BSNL IDA Rates of Employees from 2007 to April 2022

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BSNL IDA Payment Arrears may be paid to all non executive employees as per the fund availability at new increased rates at 165.4% from 01.10.2020, 171.7% from 01.1.21 and 170.5% from 01.4.21, vide orders issued on 27.10.21…

BSNL IDA rates revised to 0% for their Employees on 1st Pay revision (01-01-2007) and the Industrial Dearness Allowance for Central Public Sector Undertaking(CPSU) staff changes for every three months(quarter). They are in January, April, July, October of that year, it is also by Consumer Price Index (CPI) numbers of those previous months for compensating employees with new IDA calculation for BSNL employees.

What is Dearness Allowance? Why is it to be paid and on what basis it may pay? What are the factors influencing dearness allowance and wage revision?

In general, the dearness allowance is being paid as a percentage of the employee basic pay. It is to adjust payments against inflation. Yeah, this is where Consumer Price Index (CPI) comes into the picture.

Ok, for general information, What is Inflation? In simple words, Inflation means an increase in the price of the goods you purchase. It can be in the majority for three reasons. If the government prints more money without any control, there will heavy flow of currency among the people.

It results in massive demand for the limited supply of goods, leading to the rising of prices for the same products. For the reason of inflation, to check and bear the risk of unrest among the industrial workers, in the payment itself, there is a component which will look for the increase and will revive for every three months, that is Industrial Dearness Allowance.

Upto Date BSNL IDA Rates

Furthermore, increase the inflation, increase in the lending rates and decreasing the Fixed deposit interest rates and compete for instability in the economics of the country. Industrial Dearness Allowance(IDA) rates depend on All India Consumer Price Index (IW) average for the specified months given, and present BSNL IDA Rates is increased/decreased for the same in that period with new rates published after IDA calculation.

BSNL IDA Rates List for Employees from 01.01.2007

Effective from IDA Rate % % Raised from Previous Effective from IDA Rate % % Raised from Previous
1.1.2007 0.0 1.4.2007 0.8 0.8
1.7.2007 1.3 0.5 1.10.2007 4.2 2.9
1.1.2008 5.8 1.6 1.4.2008 6.3 0.5
1.1.2008 9.2 2.9 1.10.2008 12.9 3.7
01.01.2009 16.6 3.7 01.04.2009 16.9 0.3
01.07.2009 18.5 1.6 01.10.2009 25.3 6.8
01.01.2010 30.9 5.6 01.04.201034.8 3.9
01.07.2010 35.1 0.3 01.10.2010 39.8 4.7
1.01.2011 43.0 3.2 1.04.2011 47.2 4.2
1.07.2011 47.2 0 1.10.2011 52 4.8
1.01.2012 56.7 4.7 1.07.2012 56.7 0
1.07.2012 61.5 4.8 1.10.2012 67.3 5.8
1.1.13 71.5 4.2 1.4.13 74.9 3.4
1.7.13 78.9 4 1.10.13 85.5 6.6
1.1.14 90.5 5 1.1.14 88.4 -2.1
1.7.14 91.3 2.9 1.10.14 98.1 6.8
January 2015 100.3 2.2 1st April 15 100.5 0.2
July 2015 102.6 2.1 October 15 107.9 5.3
01.01.2016 112.4 4.5 April 2016 112.4 0
01.07.2016 114.8 2.4 October 2016 120.3 5.5
01.01.2017 119.5 -0.8 01.04.2017 117.1 -2.4
01.07.2017 119 1.9 01.10.2017 124.3 5.3
01.01.2018 126.9 2.6 01.04.2018 127.2 0.3
01.07.2018 128 0.8 01.10.2018 135.6 7.6
01.01.2019 138.8 3.2 01.04.2019 141.4 2.6
Jul19146.7 5.3 01.10.2019 152 5.3
Jan 2020 157.3 5.3 01.04.2020160.7 3.4
July 20 159.9 -0.8 01.10.2020 165.4 5.5
Jan 2021 171.7 6.3 01.04.2021 170.5%-1.2%
01.07.2021 173.8 3.3 01.10.2021 179.3 5.5%
01.01.2022184.1 4.801.04.2022185.3 1.2
BSNL Industrial Dearness Allowance Rate List

At first, Department of Public Enterprises will issue the orders after IDA calculation for revised/new BSNL IDA rates applicable for Public Sectors (CPSU Pay). Correspondingly BSNL has also published the orders for the same revised Industrial Dearness Allowance rates to pay for their employees in all BSNL Circles across India. So, have a look at the total BSNL IDA Pay Scale Rates given to employees.

It is also from Ist pay revision effective from 01.01.2007, a big happiest moment for employees, For the above confirmed BSNL IDA Pay Scale rates, orders will issue from DOPE after IDA calculation. So in this financial year 2022 – 2023, employees IDA from April 2022 again increased upto 1.2%, after the utmost increase in BSNL IDA rates in the history of Public Sector Undertaking.

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76 thoughts on “BSNL IDA Rates of Employees from 2007 to April 2022”

    • ईतनी मंहगायी तो आयडिए कम क्यों. आर्डर निकालनेमे देरी क्यो. नाकामी दिखती हैं.

    • When the government is going to pay IDA arrears. Also the orders for due IDA from January 2022 are not issued. The third PRC is not given. The medical claims of the BSNL staff is pending since long. This shows the inability of government.

    • फ्रिज किया हुवा आयडिए का एरियर्स कब मीलेगा. युनियन कोर्ट में केस क्यू नहीं डालती. युनियन विठ्ठल सरकारको घबरा रहे क्या.

