What is WP System Folder & How to Delete WPSys

What is WP system folder

When some apps from the Microsoft Store are installed, the folder WP System is generated. Some users claim that these applications include Halo, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the VLC media player.

The data for Microsoft Store apps are located in the folder. As a result, deleting this folder will cause the programmes that depend on it to malfunction or crash.

WP System Folder
WP System Folder

Where WP System Folder Located

This folder is located in the C drive and is hidden by default. But you can view it by enabling the Show hidden files and folders feature in the File Explorer

  • Other than drive C, the WP System folder may be found anywhere.
  • The number of apps that use the folder to store data typically determines its size.
  • The folder size increases with the number of programmes.

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Can We Delete WP System Folder

Except for the system disc, it is perfectly safe to remove the Windows Apps folder from any drive on your computer.

  • The WP System folder shouldn’t be deleted
  • It already exists on the computer and contains files for an application.
  • Only after uninstalling the Apps is, it possible to erase the folder.

How to Delete WP System Folder

If you encounter a notification when attempting to delete the folder, repeat the process one or two more times until the folder is gone.

  1. On directory, right-click on the WP System folder,
  2. security tab>select Properties.
  3. Select Change.
  4. Check the Replace owner on sub containers and active profile names.
  5. Select Yes.
  6. Click Edit > in the Security properties.
  7. Add Once more, type the name of the active profile
  8. Select checkbox then click OK to save.

Can I access or modify the contents of the wp-includes folder

No, it is not advised to directly access or change the “wp-includes” folder’s contents. This could result in security flaws or system failures.

Any alterations should be made through official updates as the WordPress development team maintains and updates the core files contained within this folder.

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