Apply, Activate BSNL Wings Free Trial Online from India or Abroad

Apply BSNL Wings and Activate in Online from India or Abroad, Get your Free Wings VOIP service for 1 month without single paise payment and talk unlimited at free of cost with anyone in the country, Continue the BSNL VOIP service even with free international roaming if satisfied…

There is no requirement of special introduction about BSNL WINGS service, because, the VOIP service is a grand hit in the Indian telecom market, and before the launch only, thousands of WINGS connections booked for activation, and from the launch date, the online applications are increasing for BSNL WINGS VOIP telephone connection.

Now, as a promotional offer, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited introduced WINGS Service at Free of Cost for customers / employees, so now here we are presenting how to apply and activate BSNL WINGS Free TRIAL Offer in online from anywhere in the world, so let’s have a look at the process of BSNL Wings VOIP service booking and activation in online.

Step by step process of BSNL WINGS Free Service Registration in Online

  • First of all, at the outset, prepare soft copies of required documents, Scan (using smartphone photography or flatbed scanner) the passport size photo of employee/customer and save as JPG and ensure that the size of the image is less than 3 MB by selecting suitable resolution by and cropping etc.
  • Similarly Scan the Proof of Identity and Proof of Address
  • Go to and click on the WINGS Logo/Wings Service booking in the middle of the page, or directly go to
  • Fill up the columns under Register for Landline and Wings service viz state, Pin code, Email & Your Mobile number
  • Then Click Verify Mobile Number
  • You will get OTP number on your mobile by SMS
  • Enter the OTP in verify OTP box.
  • Click verify OTP and Submit box
  • The Next screen appears whether it is for landline and broadband or for of BSNL WINGS
  • Click Go under BSNL Wings
  • Upload the image under customer image
  • Now upload scanned copy of POI and in case, Proof of Address (POA) document is same as ID proof, Click and click Next
  • Select BSNL Wings Number from the list available mobile numbers
  • Under WINGS Tariff, select Free Trial Offer One Month for BSNL mobile number, or free trial offer for 1 month for existing BSNL customers.
  • Now take care to select among from the drop down list of circles
  • Under my existing BSNL number, fill up mobile number or landline number
  • Click on Validate
  • Fill up registered mobile number and then click Verify
  • You will get OTP number on your mobile by SMS immediately
  • Enter the One Time Password in verify OTP box
  • Click Verify OTP and Submit box
  • Then fill up all the required customer details and
  • Go to the proof of identity and proof of address available
  • Fill up the concerned document number (Aadhar or Vehicle licence number whichever is applicable and date of issue)
  • Then Click Next
  • Then check up the details shown on the screen and then click Confirm and Submit
  • You will get message shortly for future correspondence with reference number and also 16 digit PIN in mobile and through email containing a QR code.
  • Follow the below process and activate your PIN at NGN portal to use complete the activation of Wings service for usage.

Now, book your BSNL Wings VOIP free connection in online and activate the service in online itself with the above steps and use BSNL Wings at anywhere across the world using WiFi or mobile network services, and continue the service if satisfied during the trial period.

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19 thoughts on “Apply, Activate BSNL Wings Free Trial Online from India or Abroad”

  1. Dear Team,

    Already registered but still not activated and did not received activation code, Correspondence: LD12606693
    payment ref: GWIN210203489132, Wing no:9188990373.

    Sulfeekar Ali

    • Hi Ali, I also went through the same pain but finally my issue was resolved, BSNL has changed the activation process recently and old blogs are still talking about 16 digit activation code, Now once you registered and paid the amount, BSNL won’t send any SMS/Email until its approved by your area Commercial Officer, Send the email to ‘’ and mention your registration number (starts with LD), Registered Mobile Number, Your Wings Number. They will reply within hours. Hope this reply will solve your issue.

  2. Dear Sir,
    I submitted the application for BSNL Wings service and registration was completed, but still have not got activation (16 Digital PIN Number) code in my registered mobile number, Kindly arrange to provide 16 Digital PIN Number as soon as possible through my mentioned email ID.

    Wings Number : 9188995802
    Registration Date : 25-JUL-2020 02:26:59 AM
    CAF serial No : LD12009409

  3. Dear Sir
    I have Applied new BSNL WINGS connection on 29-5-2020 for 9498703412 telephone number,
    I have submitted my Aadhar card as proof of residence address presently i am not living as per aadhar card address, I am living in new address because there is new building construction work is ongoing,
    Is there any problem in my application, which stops you for new connection approval, please let me know ASAP,
    I need the BSNL WINGS connection at the earliest, Kindly arrange to provide 16 Digital PIN Number as soon as possible through my mentioned email ID.
    Wings Number : 9498703412
    Registration Date : 29-05-2020 09:32:06 PM
    CAF serial No : LD11312786

  4. Dear Sir,
    I am submitted the application for BSNL Wings service registration is completed, but still now did not get activation (16 Digital PIN Number) code, I lost my lot of money Registered Mobile 9400810721, Kindly arrange to provide 16 Digital PIN Number as soon as possible through my mentioned email ID.

    Wings Number : 9188998721
    Registration Date : 12-05-2020 07:31:01 PM
    CAF serial No : LD11134894

  5. How to deactivate Wings number as I do not find any use of it, It was said as trial period, Now I get 335 /month bill on that number, Trying to find way to discontinue and deaactivate the connection.

    • After uploading the documents, it may goes for approval of concerned officer of that telephone exchange, so please just call concerned area commercial officer for approval if any pending.

      • I did, and was asked to go to CSC, If I have to take a day off and go to csc, where is online/ekyc in picture, That also she said she will confirm, Now she is not picking the calls or replying to msgs, How do I get the refund. BSNL is in sorry state to have any use, I just need to get my 1200+ rupees back.

        • I too experienced similar situation. The commercial officer wanted me to visit CSC, although it is mentioned at BSNL website that Wings can be activated online, If you want to get back the money (refund), please log your grievances at, After I lodge my grievance, I received back my online paid money of Rs.3,297 (Rs.1,297 for registration + Rs.2,000 for ISD/IR).

    • Follow the above procedure as it is, and upload the documents, and pay online, activate the service within 30 minutes from anywhere in the world,
      Also please watch the video for clarification.

      • I have applied for the service : Application no. LD10814215
        Documents are uploaded and payment made.

        Still the activation status showing N/A and did not receive WING PIN

        • Same here. I’ve made the payment, uploaded the documents everything, but no pin nothing. Status says NA, WITH? BSNL remains dysfunctional to the core, No surprise they are making losses, A private company with such an attitude would through each of these employees out or would be out of business long ago.

  6. I live in Mogappair East in Chennai, the district drop down menu does not have any option to choose for my area, Chennai or Thiruvallur is not available, and totally frustrated that BSNL actually does not want anybody in Chennai to be its customers, What do others in Chennai choose, Can’t BSNL determine everything based on pin code alone, Can someone help?

  7. In the District drop down menu many districts including Chennai is missing, Also some districts are repeated 2 or 3 times, I made umpteen efforts to subscribe WINGS, Just because I cannot type the district and nor Chennai is not there in the drop down menu I could not,

    I am a BSNL Landline customer for over 30 years and why I should fill all the information, BSNL has all the information from my Landline number, Is the BSNL trying to DISCOURAGE PEOPLE FROM USING THEIR SERVICES?


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