BSNL Employee Applications for Outside Recruitment – New Guidelines


BSNL has issued the new guidelines with regard to forwarding of employee applications for direct outside employment, before this, different cadre controlling authorities and circles of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited are adopting different approach in dealing with such cases.

In order to maintain uniformity across the organization of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited in this matter, the following guidelines are issued with the approval of Competent Authority for forwarding the applications of BSNL employees for outside direct employment.

BSNL Employee Applications
BSNL Employee Applications

BSNL new guidelines in sending applications of employees for outside employment

According to the BSNL corporate office circular 250-20/2014-Estt.-III Dated: 12 /11/2018, the following are the guidelines to be followed by all employees and BSNL circles or LSA’s in submission and sending the applications for direct outside recruitment in other Government organizations.

Application from employees for direct employment in Central/State Government including its Autonomous bodies and public sector undertakings will be forwarded as a rule except in cases where they can be withheld in public interest. Ordinarily an employee including technical personnel will be permitted to apply for an outside post up to six times in a year including applications to UPSC and SSC.

Applications for forwarding, submitted through proper channel, should be complete in all respect along with a copy of recruitment advertisement/circular against which employee is applying. Applications not in response to advertisements or circulars will not be forwarded to the employer. Once an application has been forwarded, then the employee will also be granted NOC for appearing in the interview etc. for the said post subject to condition mentioned in para (e) below.

In case of online applications, BSNL employee should inform the competent authority in advance of submitting the applications along with a copy. of advertisement/circular and filled applications forms, wherever possible and if printing of filled in application form is not possible then complete details should be submitted to the competent authority. It will also apply for the entrance exams like GATE, CAT etc in which NOC is required at the time of interview.

Applications of employee with bond obligations should be forwarded along with intimation to the employee and prospective employer that in the event of selection, of the BSNL official has to fulfil all bond obligations as per extant guidelines. applicable at the time of his release. Transfer of bond, if any, will be the responsibility of the employee concerned and not of BSNL.

Forwarding of applications of BSNL employee should not be considered if the employee is under suspension or disciplinary proceeding are pending and a charge-sheet has been issued or currency of penalty or sanction for prosecution has been issued by the competent authority or a charge-sheet has been filed in a court of Law against him for criminal prosecution.

BSNL Rules for employee applications

  • There is no question of forwarding applications of BSNL employee for a private employment.
  • Employee should submit resignation /voluntary retirement notice in case he wants to apply for private employment and ask for permission to apply for employment in the private sector pending the acceptance of resignation or expiry of the notice of retirement, as the case may be.
  • In the event of selection of BSNL employee, whose applications had been forwarded for direct recruitment, their release will be governed by the acceptance of resignation as per extant instructions applicable to them.
  • In case of BSNL recruited employees, all his connection with BSNL will be severed on his release for appointment and he will not be allowed to revert to his parent cadre in BSNL, whereas for BSNL absorbed employees, their lien will be governed by the Personnel branch letter dt. 27.01.2016 referred in para 1.

Can a employee apply for single NOC for interviews conducted by PSUs through GATE examination

Separate No Objection Certificate needs to be applied by the applicant every time when he/she is directed to appear in interviews through GATE.

Who will be the Competent Authority for issuance of NOC in the event of a employee appointed by Recruiting circle and allotted to a Non Recruiting Circle

Appointing Authority of the main Recruiting Circle shall be Competent Authority for issuance of NOC, and the application of the official shall be forwarded by the concerned office to the CGMT of the Recruiting Circle for issuance of NOC.

Competent authority for forwarding of application shall be the Appointing Authority of the post in which employee concerned is presently working. So, The BSNL competent authority instructed all the circles and the employees of BSNL to follow these instructions to maintain uniformity across the organization and avoid any discrepancy and litigation’s in the matter.

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