WordPress Backup with Plugin, Bluehost or Manually


WordPress Backup is an important criterion that has to be overlooked as a priority to save the work done. Having a proper backup saves all your work and ensures you have everything secured during critical conditions. In any circumstance if your website crashes or has gone into some error, the backup saved recently can help you retain your work and bring all content back.

In WordPress, the individual creates numerous articles, where the data gets saved and loaded into the website. This data secured through backup such that at any condition it may restored to bring your website back to work.

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What is WordPress Website Backup

To create Backup WordPress, you must understand the backup strategy of WordPress which helps the users to save their data. WordPress is not a simple collection site, it does also have some root directory and database which securely saves your information.

Thus having the root directory and other important files will secure your data through WordPress strategy. The root directory contains all your website information from plug-in, article, field and media. Thus it is required to save these folders through backup and secure them from any sudden circumstances.

Wordpress Backup
WordPress Backup

How to Create WordPress Backup

There are multiple methods which can be used to create a backup of your WordPress and secure your data. Let us go through each of them and decide which one best suits our comfort.

Create WordPress Backup Manually

Initially to get started with Manual WordPress Backup, it is necessary to have the credentials to connect to your website. You need to choose a file transfer protocol and provide the credentials to connect for file transfer. You can select the Public Folder to download fully and then wait for a few hours even.

WordPress Backup can be done through the hosting control panel and then looking for your Software which manages the database.  Here you can view the Database file and then select the same to export by using any method. These files here will hold entire WordPress data and can be secured manually.

How to Backup WordPress through Plug-in

WordPress brings multiple Plug-in which can be utilized to Create Backup WordPress to secure the data. The plug-ins are different as per choice as few backup entire sites and there are few which take incremental backups. Choose any of the plug-in from the WordPress list and then add it to your website. Here you can choose the type of backup and method of backup to happen for your website data.

These Backup Plug-ins are available for free for trial but to have a secure way and fast backup communication, they offer a premium version which is always preferable. Anytime these backups can be restored back to your WordPress and the website will be exactly the same as before.

How to Backup WordPress through Web Host

Do you have Hosting to your website, and then the WordPress backup can be done easily. As there are many hosting services which offer backup options as well for their customers? The Web Host does offer automatic backup and thus you no need to worry about the schedule anytime.

In the Hosting page, you will be able to find the Backups option where you have to enable the Backup type as full or incremental. As well, backups that are taken recently can be seen in the list, for your convenience.

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