How to Find IP Address of Printer using Windows, MAC, Command Prompt & WiFi Router

Finding a Printer IP is easy if you are best aware of system configuration and network settings, even don’t know about that, just check about how to find printer IP address on various devices like Windows, MAC, Command Prompt and WiFi Router… There are multiple ways through which one can know their respective IP address

Flush DNS Windows 10 using Command Prompt & Clear DNS Cache

What is Flush DNS Windows 10: The flush of DNS entries in Windows 10 will remove all entries and delete the invalid records, and also this forces the computer to repopulate all the invalid addresses on screen whenever they are tried to access. This makes you sure that you’re nowhere using any Invalid website address

Fix No Internet Secured Using 5 Ways to Get Connected

How to fix No Internet Secured connectivity issue in Windows 10 or in any other versions, and even in Mobile or Laptop using 5 different ways which can resolve “no internet secured” problem instantly and got connected to the internet using wired or wireless connection, Check the steps to fix the problem in each different