    • How can you expect change of mindset of the HIGHEST LEVEL SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT of the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA who treat the employees under GAZETTED LEVEL 3rd class citizens of India? “BSNL is a loss making company ” this theory has been imbued in the minds of the people.But this company once paid highest dividend to the Government of India . Why can’t it compete with other private companies now when it’s infrastructure is allowed to use by other companies and no action was taken to get back to the BSNL the charges payable to it? Who is pulling BSNL to thwart its advancement? Is it the employees themselves, so that they have to sit for DHARNA to get their salary in time? Who are getting the major portion of the expenditure as their salary ? Those who are eligible to get higher salary they should get , but every time ruthless condemnation is on the employees working in the lower grade of pay scale .
      They are made the scapegoats.
      Anyway unless and until THE STATESMEN accept the truth of Indians are ONE ENTITY BHAI AND BAHIN they can’t do anything great for anybody More Over for INDIA.They should remember INDIA not for a few ones MOTHER INDIA IS FOR NOW 130 CRORE OF PEOPLE, BSNL employees a part of them not to forget it.They should get their REVISION OF PAY AND PENSION AS WELL.

  1. BSNL pensioners ko July’21 aur Oct. 21ka IDA ka bhugtan nahi kiya gaya hai. Kiyo ki hum sabo ko sarkar locdown me abhi tak rakhi hai. sarkar jagi huai hai aur hum sab so rahe hai. Jago bhaiyo jago aur sarkar ko jagao.

  2. It was published in one association’s website that merger of IDA for serving and retired executives is under active consideration by DoT.
    Can it be clarified whether this is true ?
    If true, upto what percentage is proposed to be merged with basic and from which date ?

    Please clarify.

    • When Government is going to give the IDA arrears to BSNL retired executive and pay fixation to retired BSNL staff.
      Retired peoples are poor one and harrasment such peoples is a harrasment of God.

    • I am also BSNL pensioner. 3rd prc will also be applicable for pensioners. As far as freezing IDA is concerned, no past arrear is meant for cental and cpsus. Pray for early 3rd prc in BSNL.

    • Why pensioners have been harrassed by government. Why finance ministry government India is not issuing the orders for IDA from July and October 2021. Why government is not doing the pay fixation of BSNL retired employees as per 3rd PRC. If fixation is linked on productivity / profit , then how pensioners will increase the productivity / profit. Why unions are not struggling with the government or they have made the shake hands with government.


      • जुलै और आक्टोबर २०२१ का आडिए BSNL को कब मीलनेवाला है, महाभारत वाले धतराष्ट्र जैसी सरकार अंधी हो गयी क्या.

    • पेन्शनर गरीब है, उसे मत मारो, उसका डिए जो फ्रिज किया था, उसका एरीयर तुरंत दे दो. गरीब की जोरू सबकी भाभी, ये सही लग रहा है.

  3. Please make it clear why
    bsnl pensioners not
    being paid fixed medical allowance though all central govt.pensioners being paid and even all state pensioners being paid . Why this discrimination. The central Govt.has miserably failed on this issue ,hence one can say Central Govt. Is biased

    • यदी सत्ता ही रामके नामपर मिली है तो हम सबको रामभरोसे छोडा गया है ।

  4. राज्य सरकारों के सेवा निवृत्त कर्मचारी अधिकारी भी चिकित्सा सुविधाओं का लाभ प्राप्त कर रहे हैं। बी एस एन एल के कर्मचारी अधिकारी ही इस सुविधा के लाभ से वंचित कब तक रहेंगे।

    • Because this Govt has left the BSNL pensioners at HIS mercy time is fast approaching when these rulers will also be at HIS mercy but HE knows who will see this change

  5. Why and how Government has freezed the DA/IDA of pensioner, money are required to the pensioner for their treatment in their old age, Government also not giving the medical allowance and not paying the medical bills since long, this is injustice on the pensioner, Unions are requested to try for revoking these orders.

  6. SAIL is a CPSU where IDA is different for Executives and Non-executives. How can I know the IDA of Non-executives from 1st Oct-2020. Please clarify.

    Thanking You.

  7. BSNL medical out door Bill’s are pending since 2018 and if employee is cancer patient he can get full reimbursement of chemotherapy in out door Bill’s or he has to get permission from circle office

  8. Why the government is not implementing the recommendations of third PRC to BSNL, all union leaders are requested to take up the case at all levels and not to keep mum.

  9. Respected sir,
    I am retired from BSNL on dated 31 dec 2018, but I not received pension slip till today, I received only bank message, How can I received pay slip.

    • You can download your pension slip through online internet banking or get a physical copy by approaching your banker.

      • Internet link का address क्या है जहां से पेंशन पै स्लिप download की जा सके.

      • PNB has made provision for pension pay slip thorugh its app mpassbook, you may like to use the facility if you happen to have a PNB account

  10. Why the government has not extended the standard deduction limit,
    The prices of essential commodities are very high.

    • Shaikh Bhai,

      Who cares our national level strike ?
      It seems that we are deserted by our valuable subscribers as well as BSNL , in other words, Government of India.

      There is a saying….

      …..eggers have no choice.

  11. DA increase is a partial compensation of growing increase in cost of essentials and living and even though increase in DA is appreciated, this is an indication of the governments lack of control of prices of essential items, especially fuel costs and the enormous increase in cost of petrol, diesel, CNG, PNG is highly deplorable.

  12. DA increase is a partial compensation of growing increase in cost of essentials and living. Though increase in DA is appreciated, this is an indication of the governments lack of control of prices of essential items, especially fuel costs. enormous increase in cost of petrol, diesel, CNG, PNG is highly deplorable.

  13. Abnormal increase of consumer goods and uncontrolled price of commodities leads this much increase. This increase of 8DA is only a compensatory one to the employee wing what about the normal citizen’s ability to procure consumables. Is not at all happy thing failure of govt in Toto.


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