WordPress Reading Settings Enable or Disable & What to do if Missing

If you are a WordPress user, then you might have seen different settings in it and importantly WordPress Reading settings might have come up.

But if you are just new to WordPress and want to learn more about how settings work, then you need to find out where to check reading settings first as it is primarily for enabling how search engines and users view your website and pages when they visit them.

It is quite essential to be able to understand how WordPress reading settings work for someone new and even experienced to be able to index a site and make it look readable to users. So, let us get started and see what all features and options you have but before that see how you can find WordPress reading settings.

How to Check WordPress Reading Settings

Let us first get started by learning how to navigate to reading settings on WordPress and learn more of its features.

  1. Open your WordPress site login URL and login with your admin id and password
  2. Next, Go to settings and then from the left sidebar click on Reading under it
  3. Now you can see all the Reading settings in WordPress

WordPress Reading Settings Features

Here are some of the features you can use under the reading settings in WordPress as features.

Homepage Displays: You can choose to show your latest blog posts or show a static page that you can select

Blog Posts to Show: If you select to show latest blog posts, you can add number of blog posts to show under this option

Syndication feed show the most recent: Decide how many blog posts to be shown by adding the number on this to be shown on your RSS feed

Read More Tag Short Code: You can use the option for each post in a feed, including either full text or summary option to show read more tag short code.

Search Engine Visibility: You can check or uncheck the option Discourage Search Engines from Indexing this Site option to either ask search engines to index if you uncheck the option or ask search engines to not index i.e, discourage indexing by checking this option.

What to do if WordPress Reading Settings Missing?

WordPress reading settings allows you to enable what is shown on the homepage, number of blogs, posts and importantly if the search engines can index along with showing summary or full text of the posts or blogs.

How to enable search engine visibility using WordPress Reading Settings?

Under Reading settings of WordPress settings, you will find the option Discourage search engines from indexing this site option and you need to uncheck it, then click on save changes to enable search engine visibility using WordPress reading settings

How to get Read More Shortcode WordPress or Read More Tag?

In the reading settings, for each post in a feed, including full text or summary options can help you show shortcode with read more tag by selecting summary option.

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