BSNL Postpaid Plans New Tariff with Unlimited Calls & Data

Searching the new BSNL postpaid plans for mobile available in the market offering unlimited calls and data is a task. Here we made it very easy to select new postpaid plans for unlimited voice and data subscription…

BSNL is designing the best tariff covering all customers and keeping itself in new line of sight right now. It is with the new unlimited plans of voice and daily data unveiled in the present telecom world by recording an enormous growth in subscriber count for postpaid plans in BSNL.

The modern tech world is always moving using latest technologies. To do anything, techies can have high speed internet facility on their smartphones or wireless devices. To facilitate with high speed internet at 4G speed at an affordable price and to capture the market, mobile operator augmented individual unlimited postpaid plans without speed restriction for data.

New Postpaid Mobile Plans

BSNL is expanding its reach with the launch of new unlimited plans in postpaid segment. All the postpaid plans contain a handpicked selection of freebies regarding voice/SMS and the most necessary data facility.

At present, Mobile operator’s major postpaid plans are Plan 199, 399, 525 with free voice and data facility. The program 798, 999 and Plan 1525 are available in the market as unlimited plans. All these mobile postpaid plans available with roaming free facility. Also with more free talk time up to 90% and data on monthly rental charges.

BSNL Postpaid Mobile Plans 2022

From olden days, postpaid plans 225, 325 and 525 is a brace of mid-ranges. Now it changed to Plan 798 because it treats as a mid-range plan to get connected as unlimited at affordable price.

Without any confusion, you will know the complete tariff here, and the current call charges. You can also check SMS rates, free data along with charges beyond free usage in mobile postpaid plans mentioned with clear navigation.

Recently BSNL introduces a special offer by giving up to 500% more data in all the tariffs. This provides affordable and efficient services, Let’s check the latest postpaid plans which have finally revealed as follows.

Unlimited Postpaid Plans for BSNL Mobile

BSNL Postpaid Plans with monthly rental 198, 798, 999

BSNL Ghar Wapsi

525 Postpaid Plan

1525 Postpaid Plan

Advance rental option: 11 month FMC for annual advance rental and 21 month FMC for the biennial advance rental applicable for all postpaid plans.

All these postpaid plans offered from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited are common tariffs in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan and in entire India.

With above complete info about the flagship postpaid plans, now you decide how much worth it is for you. If you have any doubts related to BSNL mobile postpaid plans not covered in the above, please do comment.

  1. How to get BSNL Postpaid bill details?

    The dialed call details are not displayed in the bill, if required submit a request to concerned BSNL to provide the call details of that particular month.

  2. Is there any facility to change BSNL Postpaid plans online?

    At present, there is no facility available online. If you want to change the existing to new BSNL Mobile postpaid plans, you have to submit written request to concerned BSNL authorities for migration.

  3. Can I change my postpaid number to BSNL prepaid service?

    Yes, you can change the existing post-paid mobile connection to BSNL prepaid recharge service at any time. But you have to clear all the outstanding dues for successful BSNL mobile postpaid to prepaid conversion.

  4. Is there any intimation before exhausting BSNL free data available in the subscribed plan?

    You will receive a text message after reaching 70% and 80% of free data in your subscribed postpaid plans.

  5. Can we apply postpaid connection at any retailer/franchisee like prepaid mobile plans?

    No, the postpaid service is not available with retailer/franchisee. It is separate service (provision of BSNL Mobile postpaid plans) accessible at customer service center only.

  6. What are the sources for BSNL postpaid bill payment?

    The available facilities are
    >BSNL postpaid bill payment online and My BSNL App using net banking, credit/debit cards.
    >Payment at BSNL cash counters with cash/cheques and also with debit/credit cards.
    >Bill payment through third party websites / Apps / UPI payment.

  7. Can we have to pay any additional deposits for this BSNL Mobile postpaid plans than mentioned in the tariff sheet?

    Yes, several excess deposits may collect on BSNL Mobile postpaid plans as per the conditions. It may decide by the concerned officer in charge who certifies the bonafide report. All the deposits if any paid are refundable only.

  8. What are the sources to get the BSNL mobile postpaid duplicate bill?

    You can get the duplicate bill by approaching customer service center’s of BSNL and on login to BSNL portal.

