BSNL Single Number Service (SNS) New Rate Card for All India

BSNL introduced new tariff for Single Number Service with new rate card on recommendation with tariff committee CFA approval, check the new table and also find how and where can apply BSNL New SNS connection if required…

What is BSNL Single Number Service (SNS)?

An allotment of “One Single Unique Telephone Indicator (Landline Telephone Number)” to a company or business organization which will be the same across India and the same can be dialed using different STD codes is known as BSNL Single Number Service.

Example: 1 – An 8 digit unique telephone indicator (eg: 27854544) can be dialed using all STD code of 3 digits (011, 022, 033, 040, 044), it means, if you dial 033-27854544, the call goes to Kolkata, and if you dial 044-27854544, the call reaches to Chennai so on

Example: 2 – 7 digit unique telephone indicator (eg: 2785454) can be dialed using all STD code of 4 digits (0141, 0260, 0866, 0484), it means, if you dial 0141-2785454, the call goes to Jaipur, and if you dial 0866-2785454, the call reaches to Vijayawada so on.

BSNL Single Number Service
BSNL Single Number Service

Charging Rate of BSNL Single Number Service

  • Fixed Monthly charges for each BSNL SNS is Rs.300 per month.
  • GST rates are applicable on total bill.
  • There is not outgoing facility on the allotted number and it is barred completely.
  • All the Incoming are charged as below
Incoming Calling Volume in Million Minutes per Month (Non-Graded) Incoming Call Rate (Pulse rate: 60 Seconds)
0 Minutes to 3 Mn 0.25
3 Mn to 6 Mn 0.18
6 Minutes to 9 Mn 0.12
9 Minutes to 12Mn 0.11
Above 12 Mn 0.10

All the incoming calls to alloted SNS will be forwarded by the operator’s PRI availed by TCL at Bangalore or Chennai without any additional charge.

The new rate card for BSNL SNS has been implemented with effect from 14th June 2019 in all BSNL circles on PAN India basis on regular basis.

Who will apply for this BSNL Single Number Service?

Any individual / company / organization / business units are allowed to apply for this BSNL SNS at any circle.

Can customer avails broadband service on BSNL SNS?

No, it is single number landline service and is not allowed any other services on telephone indicator.

How to apply for BSNL SNS in online or offline?

Required customers can approach nearest SSA Enterprise business team and complete the necessary procedure (Application submission, Required documents, payment of demand note as per new rate card) for installation of BSNL SNS at your required location.