WordPress URL Login Shortcut in Bluehost Web Hosting

WordPress URL Login Shortcut in Bluehost web hosting now identified with simple steps. Generate the login to avoid maximum time for login…

Do you own a lot of websites and host them on Bluehost web hosting? If yes, then you would need not worry about how to login to WordPress again with shortcut.

The reason? It is so because the Bluehost admin panel of your account has all the sites you have launched on WordPress or others and you can access them as well. It means, you can find WordPress URL login shortcut in Bluehost web hosting easily.

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Might sound a little new if you have recently started using Bluehost or not, but through this article, we will help you understand this process to find your WordPress site login URLs from Bluehost.

WordPress URL Login Shortcut in Bluehost Web Hosting

Follow the instructions below and you will be able to learn how you can find out Word Press URL login shortcut in Bluehost web hosting.

  1. Open the Bluehost cPanel login URL from here and login to your account https://my.bluehost.com/web-hosting/cplogin
  2. Once logged in, from the homepage click on My Sites. It will show all the sites launched using Bluehost web hosting from your account
  3. Find the site from the page and then click on Manage Site
  4. Now on the site Bluehost page, click on Log in to WordPress from the top right corner
  5. It will open the site login url where you need to enter your admin id and password
  6. Finally click on login and you will be logged in to your account
  1. How do I log into WordPress On Bluehost?

    Once you are logged into your Bluehost web hosting then under the navigation menu click on My Sites. Then select and click on the site to manage or login from the options.

  2. How do I find my WordPress login URL?

    Under Bluehost hosting service homepage, from the left sidebar click on My Sites. Once you find the site, click Manage Site and then click on Log in to WordPress option which will open the login URL for you to login with admin id and password.

  3. How do I add a login link in WordPress?

    In order to add a login link in WordPress, you need to add a custom link. Under Edit Menus with your login page url as url and text as name for it shown on the menu.

  4. How do I log into my Bluehost website?

    Once you go to Bluehost, click on My Sites and find the site then click on Manage Site. Click on Login to WordPress. Now it will open the login page for the site and you can login using your site admin id and password.

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