  9. Can International Roaming will provide by default on all postpaid mobile plans?

    No, it provides only on requirement after submission of the written request and on payment of necessary security deposit. This facility will provide with any BSNL postpaid plans.

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33 thoughts on “BSNL Postpaid Plans New Tariff with Unlimited Calls & Data”

  1. I am getting more than 100 Rs extra in the bill above my plan of 199 and GST, Why and whom said I contact for this

  2. Requesting for changing my postpaid plan. But no response from them. Very bad customer support and most worst network.

  3. I’ve applied to change my plan at BSNL Pithoragarh office but still not done by concerned office from Dec/Jan 22. Please check it.

  4. BSNL any App is not useful and worst time wasting services. Being a very poor service provider why TRAI is also silent on behalf of Consumers?? It’s not fair from TRAI as well.

  5. में एयरटेल से बीएसएनएल पोस्टपेड प्लान लेना चाहता हु जरा बताए की नेटवर्क की क्या इस्तथि है

  6. My first plan was 99. BSNL converted it to plan 111. Recently again the plan converted to 149 plan without leaving any message.

  7. We want 10 bsnl postpaid sims for our central government office with bill payment at the end of the year. Is there any postpaid sms plan around 130 sms per day. Data is not required as they have to be installed with the scientific instruments.

  8. Dear BSNL;
    I’m using your services post- paid plan for over 20 years. However, the internet usage speed and satisfaction is very poor. I wonder if it is due to the plan 525 for which I end up paying Rs. 800 to 900 per month. Kindly suggest alternate plan or switch to pre-paid if it will work better. Or maybe, I should apply for portability. Thanks

  9. Under porting to other Telecom I received the UPC as CBGxxxxx ,when I went to the new Telecom for processing they asked me for a authority letter, I could not understand this, can any one help me in this matter.

  10. To change the postpaid plans is very essential through online.
    To convert the postpaid to prepaid plan is very essential through online

  11. I had a cellphone mobile from 2006, Disconnected the same 3 months back. Paid a deposit of 2000/- for which I received only 500/- as a refund, How should I raise the complaint to receive the pending.

    • Yes, you can, just approach concerned area CSC and request for closure of postpaid and activation of prepaid

  12. Inspire of being costly BSNL net is very slow in comparison to Reliance & Airtel, I am thinking to quiet the connection. Ph: 9415053324.

    • BSNL service is the worst of the worst specially here in panaji Goa, the staff in their offices s just dont care. They send me to xerox my id copy 3 times to change my sim from prepaid to post paid just because one staff probably had a vision problem n could not read what i could frm my id copy, You all don’t keep a brand new xerox machine in your office where we can take a copy which is satisfactory to ur staff, Y don’t provide online service of change of sim from prepaid to post paid.Even the call center is so bad.

      Are ull living in the 18th century, and run to your offices during a pandemic and lock down, Digusting is not the real word for ur service and No wonder so many are leaving their network.


    • दूसरी कम्पनियां 500 रुपए में 4 जी स्पीड के साथ डेली 2जीबी डेटा ग्राहको को 84 दिन के लिये देती है 2300 रुपए मे unlimited कॉलिंग, डेटा एक साल के लिये देती है, आपके 325/month जे प्लान का एक साल ऐडवांस भी दिया जाए तो आपका प्लान काफी महंगा है, क्यों कोई बीएसएनएल चुने जबकि कई जिले अभी तक 3जी तो छोडिए 2जी से भी अच्छी तरह कवर नहीं है।

  14. I am having 325 plan, but it did not have data facility to use, Can someone tell me whether in this plan is there any data available or not.

  15. I am a 325 Plan customer, and I want 7GB Data free in my set, how to activate this feature, Many times visit your CCC, No use Please Help 9447022820.

  16. It is time that BSNL improved their services to stay in the race. There was an announcement that BSNL customer service centers replaced normal prepaid sim with international roaming enabled sim just by Aadhaar verification. I ran from pillar to post in vain and the staff was unaware of such provision and even the exchange staff did not react even after I showed them the relevant news.
    I had to port to another private operator since I was in desperate need. BSNL management and staff can be very proud of losing a couple of their prepaid numbers because of their inefficiency.


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