155365DG & IG of police, Karnataka
640155366Karnataka state agricultural marketing Board, arnataka
641155367Chennai Metropolitan Water Supply Sewarage Board, Chennai
642155368Rashtriya Swastha Bima Yojana, to all state Govt./AB-NHPM Uttar Pradesh
644155371Uttarakhand Information Commission,
645155372O/O Labour Commissioner, Gujarat State
646155372Child labour helpline
647155377Free Hearse(Mortuary) Van Service, Health Welfare Department, Tamil
648155388Rajiv Gandhi Jeevandayee Arogya Yojana (MH)
649155390Citizen Grievance Redressal system MaharashtraI
650155398Citizen Grievance Redressal system MaharashtraI
651155655CISF Metro Helpline
652160922IN Related service
653170221Doordarshan local network
654171000I Net service
655172214M/s Asianet Satellite communications
657172223ISDN Clip based internet
658172225Internet ISDNDial Up
659172226VSNL information service
661172233National Internet Backbone (PSTN ACCESS )
663172389KELNET ISP
665172516HCL-Private isp
6671050201Blood Bank Govt hospital chennai
6681707064Airphone in Programme
6691707065Airphone in Programme
6701707066Airphone in Programme
6731707088PAXE-TV(India vision)
6741707090Mathrubhumi FM radio phone in program
6751707091Mathrubhumi FM radio phone in program
6761707099PAXE-TV(India vision)
677*(155304)*(same services )
678*1902To Access Service Providers for resolving data usage complaints from Mobile consumers through SMS/or IVRS.
679*1925To Access Service Providers for resolving data usage complaints from Mobile consumers through SMS/or IVRS. ( 1902 is withdrawn short code)
6801059xyEmergency Service of Hospitals
6811061#Care Hospital Hyd. & K.G Hospital Coimbatore
682106XState of the art Hospitals
683107XEmergency Information Service,
6841092xNGOs for Women Helpline
68511XAccess Providers Services
686125 to 129Services to be provided by Access providers
6871323 to 1329IRCTC Railway e-catering service to all state govt/UT.
6881365xSNS Taxi service
689140xIndian Air service
690141xArrival Enq
6911509#Indo-Nepal border link
6921511(n)Police related service for all Metro Rail Project
69315533OHelpline for livelihoods Creation Programme, Hd
6941553xxState Govt dept
6951602#ACC(in service)
6961604#Shared service inter-comm
699170xyVoice Mail Service
7001717#IVRS for meteorological
7011911#Dail a doctor
70219120 to 19123Electricity Grievances
70319121 to 19125My Govt for enhanced citizen
70419125 to 19127Electricity Grievances
7051914#Postal complaints
707195Allotment in 4 digit code
7081961x (x=0-9)Helpline for animals in distress to Municipal Corporation Jaipur